K100 Worth Of Hungarian Sausages Sends Man To Prison

A Lusaka man has been slapped with a four month jail term for stealing Hungarian sausages from Shoprite worth K103, which he hid in his trousers.

Samson Mofya readily pleaded guilty to the charge of theft when he appeared before Lusaka magistrate Alice Walusiku and managed to get a four-month sentence because he is a first offender.

Court records show that Mofya stole the sausages on March 3 and hid them in his trousers, but was cornered by the security guard after
bypassing the tills.

The matter was reported to the police where he was charged and arrested for theft.

When the facts of the matter were read to him, he said that was true and pleaded guilty, after which magistrate Walusiku convicted him.

When passing sentence, magistrate Walusiku observed that the convict was a first offender who readily admitted the charge and did not waste the court’s time.

But she observed that since the cases of stealing from chain stores are on the increase, it is important to send a message to would be offenders.

The magistrate advised Mofya to stop going to stores when he has no money but stay home to avoid stealing.

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    Good judgement

  2. Justice for the Hungarian Sausage thief

    A very unfair Judgement.
    King Mulambwa of the Lozi kingdom would have given him another pack worthy K103 to double the quantity of sausage with a view that Ninsalafye. A person can only steal because of needs!

    • mafunso phiri

      Its true kwahaye it was going to be fish

  3. mafunso phiri

    Mmmmmmm my fellow zanbian lets be fair.during mwanasa things were cheap now mmh shiiiiiiiiii even things are bad at dont kubeba awe kwena twachuleni pa zed

  4. doubt

    nensala ine!

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