50 Nabbed In Chibolya During Joint Operation

The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested fifty (50) people in Lusaka’s Chibolya Compound during a joint operation with the Zambia Army for trafficking in over 60 kilograms of cannabis, contrary to Chapter 96 of the laws of Zambia.

The 50 who include 46 males and 4 females have been arrested for trafficking in a total of 62.9 kg of dry loose cannabis.

Other seizures made during the operation include 3,350 tablets of diazepam which when taken with alcohol and other drugs may cause drowsiness.

The suspects are in Police custody and are expected to appear in court soon.

We wish to encourage members of the public to continue collaborating with the DEC by reporting matters relating to drug abuse, trafficking and money laundering in their various communities.

Theresa Katongo.
Public Relations Officer.
Drug Enforcement Commission.

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    Thanks DEC for job well done

  2. censored

    leave those helpless people alone.why are you not fighting corruption, gassings and other political crimes…
    if you wish trafficking to end employ people with jobs because am sure it’s through those drugs that they meet there daily needs.

  3. ZAMBIA NI PROBLEM MANINGI gassers there are released after being cought but 4 carnabis u want them to appear in the court of law why!


  4. Malemu John gartzem

    Our grv iz very stupid together with president, police, judge, but I like chishimba k’s voice

  5. love dee mark

    yes well done ba dec

  6. young advocate

    no jobs in our country,cost of mealie meal 2 high wat cn dey do anythng.everyone z tryin 2 b independent n representable 2 dah family bt only fightin tooth n nail z dah killer punch 2 poverty.

  7. Umuswema

    Zambia has blindfolded ence there of, more disaster to come if nt waken up. Failing to deal with these idiots in an of gassing but busy nabbing those tryin to work for the betterment of their lifelihood.. Idiotic influence ruling

  8. Magical minds

    People of Zambia why are you so dull in your thinking? U the same people who complains about this chibolya gangsters who take things by force when passing that area now today they are arrested you are saying leave them alone, people of this country you are becoming stupid everyday because you have been living peacefully all you need is free things, people are selling bad things and you are supporting them,children’s from garden compound, luangwa,chazanga,kabanana and chaisa goes to chibolya to buy those things now that’s why we have this so called junkies in our compounds.


    take the gassers before those

  10. Kenazo

    Shemed people who support bad things

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