COVID-19: South Africa Won’t Take Chances Anymore

At least 20 international flights arrived in SA only for non-South Africans to be denied entry into the continent, while South Africans were taken into quarantine.

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula on has said at OR Tambo International that any non-South African citizens flying into South Africa from identified high-risk countries would not be allowed entry, and measures had already been implemented throughout the day.

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday said the identified countries included Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and China.

“They arrived because they were already airborne by the time [further] restrictions [against them] were announced.” He later explained that the ban was announced from 18 March, and “it has now been operationalised”.

“One of those that arrived was Air China which arrived at OR Tambo International Airport around 08H37 from Shenzhen and it was also subjected to the travel restrictions.”

Eighty South Africans, among them students, were screened from that flight and taken to a provincial facility in Gauteng for clinical assessments that would inform the applicable quarantine measures to be taken. Similar measures were taken with the citizens on the other flights, who were bused to the facility.

Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Air France and Alitalia were the other airlines affected.

“I want to dismiss the false information going around that the airports are closing,” said Mbalula. “All operations are [otherwise] normal.”

He said the national command centre, chaired by Ramaphosa, would have to decide on whether airports would still be shut down completely, but that had not yet happened.

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  1. CK


  2. Curtis

    The Covid 19 is finally in, we started by requesting the ministry of health to equip us with preventive garments before we recorded the first case. It’s real and it’s here. All I’m urging the government in my opinion is to say the BANK OF ZAMBIA to disist from debiting salaries of workers before salaries are credited at the expense of charging penout fees which are unresornable. With this kind of a situation,who knows? Most of workers could be laid of. How are they going to survive? Chris you are the mouth piece of this government, let the people pay exactly what they are suppose to pay and not to be subjected to pay the BOZ unresorbly like what transpired last month.Let’s exercise Christianity which emphasize love and not to be hypocritical.

  3. las chi

    mmm sa it hapens ,but GOD can nt let us sufferin

  4. R MBULO

    good work SA

  5. Curtis

    The ministry of health was on air who emphasized minimizing hours of gatherings in churches, bars, night clubs etc, but just as a matter of addition, funeral gatherings which take a couple of days, especially during night time. Even burial could only require about 10 people and the last prayer to seal the departed loved ones. This will equally decongest gatherings at cemeteries, bearing in mind that Covid 19 is real.

  6. Mwape Moses

    Please! Let’s minimise lengthy sermons at funeral in the name of ” as the spirit leads”. I only see emotions not the spirit.

  7. Joseph zulu

    Churches who worship in aclassroom’s are not following rules or time isaw one area in lusaka let’s follow it’s our health

  8. Jessey Lingard

    Good working government…

  9. Kate

    May God heal the world cant wait for everything to get back to normal😢🙏corona virus go away

  10. nineo

    @Curtis, are you well? Covid 19, Bank of Zambia salaries and Christian Nation all in one breath?? Maybe you should go and get tested

  11. Wendy

    Well done SA. I hope other aftrican states should follow suit. Convid 19 is real and a threat to mankind. Let’s all as humans abid by the law and eager our Zambian govt to take serious measures. No finger point but we are this together regardless of race.

  12. ZOTO

    Banknotes and coins, are handled, by many people with bear hands. Can they spread covid-19, cos of means of exchange.

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