PF, UPND, NDC, & DP Women Celebrate Together International Women’s Day

Women from the PF, UPND, NDC and DP today joined in the celebrations to mark International Women’s Day.

The women cordially interacted among themselves without problems while donning their political party regalia.

Ndola Central Member of Parliament Emmanuel Mulenga later requested that the political party choirs entertain the crowds.

When it was UPND women’s choir’s turn, Kabushi PF member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo joined in the dance and singing.

“This is the day of our women, so we celebrate them. Regardless of which party, these are our women,” Mr. Lusambo said later.

And Mr. Mulenga said women should be appreciated for their role in society.

“Today, I am happy that we have gathered and joined our women from all the political parties. This is how it should be. Politics aside and we celebrate our women,” said Mr. Mulenga.

Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe said women are highly passionate and devoted to whatever they do, which promotes progress.

He therefore advised men to take care and support women in the country as they are very important to the social economic growth of the country and the potential to reshape Zambia.

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  1. ECL supports violence

    ECL is the one who has divided men by supporting violence in the country. When PF cadres injure or kill the opposition members he is mute! This directly means he supports violence!

  2. Dr Fonicks

    Well done our mothers. This is the way forward. We only have one Zambia for all of us. This entails that, the problem is with us the menfolk. This spirit must be exhibited between political parties. Am one of the happiest husbands today. Please, our dear mothers, teach us about unity in our bedrooms. Kudos to these gallant women.

  3. The Cats Family

    Foolishness… Why putting on political garments when when the international women’s day is not a political party? This is what is causing problems in our country.

    • George

      Well said @ the cat family. Ni kaso, sure they couldn’t even a get a better attire for them!

  4. Ba zed

    We’ll said the cat family,regalia Ku women’s day?mukaziganiza and you all support but Zambians.

  5. Bhm

    One Zambia one people well done our mother

  6. Razor

    Kudos to the women. Now if only the men can follow suit.

    • Evaristo mwanza

      Congratulations to all our women who participated

  7. Innocent

    I love Lusambo’s altitude on this one.That’s being real my guy

  8. Friday chirwa Mosta

    We love mother’s for role they do in society

  9. Troll

    Unity always preveils where women are concerned..one Zambia one Nation

  10. K3N.D MULL3R

    now we are living in the hands of politics

  11. K3N.D MULL3R

    now we are living in the hands of politics is it normal

  12. Joseph zulu

    Happy women’s day to you Ladies Love us up

  13. Niabinghi

    The problem is that we have politicised such cerebrations.Why appear in political legalia? All in all, good to see women united


    Happy women’s day to all ladies.

  15. Angoni

    Happy Women’s day. We need more of this mingling of political parties.

  16. Jms

    To me when seen in political garments while charting together is a symbol of being Christians not what other stupid people are saying.this attitude should procide

  17. Jms

    To me when seen in political garments while charting together is a symbol of being Christians not what other stupid people are saying.this attitude should proceed to men.

  18. Gilbert Yadah

    We thank God

  19. bell

    well done i dont kno why we do fight? fighting over what churches do come together even political parties shouid do the same

  20. Mano M'mafupa

    That’s a good move it should proceed to all Zambians.

  21. Anthobalacho

    Mwapyungeni nyinefwe? We thank our Almighty God,.

  22. Bob

    Political attires symbolishes who they are. That doesn’t matter at all. It makes all of us realise hw united our women are despite their political difference. Bacindufyanya mwitwalako milomo.

  23. Ichinyo ukufita

    Ba Zambia report you are taking too long to give us latest news naimwe

  24. Angoni

    Political parties legaria it’s what difined unity of purpose among politicians here no need to condemn this, teachers puts what difines them so are other organizations including political parties.
    Cuddles to you our mothers, expecting youth day to follow suit

  25. Mutz

    Good to our mothers not everything is Lungu some time it’s your foolishness why are u blending the presdent

  26. Hammer

    It is okay to wear whatever shows who you represent on that particular day. After all soldiers were in uniforms, doctors in scrubs the most important is that unity in diversity, which I think is the solution to unrest. I hope the youth will do the same and in 2021 the spirit will be the same.

  27. vyamunsi

    Different Colours One People and Different polical colours but One ZAMBIA.

  28. Vyamunsi

    Who are YOU “U” to seperate THEM.It’s time for u women because ve really shown unity of purpose.VIVA ZAMBIA WOMEN……….VIVA.

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