The PF In North Western Wants Investor At Gold Mine In Mwinilunga

Patriotic Front North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo has called for the operationalisation of Kasenseli Gold mine to help curb illegal mining activities.

Kungo said Government needs to urgently identify an investor to start mining activities at Kasenseli.

He said operationalisation of Kasenseli Gold Mine will see a reduction in illegal activities that are leading to arrests.

Kungo’s comments follow the arrest of two people who were found engaging in the illegal mining activities.

He said the move will also ensure that locals are given an opportunity to benefit from the mine as opposed to people from other parts of the country.

Kungo has indicated that the earlier the investor is identified the more relief for the people of Mwinilunga who are still watching from a distance.

He has further called on police to protect the mine site as per the presidential directive so as not to allow any illegalities.

Kungo wondered how illegal miners are accessing the mine area.

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  1. CK


    • Gigs

      Ck you are rubbish and foolish to say UPND is the only party that Will bring investors to gold mines. Ck you and your UPND go to hell . already the President of UPND is the one who has brought more misery to most miners in Zambia. Ask me how this misery. This president of UPND by then he was just an ordinary businessman I don’t know how he was called to be engaged and take part in privatising the mines .after the sale he emerged from poverty and became ba Mwine living miners in poverty. Him has his money in investment making billions of kwacha profits. But he had to let miners benefit to be kept in trust not making any interest . then how can someone with five senses trust such a man to bring investors in Zambia . please let us think twice . Aba ba HH has already failed miners in the copperbelt . only a person who has no benefits put in trust fund can say HH is a good man who thinks but as for me who knows what he has done to me and other fellow miner are regretting. Only people like chilundika are able to support him because he eats from HH pocket .for sure HH is not a good man. Even his cow heards cry the way he treats them . if you remember what late president Mr sata said, he said HH is under five no experience . we don’t want experiments experimenting peoples who done more than good to miner. This HH has wounded me that I will not forgotten. If taking law in someone’s hand is allowed I would have taken but thank God he cools me and good laws put in place. No tit for tat .this also saying HH is a good man .this is foolish with your UPND.

  2. Koswe

    U. P. N. D is not an investor it is a political party whose members are vision less they have no cap.city to move. Zambia forward their tribal stinks throughout the country

  3. Kfb

    Just from the new vehicles pf cadres drive around, it is clear the gold has been looted while locals watch from a distance. It was so on Mukula. In the name of a ban but mukula looting continued.

  4. bh

    pf is not a problem its a party like upnd but the problem is lungu who is nt qualified infact this lungu for me l don’t even like him

  5. Tikambepo

    Pit latrine toilet koswe you’re biological mistake.

  6. Tikambepo

    #koswe you’re a biological mistake and a disgrace to your family and the Zambian society.


    mmmmmm let them keep with illegal mining maybe they will afford to buy mealie meal

  8. Ernest Chola

    Do we really need an investor to mine our Gold? I say no we don’t need a foreign investor. The government need to let zambia company to do the mining so that the money made should be used to service the debt we have accumulated as a country. That is my comment about the issue.

    • Medhone

      Brother read propery. the mp said ‘investor’ actualy you can even be one of investors if u can manage to run a mine. Mine and a farm very different iam sorry

    • Is man


  9. Dr Seer12 Mind

    PF is a party to rule again 2021. Gold mine will open soon, Kungo and PF. UPND TAKULI JUST HERDS CATTLE ONLY !!!

  10. Medhone

    You ar right bro aba red jummed

  11. Olala

    Is there even enough gold deposits to call for an investor? What happened to the soldiers that rushed to seal off the area upon hearing the news about gold..Just allow the villagers to help themselves if they know how gold looks like or they will be swindled further by cadres.

  12. treason

    The government isn’t good because people of mwinilunga are not benefiting from their gold. Only the police and pf

  13. Jessey Lingard

    Commenter lined 2 be serious of wat u are saying…


    Zambia she has jealous to their sons and daughters……….. leave local people so called Zambians to benefit from it.

  15. I don't care

    At pf atase nonsense this government awemwe ,,,,,,, leave mwinilung’a pipo

  16. Kicks kings

    Imwe let the mine be in our powers we ilegal miners, let the government keep quiet, it has failed to provide jobs to the youths, this is our only survival.

  17. Cornelius mwewa

    Open the mine

  18. Chakanga amate ukumina

    Our country Zambia

  19. Rix Rixington

    Read history, the California Gold Rush of the nether century, started as illegal, then rights to dig and so on and so on.Today, howz California? More money…

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