OPINION: Jumping To Conclusions Should Concern Education Ministers

How much of your decision making process is controlled by ignorance? Lafarge Zambia said it spent K155,000 on a station and a shelter. What did its statement really mean or the cost structure entail?

In Zambia, today, politicians rarely discuss issues because it’s like we are not capable of objective reasoning. They focus on techniques that arouse emotions relegating factual development issues to the backseat.

Misconceptions anchored on political fallacies are ingrained in our culture to the extent that we are rejecting wisdom and the scientific or critical thinking abilities in favour of a more popular, convenient, or politically desirable system of reasoning.

Our political leadership, be it in government or opposition ought to question what we are trying to achieve with the current curricula in general education which forms the country’s foundational education.

Media Houses too are biased towards covering politics of who must win in elections. The truth about what an ordinary Zambian needs has continued to suffer, the voters are poorly informed, and our bosses rarely see an upside in doing the job that we’re supposed to do, which is to speak truth to power and hold our leaders accountable.

If the general population can be made to believe that a human being can turn into a cat for camouflage purposes, then our education system remains one that is only relevant for examination purposes and not to impart knowledge.

Probably, this explains why our university engineers are keen to join any company as a clerk instead of applying their engineering prowess privately to solve numerous difficulties that our communities are faced with.

Should it then be a surprise when the entire Drug Enforcement Commission suspends its operations in order to investigate whether a Zambian resident can afford a second hand Bugatti? What costs more between 48 luxury apartments and a 5 year old Bugatti?

How does the nation benefit from the Anti Corruption Commission investigating serving public figures in the courts of public opinion over baseless accusations much in the manner the owner of the Bugatti was treated? Should such an honourable institution be reduced to settling political scores?

A man of Kaoma District in Western Province, one Friday night, joined a mob in beating to death a 54 year old man who was suspected to be a gasser only to realize afterwards that the victim was actually his uncle. The man only regretted his action upon this discovery not that mob psychology is bad.

Until we accept that we’re a naive nation with poor memories and a great gift for self destruction, we won’t make progress. We urgently need education reforms. Education should exist to defeat ignorance and not to perpetuate it.

Resistance to the need for education reforms is not new. Socrates was poisoned for his ideas, and Galileo was forced by a fanatic clergy to withdraw his statements about astronomy. Ignorance and the desperate need for political power can be a dangerous combination in any society.

The political usefulness of the colonial education system on which the current curricula are based, was not that it imparted skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic but that it promoted values such as loyalty to the existing order and disciplined self-sacrifice in the interest of the colonial order.

Our learned Hon. Education Ministers need to realise that this was not education, but training, neither was it liberation but enslavement. Its purpose was not to educate a person to understand the objective limits to the advancement of individual and collective welfare, but to altogether train a person to accept and even administer these limits.

Are you not surprised that although we are in the 21st century, our education system is still teaching our children that the Mosi O Tunya Falls is Victoria Falls and that it was discovered by Dr. David Livingstone? How many, of our kids, learn about Yotam Muleya, a Zambian hero, who was only 19 years old when he died, yet he has a government school and a road named after him?

Through this well engineered colonial education system, our colonisers made us lose our identity by making us believe that we are an inferior race. Should we not be shocked that we have failed to devise our own governance system and we are still stuck to a “superior” Western multiparty democracy that has only managed to bring political hatred in the country at the expense of development?

What is education if its purpose remains to enslave even those who are in ones testicles? It’s better to be free and castrated than to be a rich slave bearing intelligent houseboys and maids. Honestly, how do you side with foreigners insulting your Head of State over PURPORTED corruption and you call yourself educated?

The colonial system has successfully engraved on us the pull him down attitude that benefits nobody but to their advantage. Those on Twitter, today, will agree with me that Mr. Hichilema is, day in, day out, fighting Mr. Lungu for his post not for the plight of an ordinary child in rural Zambia. To him, it’s just a game of thrones, where the feeble are bound to die. President Lungu can build a health centre in Samfya District’s Shikamushile village but he will still downplay it for political reasons at the expense of the truth that a life in that village is bound to be saved.

That, my brothers and sisters, is not the education I need. My time on earth is limited. I was born to contribute not to take. It’s a principle I want to passionately share with the hope that my country buys into it. It’s a way of life to appreciate life.

Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa
WhatsApp: +260 977 430702

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  1. saimbwende

    Let me confess that your article is great Zambians it’s time we reflected on the so called education

  2. GMT

    Thanks brother continue with the same spirit and keep on educating the Zambian people for a better day to come..
    Lesa apale nakalebalika.


    Nice article

  4. No fear

    Your article is tremendous, despite being included the people who can’t defend themselves.

  5. Jms

    Education is power you also agree,but you still luck something, unreasoning people refuse to be opposed even though their thinking capacity is low.until one makes a mistake, mind you suppose that mistake kills you how can you learn from your previous dids when you are dead.take for example one unreasoning situation, people will learn through seeing who David Livingstone was and how he did things,now give people especially young ones the football Debby makinka,Godfrey chitalu,Robert etc for people to know how and why they had that passion. Now unfortunately you sim to fill wronged by watching them (one step why something lost). Education doesn’t select or reducing but it adds more to the past. So Chris Phiri education is among pupils, students, teachers and lecturers thats why in each one mentioned here does the learning and teaching methods. Educated people are free , fair and calm.look at eg John sangwa people must learn something from that. BE PRODUCTIVE,PROFITABLE AND REALISTIC IN YOUR DOINGS. May this Sabbath be a good wish to all.

  6. Gassinglungu

    Very very correct

  7. Gassinglungu

    Very very correct JMS

  8. Jessey Lingard

    Nice comment Ba JMS continue with that spirit.

  9. Skb

    Well articulated piece.

  10. jj

    Great article i only disagree where you disparage a belief that people can turn into cats from time immemorial witchcraft has been in existence because of a fallen angel by the name of Lucifer denyng his works of darkness dont is exactly part of his plan of deception

  11. Sosa

    Mr Evans the person you’re talking about is not legible to stand in 2021 so forget about him.

  12. Frank Chombela

    Chris Phiri aka Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa somehow chooses to ignore real issues where a govt explanation would be appropriate. Wht about fire engines costing a US$1 million each instead of US$240 thousand? Is to raise an issue like this a sign of lack of patriotism? Give readers evidence that HH has criticised construction of a clinic in Samfya by Edgar Lungu’s govt and they will believe you and damn HH.

  13. Makunku

    Interesting take on education. You just couldn’t resist the opportunity of tarnishing HH at the end there could you? You almost had me fooled.

  14. tu2

    nice article but why has hh become an example of wrong doing? do mean pf leaders are 100% correct? you can try by all means to tarnish hh’s image but believe me you, you will not succeed

  15. Amai

    Well written piece. Our ignorance as a nation has truly been exposed. Illiteracy has destroyed our society.

  16. Mr tembo

    Frankly I consider Zambian politics to be trash but and dirty all about pointing fingers loving this article let’s have more of such educational insight please do continue

  17. mukosa liteta

    May I humbly say, for luck of what I really feel your piece is worth, thank you very much. I hope that other people will follow your example of objectivity, thoroughness and indeed good language and grammar.

  18. Strategic observer: Wise

    Nothing is lost and nothing is gained, just like 1+1=1 in marriage, 1+1=2 in primary schools1+1=0 or 3 in ‘intelligent’ accounting. All your opinions are just opinions and they do not change anything! They are all great, thoughtful but useless if communicated using the wrong channels. Please write directly to departments with technicalities to deal with your issues. Nothing is perfectly done. We settle for something closer to what we want. All the commenters why do we comment?so what after comment? And then ? Do we real change any thing or may be is we who get …

  19. peter

    best vote hh 2021 ok.out pf

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