UPND Halts Bill 10 Debate, Goes To The Constitutional Court

In their desperate attempt to stop Bill 10 from going through, UPND member and former Commerce Minister Dipak Patel has petitioned the Constitutional Court over government’s continued procurement of public debt without approval of the National Assembly.

Because one of the clauses in Bill 10 concerns debt contraction, that meant Parliament could not deliberate on the matter, but Speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini excused himself to study the matter when it was presented in the House by Mazabuka UPND member of parliament Gary Nkombo.

Mr. Patel, in his application filed on Wednesday, is seeking an order that public debt, whether local or foreign, to be contracted on behalf of government must be presented to the National Assembly for prior approval.

He has cited the Minister of Finance Dr. Bwalya Ng’andu and Attorney General Likando Kalaluka in this matter.

However, Parliament has adjourned sine die due to Coronavirus, with two confirmed cases so far of a couple that travelled to France for a 10-day holiday and returned on Sunday.

Despite suspension on parliamentary, that does not mean the end of Bill as business will resume when advised by the Ministry of Health that has imposed sanctions on large gatherings.

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  1. Renox Mulebwente

    I agree with the upnd

    • Joseph zulu

      Nice move if it’s true it is in Bill 10 government borrow s money without consulting parliament it wrong.

  2. Abapondo

    These people have totally forgotten how they became what they are a the first place.
    That’s why they’ve forsaken the people and only think about what could benefit their pockets

  3. Agogo

    Definitely where on earth, which governance system in all honesty and MORALITY can get public debt which at the end shall be paid back by its own people through taxes without approval of parliament? I think the whole constitutional amendment scheme or bill 10 definitely reeks of dishonesty. Some people in this country just support things blindly.What is patriotism if someone is allowed to manipulate a national document like the constitution at the expense of the masses and the people are quiet even the so called intellectuals. I really cry for this country.

  4. Rafeeq

    Well done upnd your honour , well done Mr hon, Garry nkhomber we need people who are hard worker like you ,Masha Allah Mr Deepak Patel continue hard working may God Allah guide you and Grant you more wisdom lnshaAllah Ameen

  5. Rafeeq

    Well done upnd your honour , well done Mr hon, Garry nkhombo we need people who are hard worker like you ,Masha Allah Mr Deepak Patel continue hard working may God Allah guide you and Grant you more wisdom lnshaAllah Ameen

  6. Magaba

    Its not going anywhere sheer waste of time. Instead of debating you run to the court and citing the very things that you are supposed to debate. What a.party.

  7. Rabson daka

    Why always used goes out tell us what you don’t want

  8. Rabson daka

    Why always uPnd goes out tell us what you don’t want

    • Chakanga amate ukumina

      Go through the passage you will find the truth of this matter why’s upnd going out, the fact is that pf part they are doing promptly without approval.

  9. Maximo

    Bill 10 and PF idiosyncrasies are Chimbwis with no plan

  10. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Pf this time OUT

  11. Olala

    Upnd does not want a pf manipulated constitution.

  12. kay

    well done your honours
    why are these nuisances against upnd

  13. Davies

    Only upnd hz de heart for de country, wait nd see

  14. Efyo chifile ukuba

    Constitutional court ya boonse, it is not for pf alone. This is the time to start normalising things by supporting upnd. After upnd spoke hard about pf thuggery in markets and bus stations, things have improved. Forward with upnd. No hope under pf

  15. Upside Down

    We cannot develop like this, every time in Parliament, some walks out and others walks in, not reaching on a common goal, be it debate or any parley presentation. Procrastination will only delay our targeted goals, hence no development on good time.. Both MPs in ruling and opposition should know that Zambia is for People who voted for them not for themselves, so they should act like grown ups and leaders.. Every time, the UPND MPs walk out.. Does it mean their knowledge above par or every time the parley brings on light some thing to be discussed by both parties, they only bring rubbish? MPs should stop painting a bad picture on democracy, they are destroying our zeal of listening to parley presentation..

    • LEAVE me ALONE

      # Mr Upside Down, you are really down with your mind, you talk of development at the expence of doing it in a wrong way, it’s not knowledge but it is a matter of principle e,g an accountant and an auditor go to same school of accountancy but their role is different the latter is to counter check the work of the former so the same in parliament, may be to remind you we are now paying inkongole eyo ta twaishiba ca tulenga ukufilwa no ku lipila na masalary ya babonfi is that good if it was just you Mr Upside Down.

    • Jon

      I think there must be some deterence to stop Mps from walking out. These walkouts do not serve the people of Zambia. These Mps are being paid for nothing. They are painting a bad picture of democracy. They are paid for debating. If they can’t debate why pay them ?

  16. SON OF GOD


  17. pat v

    Comme its unfair





  20. Mukwasu

    I think there’s a link between corruption and mental health. Look at all those who alleged to be corrupt, the thing the do – out of normal thinking.

  21. Zikomo

    Bill 10 is a tool 4 creating new constitutuecy,disable,youth, no by elections and Women presentation in parliament. If bill 10 fails and we go 2021 with current constitution and without PUBLIC ORDER ACT amendement. MPS Do political party directive not pipo’s. Today,disabled pipo has bin injured by upnd security at HH residence only GOD Wil save us

  22. Wane Oscar M²

    Please can this Given Lubinda print bill 10 for us to read it before we act foolishly?

  23. Angoni

    Its a well known fact that the UPND is an anti-Christ organization therefore they cannot support Zambia being a Christian nation, Its also well known fact that the UPND does not like Chiefs like Chief Mpezeni and Chitimukulu and therefore you don’t expect them to support Bill 10. lastly just recently the differently able went to protest at Mr HH house to lobby him that he allows his MPS since he is their god and they only do as he says a god of UPND, we all know how those differently abled were terribly bitten by supporters of HH. that also shows how HH(UPND) dislike the differently abled. It is farracy and a waste of time to think that UPND can support bill 10. Lets remember that UPND always wins on Social Media loose on the ground and am sure that PF will win in 2021 again. Remember the issue of GAYISM WILL DECIDE the winner of 2021 ELECTIONS until then only time will tell.

  24. obediah mumba erics

    no more bill 10

    • Christabel Kanombe

      Dear who is bill 10 anyway because am kind of behind and lost

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