Three Zambian Boxers Storm Tokyo Olympics

Three Zambian boxers have qualified to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games after having gotten the better of their opponents at the qualifying tournament in Dakar Senegal.

Zambian boxers Everisto Mulenga, Patrick Chinyemba and Stephen Zimba had been in fine form pounding all their opponents to achieve Olympic qualification.

The Olympic Channel reports from Dakar, Senegal that the Zambia pugilists have been in devastating form.

“How about Zambia? They turned up in Dakar with a team of three, aged 19, 19 and 20. And all three have qualified for the Olympic Games. After Patrick Chinyemba and Everisto Mulenga  booked their spots at flyweight and featherweight respectively, Stephen Zimba, also stopped the No 1 seed Mervin Clair yesterday, claimed a points decision over Jessie Lartey, of Ghana,” read the statement on the tournament website.

“It was a controlled performance, as the judges favoured his come-forward body attack in the first round, over Lartey’s work of the backfoot. Lartey came forward more in the second round, which suited Zimba better and, after a scrappy third round, it was Zimba who won the decision.”

“The featherweight semi-final between Everisto Mulenga, of Zambia, and Samuel Takyi, of Ghana, always shaped up as one of the best bouts of the tournament between two exciting, young boxers, and it delivered in a close nip and tuck battle. Takyi edged the first round, scoring well with the long right, but Mulenga, 20, landed some lightning-fast southpaw left in the second to fire right back. In the final round, Takyi did well early, but the cleaner work late on came from the Zambian, as Mulenga took a 4-1 split decision with the judges.”

The trio join runner Sydney Siame on the list of Zambians that have confirmed their tickets to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics that take place in July.

Qualified athletes may be joined by the Zambia Women Football National Team that has a two-legged clash with Cameroon to determine their Olympic fate.



  1. Luapula Bize

    A big congratulations to these young talents! What a performance!

  2. H2k

    Well done boys

  3. Simutanga

    How come no one from southern?

  4. Akwa the Great

    Simutanga stop being tribalistic ,the statement says Zambians which simply means they are representing the all ten are the people trying to devide this nation through your careless comments .

  5. Bhm

    Yes there Zambians well done boys

  6. Ben Shaft

    Kudos to the Pugilists
    Charm “Shuffle’Chiteule set the standard
    Emulate him

  7. Jessey Lingard

    Iwe Simutanga be careful of what you are saying this is not a tribalist country.

  8. Sparta

    great job guy…all the best in ur endeavours

  9. Sparta

    great job guys…all the best in ur endeavours

  10. Lucky muwaya

    Viva zambia

  11. peter petro

    simutanga are you normal? how come from all provinces in zambia you have just chosen to pick southern? tribalism has no room in zambia get it right we are one , one zambia one nation

  12. Mans

    Well done guyz

  13. Musonda chola

    Full marks our boys…Keep it up

  14. kedrick siame

    Simutanga you are a full how can you say that if southern there’s powerful boxers why are not there becouse mafolo yekayeka kkkk

  15. Magical minds

    Simutanga ulichipuba tata iwe,OK you yourself go and represent southern kaili that’s what you want

  16. Asher

    Don’t say ku southern kulimafolo yekayeka, us from southern and Western we are working very hard items of education chitibaba ise because you guys get employed without school papers you never know how we feel deep down our hearts calling someone ser who’s not qualified for the job

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