Gassing Mastermind Nabbed On Copperbelt, Reveals Minister

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has revealed that one gassing mastermind has been arrested on the Copperbelt and charged with acts of terrorism.

Mr. Kampyongo revealed that Brian Maipambe has been charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act together with Lazarous Mwape, another mastermind.

He said at a media briefing jointly held with information Minister Dora Siliya and Education Minister David Mabumba that so far, 26 suspects have been arrested in connection with acts of chemical spraying recorded in several parts of the country.

He said the police were slowly closing in on all those behind the criminal acts.

“What is interesting to note is that some of these suspects have been charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act Section 9 and these two suspects namely Brian Maipambe and Lazarus Mwape, have been charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act. Some of these suspects are appearing in court for offences such as murder and interestingly, these two suspects are equally appearing for murder cases. With regard to the ongoing investigations, the latest we have is that one suspect on the Copperbelt has been arrested. As you know, these people have been operating in groups and they have got various coordinators. And sooner than later, we shall start zeroing in on the motives of those that are behind these activities,” he said.

He also warned those in the habit of spreading rumours on social media to stop the trend as they risked being arrested.

“There is some social media circulation that victims of gassing who are going to various medical centres and hospitals are having their blood drawn by the doctors who are also involved in these gassing activities. That reckless statement must be dispelled. And I want to say to those that are doing that that police are doing a lot of work on those that are hiding behind social media. But I want to assure you that Lusaka is returning to calm,” Mr. Kampyongo said.

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  1. Dr love

    Thank you Jesus, thx boss may God bless those who are working on this matter, Tizigonako please.

    • Frank Chombela

      Why should this be believed? Sorry, I’m not ready to accept it yet. Can they get a conviction? I doubt it.

      • ras j

        just shut up motherfucker

        • Ephraim Mwanje

          Sir, here in Solwezi people are planning to be killing suspects please ensure some security

      • hmmmm🔥🔥🔥🔪💣💉🚬🔫

        Oooh ma god😮😷real men like me will always chase them💉or🔪or 🔫or💣

  2. kascol

    Interesting,so Deputy spokesperson Ray Hamonga was right despite being moved to Mpika which seemingly is as a result of a true statement.
    Maybe the IG will this time transfer Kampyongo for the same statement he has issued or possibly the IG be retired on national interest.

  3. gift hamweene kauta


  4. Jessey Lingard

    That’s wonderful

  5. Harrison

    Job well done by police.

  6. Rocky

    Now we trust you government… we thought you were not doing anything.


    Even though you arrested those, but You have left stamp, because you will release them very soon, tell us what type of gas is used and where they get from. and after gassed a person what will be next and who send them to do so, if you are id this you will see the people how they react in 2021, please tell us, we are now waiting for you, napita naya mukulala.

    • Akwa the Great

      Telling the publt what type of gas is being used is not the right idea we might end up creating more gassers.this should be a state secret.

      • Golden Chelsea

        Thats what other people doesn’t know.
        It should be kept a state secret.

  8. G.Nwanza

    All we want is what was their intetion after gassing?

  9. Kassala

    Rubbish. They have been caught with all their pants down at the ankles bent over. They thought it was those Zero Option days. Muzakaula.

  10. Keshcoo

    That’s excellent ZP🚓🚔 keep it up you are doing your job very accurately, that’s brilliant.☺💪👍

  11. Watson moses kandolo

    Glory be to God for, thank God is Awesome and merciful to His children.

  12. Mn

    Well done ba police .let law take its course.if possible let the court hang them

  13. Mn

    Many innocent lives hv bin lost.thoz ar Satanists job well done bakalikeka.u deserve a pat on the back but those shud b hinged to death coz they are useless charactos

    • Magical minds

      Let them explain what was the reason gassing innocent people

  14. Mn

    I mean bakapokola spelling errors .mwabombeni ba police

  15. Mn

    Lesa ayasusuka

  16. Tom

    If these 2people BRIAN MAIMPE/LAZARUS MWAPE,if truly found guilt beyond doubt they should face the wrath of law without mercy bring all the culprits to ,HEROES STADIUM before the eyes of fully packed stadium for execution

  17. Tom

    If these 2people BRIAN MAIMPAMBE/LAZARUS MWAPE,if truly found guilt beyond doubt they should face the wrath of law without mercy bring all the culprits to ,HEROES STADIUM before the eyes of fully packed stadium for execution

  18. Reasoning

    Now that the masterminds have been nabbed, there’s need to establish the reason or motive for the gassing, and the type of chemicals being used, which information should be availed to the Zambian citizens.

  19. Yaks

    Still Looking Forwad For The Better And Peaceful Zambla Once,

  20. Pardon

    Lesa talala pabana bakwe, Lekeni incinto ishamu munfinfi shimonekele palubuto mumaka yakwe Lesa wamaka yonse, pantu twalila sana pafula

  21. Man of action

    Their days are numbered high time to deal with these fools.

  22. Josphat Banda

    Well done job police Zambia is a Christian Nation

  23. Humphrey

    Thanks very much Hon Kampyongo but my question is who sent them?And where did they get these chemicals.


    but u are still accusing HH

  25. Angoni

    Any progress that has been made to capture these terrorist commended.

  26. Savior

    Those rats must be tortured to extract information about the master mind zero.Mark my words,those fools will be pardoned soon after the elections.

  27. Chikomba

    We need their faces not just saying that we have arrested the masterminds please pipo are still being gassed

  28. Mn

    We u to live in fear,no sleeping if it’s during nite time .lesa stamina.but what was their motive behind the gassing?.those fools shud for in jail or b hinged to death .punish them u law enforcers severely those useless characters

  29. CD


  30. Jeff zimba

    God is hearing our prayers.Zambians let us not stop praying for our Nation.God is in control.

  31. Mn

    Let us continue praying so that God can hear our prayer and let us not relax.

  32. ik

    Comment with God all things are possible,who so ever is behind this is going to be reviewed by the almighty God, and he or she will be punished by God

  33. Dennis mwila

    Well done policies… That’s a good idea

  34. kapunda

    hang them please

  35. Inspider

    He is just saying something for the sake of saying.otherwise am hearing different stories mu background.look at you

  36. Paul Chipasha

    Thank you God and we shall see what will be the next but don’t let that devil to come out,torture him so that he regret what he was doing was totally bad.

  37. Chiyamba Kingsman

    Thanks if they are working on it

  38. I'm he

    Kill them.

  39. mother Zambia

    these stupids have made our kids suffer coz some goverment schools are rejecting to offer our kids places ,including those with transfers from other schools.where do they exp

    ect us to take our kids.and thats from

    grades 1 to 7 which i personally know that ‘s free education,especiall lusaka central constituence (bauleni).why?

  40. William

    You are doing a very good job thanks.Now tell us what effect does those gasses have to our bodies?

  41. Simon machele

    Yes God can not forsaken us.

  42. General hooks

    Yes PF is behind these gassings why is the president so quiet about this?

  43. Savior

    We Zambians have very,very short memory and too forgetful and too appreciative………….why do I say so?
    1.This people we are thanking haven’t done a good job coz they are gassing even the prisoners .
    2.This issue could have been already stopped if they were not involved.
    3.It has taken too long to apprehend the so called master minders whom we don’t even expect to see in the courts of law.
    4.The president has taken too long to fire some heads of security wings.
    5.No one has confessed so that we the citizens know who is behind this mess.

  44. The miner

    If it is true that you have nabbed the mastermind then why issue different statements and why did you transfer that police man to mpika?

    • Pumbafu

      Well done police. But after 2021 going towards 2026 we don’t want to hear that the president has pardoned the gassers just because of votes.


      Mwaumfwa nomba so Balemona kwati basova, but Ba pf nabapwa umwenso 2021 ni hh.

  45. Anthobalacho

    Mwebuteko mukatupele fwecalo aba Bantu tukapwishanye nabo fwebene

  46. Andrew

    Those creatures should not be released not until they face their fate for destroying God’s children blood thank you.

  47. Andrew

    Those creatures should not be released not until they face their fate.

  48. See1 ,2

    Maipambe and Mwape , they only code ornated, this activities is from political motivated. Still waiting master Minder from political arena !!!

  49. Kenazo

    Continue working to forfuill your tagert

  50. M. K

    Now this story is not clear Zambians will like to know what is their benefits in the gassing that these people were doing, what was it all about and what for please explain more make us understand what brought this in our country Zambia . from M. K

  51. Fikala fyenu

    Balitumpa ba pf nangu niba mbuya wesu bakateka awe fyatilamo atase bafikala

  52. Richard

    That’s gud news at least we should sleep weh

  53. Lucky muwaya

    Good move

  54. Truth man

    The courts would like to know what type of gas this is. Also,what harm it causes to humans. Equally the public wants to know what these chemicals are and who stocks them we need to know all that. Why keeping people in the dark ? We have the right to have answers to all these questions. The police work by public consent and it is only prudent that they give information to the public in order to remove the anxiety which these happenings have brought. In the absence of information the public gets irritated and hence resorting to mob justice.

  55. Brian

    Finger pointing is not good let’s wait and see but which part of copperbelt that master mind was arrested because copperbelt have more towns and districts we are very worried

  56. Abih

    Thats fantastic police men you are giving us hope now

  57. Brighton Kabwe

    May Almighty God protect our country and innocent people in parts of our nation

  58. Chisha's

    Still on the process, God is in control until we know all this.

  59. peterphiri

    As a maxim goes every dog has it’s day.No individual or party can wage a war against this blest nation can succeed.whether they are using supersticious methods which make them invisible or not,once caught they will account for their sin.Least you have forgoten dont have in mind the mailon brothers of serenje.The nation had seen notorious gollira warfare trained, criminals in the name of Adamson Blackson Mushala and his leiutenant Saimbwende waged an armed rebelion with a Unip Goverment and failed.The serial killer named, Sipalo Mundia Killed 29 people and threw their body parts in a disused borehole in chilenje township of lusaka.When he was caught, he dived to his death at lusaka central police.Chola Sanduku another young man who thought he was invicible, used to terrorised ndola residents with his criminal antiques was later gunned down.He is buried at kawama cementry in ndola.The list is unexhausted.The gassing terrorist and ritual killers with their borrowed ideas will meet their fate soon.

  60. Watson

    Hang them

  61. Amen

    May God be glorified

  62. King cool

    Police should make sure they get the pay Master of those doing the nonsense in our country Zambia, let them fish out the overall Boss.

  63. Dundumwezi for chagwa

    I think someone will be captured before 2021.

  64. Kenny Kalumba

    You can’t play with God’s people and think that you can go Scotch free. This nation is in covenantal relationship with God. Ask the Egyptians and their chariots and horses.

  65. victor

    deal with them satanically or I come and help


    Show Us A Picture We Want Now Them Good Work!

  67. ba guy

    Thanks boss

  68. Phiri major

    What was there intention in the gassing and who is the boss

  69. Bossrer

    Let the truth be spoken to the public God will review all the secret s.mbuzi!!!.

  70. Cornelius mwewa

    Take him to jail

    • Amos Paul Lukwesa Mubongi

      Be vigilant. This problem is beyond gigantic proportion.
      The second problem is that they have a right to tried in court.

  71. Not true

    Praise God we thank you almighty Lord for answering our prayers

  72. Amos Paul Lukwesa Mubongi

    Be vigilant. This problem is beyond gigantic proportion.

  73. Jms

    This is the Case of witchdoctors why sitting idol, this now your duty to partake.

  74. Jms

    Probe them to see whether its true, they have been trained somewhere and who trained them.



  76. Romz.com

    Thank GOD maybe us people who go to school will walk safely #Romz.com

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