PRESS RELEASE: Your Invite To The Next Einstein Forum (NEF) 2020 Global Gathering

February 25, 2020.

The next Einstein will be African. That’s not just a belief, it’s a commitment. And now more than ever, we are walking the talk.

The NEF Global Gathering is where the world of science and technology unveil phenomenal breakthroughs in science, respond to existing challenges and prepare for the future.

At this year’s global gathering, not only are we bringing in investors to discuss and fund innovators at a large scale, we are also launching The Kifra Prize Awards Ceremony to reward transformative breakthroughs for Africa in mathematics, science and technology.

Far from being a summit, you will learn about the incredible works of African scientists like Ibrahim Cisse who is working to decode the human genome from DNA to RNA, Zaheer Alam currently researching on the coronavirus outbreak and how Africa can get ahead of it and Daniel Akinyele who is working on new electrification systems for energy-poor communities.

As Champions of Science, nothing will be done in half measures. This is your invite to witness firsthand and tell the African growth story.

You will be in the room with those who will shape the African future. You will get the first look at innovations and ideas from brilliant minds. We believe your stories will shape the perception about Africa and Africans.

If you are looking to be a part of the community of journalists who tell the African Innovation story, request an invite to the NEF Global Gathering now by emailing meganne@africanmediaagency.com

Date: 10 – 13th March, 2020.
Venue: Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi, Kenya

See you soon,

African Media Agency
For: the Next Einstein Forum.

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