Three Instant Mob Justice Suspects Nabbed In Mazabuka

Police in Mazabuka have arrested three people in connection with the murder of Choongo Sitali, 27, of Zambia compound who was dragged out of his hospital bed and burnt to death by a mob at  Mazabuka General Hospital premises on suspicion that he was among criminals spraying poisonous chemical substances.

The three suspects have been identified as female Nchimunya Siasokwe, 42, Chizunga Halwiindi, 36, of Hospital Compound and Fraser Kaira, 32.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has disclosed that the suspects have been charged with Murder and are currently in police custody. She said Investigations have continued with a view of arresting more suspects.

Meanwhile, Ms. Katongo said Police in Choma have rescued a female adult, 41, who was confined at a funeral house on suspicion of practicing witchcraft and was being suspected to have bewitched a 27 year old female deceased person.

She said irate villagers were allegedly planning to kill the victim adding that Police officers who went to the funeral house picked  the victim and it was later  established that before the death of the deceased person, the victim allegedly confessed to the family members of the deceased person that she had bewitched her.

“She however said that her confession was under duress, the victim has been taken to a safer home,” Katongo disclosed.




  1. CD


  2. kuipa

    zp are so dull,so nga chali nimwebo mwe baikete uyo wine gasser pa Bondi penu wouldn’t you have done the same thing? #(kill the enemy before the enemy kills you), you could have even thanked the mob for doing the Justice for you.release those people and just get back to finding the master mind.SCARED DOGS

  3. nashi

    True,kill an enemy before he kills you.if I find one of the motherfuckers spraying my house at night,I will remove his balls and cook them for him to eat with nshima,then after an hour kill the fucker ruthlessly


    then kill the police

  5. Royd Mufweba

    Never let anyone suspected to be one of those fools who are spraying harmful and poisonus substances on human beings, because most people are actually losing their lives without a reason.So incinerate completely.

  6. Kenazo

    Release them go to attack the Mastermind

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