Bill 10 Comes Up for 2nd Reading Today

Government officials, stake holders, journalists and Patriotic Front (PF) supporters awaiting the arrival of President Michael Sata for the first official opening of the eleventh National Assembly at Parliament grounds in Lusaka on October 14, 2011 – Picture by Joseph Mwenda.

The Constitution Amendment Bill No 10 of 2019 returns to Parliament today, with justice minister Given Lubinda saying anyone who is suspicious of the process is himself suspicious.
This was in reference to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who has told his members of parliament to reject Bill 10 when it comes for second reading in the House today.

He said the opposition leader must stop calling the government deceitful over a process that was transparent.
“For a person to say this process is deceptive, one must say here you are, they have said that they want to do this but look at what they’ve done with regard to this Bill. Then you will be heard. But just to say generally that I can’t trust them because they are deceitful, that doesn’t make sense. Here is the Bill, read it and show us where you see that there is deception. Don’t be too general and just say they are deceitful. Isn’t he the same person who was saying we wanted to bar him from contesting elections because he hasn’t been councilor or MP? But that has been laid bare. Not a single citizen made such a submission to the Ministry of Justice, NDF or to the Committee of Parliament. Who then is trading on misinformation? So what I will say to Hakainde is please let the people for once read the document,” Mr Lubinda said when he was featured on Hot FM Radio on Monday.

He said Mr Hichilema has a lot of money which he can use to print the Bill 10 and distribute to people so that they can read the contents for themselves.
“You have so much money; can you publish all these documents in all the media houses. Let people read for themselves so that they can tell if it’s true we are being deceitful. It’s not right for you Hakainde to be calling other people names. All the time you are calling us names; we are deceitful, we are liars, we are untrustworthy. This process has been laid everything bare. Now we shall see who the liar is. Not a single person ever said Cabinet shall start printing money. But that’s what he has been telling people. Please Hakainde, for once, allow national governance to prevail for once,” Mr Lubinda said.


  1. King cool

    He is a bonk , everything to him is fake, what else does this boy wants, anyone else to help what to tell my elder brother HH . Referendum , it was fake, Michael chilufya Sata was fake, sata wanted to make under ground railway line and he wanted to buy a new Train from Korea, HH said it’s fake. What type of a person is HH???

  2. Kelly Nawa Mazuba

    Zambia needs to come together and unite and solve problems together

  3. Ree kozo

    Please let us know what the truth is, why is government only focusing only on the advantages and not disadvantages of Bill ten we need the original truth and see what we youths are supporting either PF or UPND.

    • sakatwasanta68@gmail.com

      Sir kindly Give us just 1 disadvatage

  4. Simz

    I don’t know where Zambia is going

  5. Jk

    In Zambia we should put aside politics and look forward to what will help people for today and the coming years I pray that Bill Ten (10) gose thought and love, unity should be the Glory for the Nation to God be the Glory.

  6. The Cats Family

    Think more about what you want not what you don’t want.

    • Tikambepo

      Let us concentrate on thinking about how we are going to fight this coming beast called CHINESE VIRUS not ifyo muleleta naimwe.


    pf is so fake,kindly let this bill be shot down.it is not hh but all zambians were not consulted on this bad and dirty bill no.10.


      You fool and your so called HH,Do you know how many years it has been for it to be presented in the parliament for the second reading, it has taken Three (3) good years just for you and I to say something on it. take some time to read through the the bill 10,I even wander if you ready this bill

  8. Jms

    If the bill is a meaningful,is their possibility that these things will be seen or heard ie bringing some culprits to book(chitotela and the others, 48+49 houses,gasses,and many other useless things occurring. Its better to stop a weed growing in a nice field otherwise the crop will be defeated because a weed consumes much than the actually crop.

  9. yk

    Please don’t judge anyone but wait and see what they want

    May God deliver this country in jesus name

  10. Trek mr yt

    Wats happening to our country Zambia

  11. Koswe

    Our brother. Mr. Hakaimde. Hichilemdda will also oppose the coming of our. Lord. Jesus. Christ to him there nothing good except himself

    • Ree kozo

      Don’t draw God in stupidity

    • Fungwe

      Even me i will oppose the coming of christ if it will be announced by the pf.

    • Makunku

      Bwana minister. You are doing a good job in convincing simple minds that its only HH and AND that are against Bill 10. The truth is there are a lot of learned people that are against the way you have gone about it. A Constitution requires consensus and not forcing things like the way you are doing. Why are you panicking?

  12. Judge

    Why putting more energy on this shit, when people who voted for u into office are buying mealie meal @185k ???

  13. Yamustraight

    Since the bill was being read or presented for the second time in Parliament I was expecting to see part of it’s clause in this article than for casing on what the opposition is saying.

  14. Chakanga amate ukumina

    You member of Parliament you did not explain to your people what is bill no 10 is .you are just kulatalikanafye muparliament kwati multi multi kacasu .try to explain kubantu efyo cipilibula BANA memwe .referendum twalikene ukulingana nefyalimo you just bring bill no 10 kubantu balandepo .iciweme ciilombelafye umucele.

  15. Sosa

    Y not wait until after 2021 for bill #10 to be taken to parliament……what’s so urgent for us to start debating coz If at all this nonsensical bill #10 issue goes through,,,,Bo Lubinda you never be forgiven by siding with the corrupt and deceitful actions this government is taking.

    • LEAVE me ALONE

      I agree with Sosa, bo Hon Lubinda sort out first the big log in your eyes the Mukula issue otherwise it will be difficult to see bill 10 go through, isoni e buntu

  16. Kapesha Nevers

    Ichishinka caliwama mwilatufisa nakalya…let us know the disadvantages of that thing

  17. Fungwe

    I wonder, what’s so special about bill 10?
    Why are they insisting on implementing the bill. As for me, i dont even know what’s involved in that bill 10. But the rate at which these people are demanding for it makes me suspicious.
    I think its helpful to them and not to us.

  18. Iwe

    solve it your selves dont engage us……..aaaaa imwe

  19. Richard Masanta

    I head various speeches from different members of Parliament and all of them were negatively talking about UPND. As concerned citizen I think the main purpose for PF pushing for bill 10 is give space for President Lungu to contest 2021 general elections since they all knew that President Lungu does not qualified for 2021 elections. Even those judges from the con court for them to declare that President Lungu is eligible for 2021 election is because they were securing their jobs.

  20. Andreevich sils

    Put everything into Jehovah God’s hands 👐 and it shall all be well

  21. Jms

    Pf and its govt are luck to have wicked lawyers who are failing even to support their beloved one John sangwa.we know lubinda’s back ground, his return has made him a yes sir mentality. And such attitude makes him not to say reality but to came in open to show hate and bad language on HH a quite person who is interested in the economy of the nation. When needing marriage just propose on your own behalf never to propose by attacking the men you saw by her some time before, people who do this are cowards and a coward may use any means to win,so people must be careful.

  22. Niabinghi

    It is of paramount importance for the government to roll out a serious country-wide sensitization programme on bill 10. People in our communities,the youth in churches, schools colleges and universities must be enlightened.Even platforms such as this one just to briefly explain bill 10. In passing, we ‘hear’ bill 10 is about deputy ministers and the extention of term of office to 7 yrs. In 2016, Zambians rejected the bill of rights not because it was bad but because it was not understood

  23. Rocky

    All the comments here are clear indication that majority of people in Zambia no nothing about bill 10 reason being zambians don’t read and on top of that in Zambia ubufi bulenda saana ukucila icishinka why because we enjoy reading mail articles on social media…
    The truth is that bill 10 was ready three years ago and presented in parliament a year ago.. now this time babwekeshapo people start saying why are they doing this in a hurry… surely is this hurry?
    Pf Gov’t wants to legalise bill 10 meaning for them everything is good now it’s up to others to oppose them to see the disadvantage of it.. that is what we call debate… now our opposition’s don’t have points to urgue the only option is to get out.
    In this bill 10 there is nothing like supporting Edgar Lungu term of office…

  24. Rocky

    I concur with you mr. Niabinghi… yes majority of Zambians lack education about bill 10… but worse the opposition MPs are not helping… deep down there are hearts they know that the Cabinet has surprised them… what they were expecting… very contrary to what is at stake… otherwise everything Justice minister presented was good for the nation.

  25. Peasant

    Nyahambingi seconded..If not we are looking at a uganda in zambia in the making right under hypnosis..Pray!!

  26. Rabbison malwena

    put the bill 10 aside meanwhile as there is an out break coronavirus its pandemic disease which is infectious globaly .So would like to appeal to government to put measures in place to prevent disease otherwise we will be affected by this disease.To add on that bill 10 is not for Mr Hh alone but majority of Zambians out there.

  27. Given Musenge

    Learn to solve problems in a good way, not insulting each other…

  28. Dr See Mind


  29. Dm

    If bill 10 means well for the oldenarie Zambian late it go through
    no strings attourched

  30. Jms

    If a normal people decide a thing which they know part of it will be rejected then know that those people who made that thing are useless. Thats why people say that think before you open your mouth. Before people used to read now can one think why and were has the culture gone? a reasonable person is able to tell, unless some of you hypocrites who are failing to notice the situation.even what we watch to these private stations we don’t watch in znbc, why? That answer goes to Dora information minister. Ask kk he will tell how people used to access libraries or books.

  31. Kapingu

    It’s you government to print that bill and give to people so that we know but you are telling hh why, and whose he to people


    bondate bo Lubinda why are you forcing people to vote for bill 10 without telling them what is really inside it.this is dictator bondate because you are forcing people to vote “YES”.

  33. Mwalule

    When someone’s prestige is high, all what come forward is fake. Even a white shirt to him is black. A moving car seams as if it’s not moving.To him light is darkness.

  34. Concerned Citizen

    Don’t just concetrate on that animal called Bill 10, put that aside for now & look at the challenges that we’re encountering at the moment. We have not been using that Bill 10 for the past good years. How come during your reign you’re much on it? We don’t want it because we don’t know what it contains. For now as the government of the day, what measures have you put in place to prevent the coronavirus? Concetrate on the other serious things not everytime Bill 10 this Bill 10 that we’re now fed up with that animal which we don’t know it’s color. An opinion of the concerned citizen 😒

  35. Jr

    Where is Zambia going??🙄

  36. LEAVE me ALONE

    Am wondering what this animal called bill 10 will benefit the Zambian people, Zambians want to know the owners of the 48+ houses, the plunders of our forests ie mukula, gassers, economy etc, you are doing us harm no justice in you mr justice minister

  37. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Remove chi bill 10. Unless you don’t function well

  38. Musho Nanjame

    Anything has a disadvantage, educate at first,we are eager to know about the bill 10.

    • Comment

      I think as citizens we are only educated on the merits of the same bill 10, what about its demerits. Ba zambia reports kindly avail the whole soft copy of bill 10 on this platform becoz we are just hearing it in summary form.

  39. Jms

    Ignorance has made those responsible to convince people about bill 10 especially the cabinet. And too much of something becomes a Massey. (Lucking knowledge of what the people need may lead producers doubt whether to give or not because its content is hidden) a non hidden content even a child can trace its content without questioning anything, be realistic in your dids so that no one questions you.

  40. Fidelix

    Let the opposition debate it in parliament not outside ,!!!

  41. Ukotsaiwts

    We dont want bill 10, y ar u forcing us if u have failed 2 rule us jst step down. and leav HH alone nothing has done in yo chi bil 10

  42. Not true

    Some pipo are very dull ukufilwa ukucita debate mu parliament baya mukucitila pa radio Na pa TV kwena bukopo bwashani ubu

  43. Lubanga Robert

    No vision for your ideas ba pf

  44. Wane Oscar M²

    Please ba Given Lubinda stop saying HH has a lot of money to print the bill for publicity, that’s not HH’s duties you yourself the party in power print bill 10 and let people understand it. Otherwise bill 10 forget it lets think of how will help our currency gain value than this nonsense.

  45. Edigar matole

    Umwe stop making noise here about bill ten 🔟 its for pf only not u


    Zambia will never develop because people likes opposing views.

  47. Dv

    Don’t put God in this dirt game

  48. castra tj

    please mr lubinda our justice minister we as youths need a sense of the bill….Not just pointing fingers at people..Educate us young fellows

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