REFLECTION: Prof. Lungwangwa, A UPND MP For Nalikwanda, Disagrees With Mr. Hichilema

“We may not agree on a number of issues, but we develop nations by consensus through compromise. What is happening in our country’s political space is unacceptable! The Constitution is a sacred document which rises above partisan politics and looks at the interest of the country. This process of coming up with public good must be a moment of consensus by all of us!” observed Prof. Geoffrey Lungwangwa on Mr. Hichilema’s Bill 10 stance.

I agree with the Prof a 101%. The bottom line is that Mr. Hichilema and his UPND have no respect for human rights and probably we must pay more attention to those calling for a new governance system.

In 2016, they decampaigned an Enhanced Bill of Rights that could have guaranteed the protection of the rights of citizens and lay a claim from Government on any violation of such rights.

Mr. Hichilema’s instructions to his Members of Parliament to walk out of Parliament when Bill 10 came up for second reading is yet another demonstration of his insensitivity and non respect for human rights.

Bill 10 has a proportional representation clause that guarantees an automatic representation of persons with disabilities, women and youths in parliament without being contested for in any election.

The walk out of parliament has again demonstrated the draconian and cultic style of leadership of Mr. Hichilema that’s oppressive and suppressive to the core of serving self interest as opposed to serving the people.

Did Mr. Hichilema single handedly vote for the UPND MPs or it was the people who did it? Should the Bill go through, will UPND walk out of parliament when names will be submitted for proportional representation before Parliament?

Zambians ought to wake up and see the dictator in this man or they will be greeted with a rude shock. Mr. Hichilema’s failure to care about the positives in Bill 10 for the minority groups just for political reasons again proves that the man is self centered.

Rev. Lackson Malombola
Theologian & Leadership Analyst
Global Capstone Centre
For Leadership Development
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  1. Scofiyod

    Dont worry team red,we know who is bought already..

    • Tumpoka

      Truth be told. Having served as member of parliament for both ruling and opposition parties, for ten years be it a division in the House over a Bill or Budget debate, I never came across a member of parliament for a ruling party vote with the opposition. Does it mean when one is a member of a ruling party, then everything that the ruling party takes to parliament through cabinet is correct?
      As for the issue of proportional representation, this is rushed and lacks research. Having served as delegation leader of the Great Lakes Parliamentary Forum on Peace observer missions to Ungunja and Pemba Islands (Zanzibar), Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, it can be stated without fear of contradictions that countries with such systems have serious debate in having a large number of members of parliament who only answerable to the groups that people them on parliamentary lists.

  2. Jomwa

    No man is an island, but he/she can be a leader amongst the peoples ,but that does not mean this leader has all the resources in in governing the subordinates,a true leader should first learn to be gorvened by the subordinates and listen to them and make good decisions, but it does not mean that he/she is being undermined,same to the leader in UPND party, he thinks he is being undermined. Porf. Teach this leader good leadership cord conduct in Parliament, thanks

  3. Rafeeq

    I only got some points from Garry nkhombos speech, nothing to add on you thank you sir

  4. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I thought Lungwangwa is a wise man, But not.

    • My name

      When does one become wise when he agrees with? How about wen he or she does not because may be you missed a point somewhere, he is not?

  5. Upside Down

    I see no leadership in HH coz has not said anything good of the ruling party which has ruled him some 3 or 4 decades ago. Him is a MR. KNOW IT.. I wonder kind of a Prezido he’s gonna coz him he never error.. If the empty in skull masses who so ignorantly bow on his feet and dance to his tune of disorder continue to move and follow him as though blind folded, I cry for mother Zambia and our future children, they will find a messed up Zambia.. Let us ask wisdom from God or else our voices will only open up the flood gates of confusing in our peaceful country. May God deal with anyone who has EVIL intentions for our Mother Zambia. May God, Love, Peace and Unity rule our country… #MyOpinio@KK93The2nd

  6. Blessing

    It takes a million people to build a good reputation but it take’s one person to destroy all the work that as been done,I see no good governance in the UPND.

    • Richard Masanta

      Some times try to be quite if you are very much behind.

  7. Theologian

    Rev, you are very free to comment but I suggest you stick to your irrational religious beliefs.

  8. Sniper

    Rev. We know that you are a patriotic fools carder, together with prof. Lugwagwa, that’s why you are so bitter about HH and the upnd. Only an idiot like you can’t see what pf is trying to achieve. We know there’s a number of good items for the youth, women, etc. But even if there are 9 out 10 good things about it, 1 bad and selfish element is enough to disqualify the document. Can’t you see the abuse of power by ecl and his government? They can fool people like you because you wanted to benefit from not all of us. This is also clear that you are not a responsible person. You must resign as a regious leader and join the greed politics of PF.

    • SMART

      Sniper, let me help you. The use of youths, women etc is just sugar coating. Correct me, I have not heard of a parliament that has presentation based on that. Who qualifies as a youth, and which women? All must be by merit being in parliament without such vaque descriptions. There is a mayor in CB who people voted for without looking at his age even when he was a Councillor. You will end up with carders of all sorts in Parliament in the name of youths etc!

    • David Bvunguzile Shawa

      Why use bad language? simply because one does not support your line of thinking and the leadership style of the UPND president does it make him/ her a fool?must must learn to debate issues instead of showing your luck of wisdom,if as you say 9 clauses are good in Bill 10 and only 1 is bad surely does this require throwing out the entire document?is that your wisdom? wouldn’t it be wise to debate and throw out that bad clause instead?The Bill of Rights was shut down by the likes of you and I doubt if at all you even read through that document or simply did as instructed by your leader, President HH is human and you cannot support just support everything he says without consideration or thought:that isn’t wisdom,and those with opposite views are not less human.The Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is also human but simply because his not your favorite doesn’t mean that everything he has done is a mistake,learn to be patriotic and judge correctly…



  9. Pedro

    From the size of his nose you can tell man has lost integrity

    • David Bvunguzile Shawa

      And you call this correct reasoning? honestly you can afford to talk about someone’s nose and you are okay with it?you must be ashamed of yourself,the facked that he doesn’t agree with your views doesn’t warranty you to talk about his appearance,in Zambia we respect elders…check your upbringing

  10. Razor

    Did this man even ask his constituents if they wanted the bill to pass? Or is he just after the bread and butter which the PF have promised him.

  11. RUTH phiri

    If constitution lawyer says there are issues that may tie us once approved why should we implement it. Let them explain to the public in simple terms what the content mean. Not few individuals who understand the interpretation and it should apply to all of us. We need to agree as a country as they have explained corona virus. Nearly everyone knows what it it

  12. Nambala

    He is one of those who have been bought

  13. One Zambian 1nation

    This man is a true leader. He has refused to fellow a people with a programmed mindset. He thinks outside the far above the programmer. You are the man.

  14. One Zambian 1nation

    This man is a true leader. He has refused to fellow a people with a programmed mindset. He thinks outside the far above the programmer. You are the man. You are not a robcop, but you are better in all ways than the programmer.

  15. Wane Oscar M²

    Coronavirus you’ve already explained it everyone of us knows it but what is so difficult for Bill 10 to be printed? Can someone give an answer please!

  16. Freddie Matale.

    Pro Lungwangwa and his cohort, T Kasonso, are opportunists. We have heard about VX8 land cruisers being offered to opposition UPND mps to vote for bill 10. The two have clearly failed the test of integrity test. The temptation was too much. It had nothing to do with patriotism, rather with their stomachs! Such ilk shall be weeded out, come 2021. God bless the gallant men who will vote against Bill 10. You shall surely be vindicated !

  17. Peter Kazembe

    If UPND think Bill 10 is bad for Zambia let them vote against it in parliament. That’s how democracy works. We grow by facing problems not by avoiding them. One thing to remember parliament is all about FACTS and DISCIPLINE. Respect to EL and HH.

    • SMART

      No, in a secret ballot you won’t know the traitor. Walk out publicly period!

    • Paya farmer

      But why are these guys so desperate so see the so called bill 10 passed into law? Mmmmm?

  18. I like ur expression n the example u av put up

    Powerful submissions here

  19. Ahmed lubinga

    Don’t mind such men of “gold”, they most often reason with their stomachs and glorify the corrupt! They never interrogate situations and establish valid facts, such are the agents of destruction to national values and principles. If the pf’s bill 10 is clean and well intended, why offload such lucrative and hefty offers of millions of tax payers’ money and expensive vx8 cars to MPs whose mandate is purely legislative? Why buy support for the bill if at all the cause is genuine and in national interest? Lungwangwa and his fellow traitors can only be best described as” useful idiots” borrowing mmembe’s words and very soon, even those who are falling for the pf’s sugar coated amendments to the bill will soon realise the devil is in the detail should these criminals manage garner enough Judas iscariots from the opposition and some independents. This country’s democracy under the pf has been reduced to a denn of political corruption defiling the “christian” status. What a shame!!

  20. Muke

    Mind the way you comment. Don’t forget that you are children of God. When are you going to learn to speak love to one another? Don’t allow the devil to take advantage of you bcoz of politics.

  21. Chronister

    The question is, who will be choosing those automatic representatives if not the president? The youths, women and disabled should contest elections from the grassroots like everyone else. Parliament is not a place for appointed people but elected. A few years ago, the apposition tabled a motion about retirees. It was a good motion which could have seen retirees get their packages on time. Pf MPs objected just because the motion was tabled by the opposition. So stop saying the opposition should not be partisan when pf is partisan in everything. Just chew the money you were given rather than exposing your uselessness here.

  22. Poho Yensu

    I believe compromise over wrong things is being a coward.
    If that bill had issues like no more than 3 terms in parliament and ministerial position then it would have been a better bill.
    We are not seeing new and better leadership styles from these old and recycled guys in the parly.

  23. Sosa

    @#rev.Lackson Malombola I thought as a religious leader of that unknown organization you ought to have wisdom and good language but the way you’re coming out with your reflection,shows how much hate you harbour for fellow leaders………I think you’re a biological mistake,you don’t deserve to be called rev.

  24. Kedrick

    Rev.you are a church leader it’s difficult to hear such words of politics in you, don’t separate to choose who is good and bad, you should build the two to bring them together,in order to make peace in our country, but in this way who is going to make peace if you reverandes you are behaving like this, church leaders learn to make peace were their is no peace.

  25. David Bvunguzile Shawa

    And you call this correct reasoning? honestly you can afford to talk about someone’s nose and you are okay with it?you must be ashamed of yourself,the facked that he doesn’t agree with your views doesn’t warranty you to talk about his appearance,in Zambia we respect elders…check your upbringing

    • snr pastor mweene

      Bill 10 should not bring war to Zambia in the name of loard can we find means of dealing with this issue men of God come in plz it’s a Zambia we talk ing about am still praying about it amen

  26. Shiiiii

    Mwamenetulili tu ma busa twaboza tukadyamo. Tuibala na ma sufferings of people kabili tweve nishi twa fola.

  27. Edward Mwansa

    This is a progressive mind especially if you are a professor, you need to put reason to work as expressed.

  28. Happy Katiba

    I am actually disappointed with the outcome of this whole process, and this is a reason why people call politics a dirt game where people respects lies than their conscious.If I remember very well in 2016 when the amended constitution was signed, there was a very beautiful song that,”this is a people driven constitution that will stand a test of time.”Now the past must always be the point of reference to what went wrong on the document that was suppose to stand a test of time so that we don’t error once again.There are a lot of questions that we need to ask as Zambians and we humbly request that we are given time and a platform that would allow the views of the electorates.Remember a divided family that fights each other shall not stand but will fall.Let us learn to love one another and be reminded that love does not keep a record of wrongs.Let us be Zambians and hear the views of the people.I rest my case.


    Its only the republican president that can address the nation and not an opposition leader. So Hichilema concentrate on upnd supporters.

  30. Amos Paul Lukwesa Mubongi

    I respect your thought Sir.

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