Coronavirus Hits More Countries As WHO Official Warns World Is “Not Ready”

The virus has rapidly spread in parts of Asia, Europe and the Middle East, even as the number of fresh cases and deaths decline at the disease epicentre in China.

The new coronavirus epidemic swelled on Wednesday with cases in South Korea surging past 1,000 after deaths soared in Iran and infections appeared in previously untouched countries, prompting dire warnings that the world was not ready to contain it.

The virus has rapidly spread in parts of Asia, Europe and the Middle East, even as the number of fresh cases and deaths decline at the disease epicentre in China.

In Iran, which has reported 15 deaths out of nearly 100 infections, even the country’s deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi said he had contracted the virus.

At the World Health Organisation headquarters in Geneva, Bruce Aylward, who headed an international expert mission to China, hailed the drastic quarantine and containment measures taken by the country.

But he told reporters that other nations were “simply not ready” to contain the outbreak.

“You have to be ready to manage this at a larger scale… and it has to be done fast,” Aylward said.

The virus has killed 2,715 people and infected over 78,000 in China. There were 52 more deaths reported on Wednesday, the lowest in three weeks, with no fatalities outside the epicentre in central Hubei province.

In the rest of the world, there have been more than 40 deaths and 2,700 cases.

The WHO has called for countries to “prepare for a potential pandemic”, a term used to describe an epidemic that spreads throughout the world.

Poor countries are particularly at risk, the WHO has warned.

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  1. sirus

    Ugandan Minister was right

  2. AK

    We are living in the last days

  3. DM

    Yes.Infact we’r now living in the final part of the last days-Luke 21:11,2Timothy 3:1-5.Mathew 24:14.

  4. Razor

    It’s probably already here in sub saharan africa. We just dont know it yet.

  5. muntu wandi

    Be ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

  6. sims

    truly we are living in the last dayz

  7. Clems

    Comment Our days to live are over, lets all ford our hands together pliz and pray.

  8. Man of substance

    The lifespan of human being is too short so let us choose to work for God while we are still alive coz the so called Donna countries are crying they don’t know what to do
    Killing a person has become so simple just like killing an insects
    Sickness , hatred , famines , wars
    Mathew 24: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, let’s change our minds and trust the Lord

  9. Ephestus

    According to the bibble,things will be getting worse and worse despite the coming together and strysolve the problem.its just last days.

  10. Ephestus

    Ellen White wrote of the last days as terrible,Jesus said calamities,Daniel wrote things worse as never before,the only hope will be looking up to Jehovah.
    Zephaniah said great days of the lord are coming when prominent people from elite family will cry buttery,and not because they have repented but they fear the coming distriction and painfully incidents to their lives
    Finally Solomon the wise of the wise said in his ecclesiastical history that “young remember to work for the lord in the days of your youth for days are coming when you will long for them.
    To the conclusion men should repent and give their lives into the hands of the lord for his kingdom is at nigh.

  11. Mark mvula

    Yes for sure we are in the last days, the bible prophesy is true

  12. Rocky

    Ubu ubulwele babupanga fye malibu yakuilombela… buli nokutunyela fye mukwai… nge ci mu Zambia twampulula fye ifili fyonse… awe cumi… filya fine twasenda ama rings efyo na Corona virus tukamukumpula…
    Malakia 3: 1-8 says many calamities will occur but it’s not the sign of the coming of Jesus but the warning to wrong does to repent.

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