OPINION: Should Zambia Be Discussing Elections Or Economic Emancipation Programmes?

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, says a suggestion by MPs that would see presidential terms reset, thus allowing him to run again in 2024, would be acceptable should it be supported by citizens and approved by the Constitutional Court.

Now, let us, objectively, look at his justification and why Russians may approve this controversial constitutional amendment.

“I believe and am deeply convinced that a strong presidential power is absolutely necessary for our country,” Putin stated in his address to the State Duma.

Putin was referring to a suggestion by Valentina Tereshkova, a United Russia MP famous for being the first woman in space, to alter a proposed amendment limiting future presidents to only two terms. Backing up her proposal, she mentioned some “unpredictable risks” to the country, meaning that “reliable insurance” is needed.

This is what has happened to Rwanda, China, Germany, you can name it while the West sponsors instability in the guise of multiparty democracy. Of course many Africans still believe this animal has developed Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan or next to home Zimbabwe. Intelligently enough, we would rather call Rwanda a dictatorship while we admire the lifestyle and progress there.

While in the earlier said nations, they have prioritised development and national security, in Zambia, despite having more natural resources, development programmes are not a priority, having diverted the biggest chunk of both our emotional and physical resources to elections.

What has caused this? The most likely explanation is our failure to accept that we have a miscarriage in a political system which now recognises tribe over nation to the extent of some leaders plotting against the peace and security of the nation just to take over political power, the exact opposite of what is happening in China, Germany and now Russia.


Let’s reread Putin’s statement again, “I believe and am deeply convinced that a strong presidential power is absolutely necessary for our country.”

Zambia must not invest in changing governments but rather in political stability that must see ordinary people have access to guaranteed primary health care and quality education that must expose one’s mind to critical thinking abilities. But for that to happen, we need the current leadership to pay more attention to new ideas on the need for a locally bred governance system instead of seeking political power or holding on to one as if one will live forever.

Away, from Zambia, Plato was a philosopher, as well as a mathematician, in Greece. He is considered an essential figure in the development of philosophy, especially the Western tradition, and he founded the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world. Along with Socrates and his most famous student, Aristotle, Plato laid the foundations of Western philosophy and science.

Who in Zambia, at the University of Zambia or CBU is working on political philosophy to change our lives forever? They are all discussing the politics of ECL and HH. Hear me out, these two leaders, just like we have had earlier political leaders in the past, will leave Zambia while the country Zambia will remain.

Political discussions, as a result, ought not to focus on finite political souls but ideals that transcend generations and guarantee equitable sharing of the national resources. Plato’s dialogues have been used to teach a range of subjects, including philosophy, logic, ethics, rhetoric, religion, and mathematics. His lasting themes include Platonic love, the theory of forms, the five regimes, innate knowledge, among others. His theory of forms launched a unique perspective on abstract objects and led to a school of thought called Platonism.

Why are we failing to engage brains that are able to help us adopt a political system that abolishes hero worshipping and prioritises political competition at the level of development ideas? Just what is the economic value John Sangwa’s baseless Constitutional Court debates? Or whether or not the PF must give powers to Seers 1? Just what do we need more as a nation between Sangwa’s paid up political rantings and those of President Sinkamba who wishes to reverse the political scandal of banning medicinal marijuana?

Zambia does not need desperate sovereignty traders in its bid to eradicate poverty and just as Rwanda’s Paul Kagame observed:

“We need to mobilise the right mindsets, rather than more funding. After all, in Africa, we have everything we need, in real terms. Whatever is lacking, we have the means to acquire. And yet we remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving, without external finance. We are even begging for things we already have. That is absolutely a failure of mindset.”

Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa
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  1. Christian

    Viva ECL, abash dictator and authoritarian Kagame.

  2. Hammer

    This author has become too predictable. Without even reading you already know what he has written. I advise you to be innovative. Talk about something else and don’t force us to admire some African dictators who took power after bloody wars, records daily killings in their country and suddenly you want to portray them as the model of Africa.
    Do your research this dictators you admire completely depends on foreign aid. And don’t put our ECL in the same baskets as those dictators .

    • Abapondo

      How about you just focus on the point he’s trying make. This aint about ECL, and definitely not about HH.
      He’s just being realistic and I don’t see anything wrong about that. Zambia has become a laughing stock because of ignorance. Just because you are fond of them doesn’t justify their misdeeds.

  3. Olala

    Nothing moves when you recycle the same people in power. It makes the economies weak overtime as resources only rotate amongst themselves. Those that oppose donot see development. Hold office twice and then out. This will allow many people with vision to compete for presidency. compe

  4. ephestuss siaziyu

    Your opinion is your opinion.
    But not country’s opinion.it will remain as your opinion forever until you will die with your opinion

  5. Jms

    I as mindful person truly supports John sangwa.look at these lawyers we have cowards.keeping changing leadership is far much better than changing the constitution.Donors have donated and still donating but few is being made. We have much to settle I.e mismanagement, where accountability is involved. See a minister is a pusher who pushes developed but these ministers are being pushed which means their work has been limited due to fear when it comes to Involve opposition cleave members. Govt should know that those MPs were elected by people allow them to access any development program now segregation comes on, yaba.

  6. Jijy

    Here in Zambia we live a life that some countries lived 20 years ago. Because the above information is clearly correct in accordance with what happens in Zambia, the political system in Zambia is so unstable such that it has even contributed to economic crisis. Exactly most of the resources are used to finance political activities.

    • Abapondo

      Exactly, they are so focused on finances that they don’t see what doom they are bringing on the nation. Seriously people…!!!

  7. nobody

    Why everybody talks of HH and ECL? Is Zambia short of progressive leaders? Look outside the box and find many who can lead with economic, social and political justice for all.

  8. Angoni

    How many parties are in USA, BRITAIN, RUSSIA,CHINA AND GERMANY INCLUDING FRANCE. My thoughts are that the author could be right at some point only that he is pushing for dictatorship, mine would be limiting the number of political parties to two major otherwise beyond two parties as it is now i feel its a source of political instability and a chance tribalism and regionalism. LETS BE OBJECTIVE I THINK THE AUTHOR IS TRYING TO MAKE US THINK ABOUT THE CURRENT POLITICAL SITUATION THAT HAS FAILED LAMENTABLY REGARDLESS OF WHO HAS BEEN THE PRESIDENT IN THE PAST OTHERWISE THOUGHT PROVOKING ARTICLE.

  9. Jms

    We can’t go away with election because in doing so its very important and is goid thing to identify those who are capable to developed this county. A country or a company may have intelligent people but if not managed properly disaster follows eg we can produce industries.znbc has produced a good program called Zambia genius. Why can’t the state group those boys and impact them with materials so that they start work?

  10. Jms

    So to me elections is the only source, to promote education first.

  11. Jms

    We not poor its the govt which is poor not to identify (1) Economist (2)Engineers (3)Agriculturist etc to actually do the development of this country. Otherwise pf will remain and recognized as a tribalistic and a listening party for handling and misusing resources.

  12. Jms

    Does the ministry of home affairs concerned about the increasing number of foreigners in the country or maybe they are not concerned. Mind you increase in population leads to in goods and not worrying your citizens lead to too much unauthorized prices whereby prices are being increased every now and then ,now for a government which isn’t careering for its citizens isn’t worried, Shame.

  13. Chali

    U rulling party,just accept that u have failed,ful of failing to govern this country,should b ths is 4 chinse’s country. I dt no wat u ar doi in that state. If he takes ovr next yr,wl empeach u,i kat c th purpose of ever bein a lawyer,nimala bsh chabe

  14. Fisunge

    If this was the case then marriages should also follow suit what do you think

  15. Çhíløz'

    Wise saying

  16. Jms


  17. Dælton

    Why can’t there be a school of presidency? That would involve students learning economics, political philosophy, advanced social studies, psychology, etc. Leaders in monarchs don’t just become leaders overnight. There are drilled and trained from childhood on how to act as leaders, how to treat their subjects, how to run the affairs of the monarchy, etc.
    I know this is idealistic, but we can achieve it if we just put our efforts. United we stand, divided we fall. I also think it would prevent wrong characters from being leaders. Because it would make sure that they are disciplined before contesting for power.

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