COVID-19 | Congo Reports First Coronavirus Death Bringing Africa’s Total To Three

The Democratic Republic of Congo this Saturday has reported its first Coronavirus death, along with five new cases.

The country has reported 23 cases total since 10th March, and the death brings the total number of fatalities in sub-Saharan Africa to three, following those announced in Burkina Faso and Gabon this week.

The Health Minister confirmed the fatality, which occurred on Friday, along with the new cases.

“All are Congolese. Our teams are taking care of them,” Eteni Longondo said on Twitter Saturday.

Though Congolese authorities did not offer information about the deceased patient, local media said he is a close relative of an unnamed Minister who has herself tested positive.

“I am a doctor before I am a Minister. I care about the confidentiality of the sick, I cannot confirm today that any member of the Government or anyone is sick,” Longondo told UN radio station Okapi on Friday.

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  1. Kwazalira

    Zambia Goven/t continue preaching pipo about the virus

  2. Sosa

    It has been very difficult for the western countries to combat covid-19 due to negligence which many countries also may face if the following measures are not adhered to;
    The governments must make sure:
    1.take it seriously and act quickly.
    2.make tests extensive,and affordable.
    3.trace and isolate the affected.
    4.encourage early social distancing.
    5.keep the public well informed and on side.
    6.it’s also down to individual attitudes.
    Only if these measures are taken seriously that we can beat this pandemic in quick possible time.

  3. bril

    So sad, let’s work in hand and make sure we adare to what the health workers telling us coz we will be dying like chocoroches.

  4. Mpundu

    In Africa covid19 will not claim more lives as other countries Iran ,Italy ,China& other countries because Africa has allowed God supreme to rain just as the Bible say Blessed is a nation whose God is Jehovah.

    • Hamoonga Crossby

      mpundu amen for that my dear

    • Mr chilembo

      What you are saying is valid, May God look upon your life!! Thank you.

  5. Kachex

    Yaaaa! Jesus! Zambians Are Safe? At Congo,2morow We Are A Going To Hear In Zambia,,,help Us God.

  6. Philip Junior

    Don’t let this COVID 19 to spread throughout the country.

  7. nkandu

    lets adhere to some precautions pliz while praying to our lovely God.Is going to end.things ar getting better in china.



  9. Kawina IT

    Covid-19 has come with alot of economic aproars band health challenges. We pray to God Almighty to us through. Shall we adhere precautions given by the government through ministry of health. Don’t politicise serious matters…..

  10. Please

    Don’t allow anyone to come into the country, please hear me out.

  11. Francis muyaya

    Our Almighty God is with us God bless Africa

  12. Dick

    This deases iss from g od in order to panshing us because we don’t follow jesus words & trust in jehovah. please people let’s belive in jehovah. if we do so, this deases ll gone out.

  13. R MBULO

    Zambian govrt find the ways and means so that we not affecting from ba DRC ka, coz apa nipafupi


    God will look upon our lives.

  15. The Zambian

    DRC is a bad disease neighbour always pausing a security risk to Zambia. Ebola, cholera, AIDS, STDs and rumba all from DRC. They also smuggle our food stocks.

  16. The Zambian

    Now CONVID-19 threat from DRC. They’re so ungrateful that they beat up our truck drivers. DRC is a curse on Zambia for many reasons.

  17. Bryfamexy

    May GOD almight be on you and bless your family too….

  18. proxy chilizy

    Don’t allow anyone to come in and to come out the city

  19. Only God can save us

    Look guys Ebola was here but did we die no we didn’t so I believe that God the creator of heaven and Earth is sure going to save we Zambia we should only believe in God do you think this government which is falling to control the smuggling happening in Zambia do you think they can control the disease no my brothers …. instead of giving more time to church they have given them 1 hrs what if this is the end of the world o come of Christ at this time is the time we need Christ more Zambia is called a Christian nation

  20. Squeezer

    Our government…worst government ever… imagine…bars 8:00 churchs 1 hr…go to hell fools

  21. Koswe

    Everything have been said but what about bars clinics hospitals what messages are drunkards going to take? Right now bars are full patients waiting long hours before the are attended to. Bars must be closed

  22. mpange

    God save our lives

  23. Peter rock sinkala

    Let’s unite and fight corona virus by following the precautions or the safety instead politicalising on the issues or news

  24. Elemiya malinga

    nothing is impossible with God, you will soon hear of this no more,God is the miracle worker 👏


    God bless our Nation through your power

  26. ma4 musangu


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