64 Year Old Man Defiles An Imbecile

23rd March, 2020.

Police in Mansa have arrested a 64 year old man identified as Philimon Mwewa Kasomena of Muchini Village, Chief Chimese in Mansa District, who is alleged to have defiled an imbecile.

It is alleged that on Saturday 21st March, 2020 around 07:00 hours at the named village, the suspect enticed the victim aged below 16, an imbecile of the same village to accompany him to the maize field after noticing that, her mother was not around, where he eventually had carnal knowledge of her.

He was found in the act by a member of the public but managed to escape. He was later apprehended and is in police custody charged with defilement of an embicile. He will appear in court soon.

Esther Mwaata Katongo
Public Relations Officer
Zambia Police



    Sure sure 64 years pali 16

  2. Derick Makasa

    What an abomination elder people we call grandparents have now started defiling our children sure how is this generation like this? Bashiku kwena mwasebana ichilaka pamwana.Useless creature behaving a dog. Please cage this mother fucker.


    castrate him

  4. Jahcorn

    Let Him Die In That Hell… Never Waste Time Taking Such To Court Just Let Him Be In Prison Till Death

  5. james kamuti

    Mmmmm don’t release him pliz ba bweza Zambia pansi

  6. Katis

    Ubupuba abashimbe ubwingi baba mpanga yonse walapa boi

  7. Christabel Kanombe

    Where you not even ashamed of yourself forcinh

  8. Christabel Kanombe

    Where you not even ashamed of yourself cause if you needed it badly you could have gone for a prostitute than a 16yrs old girl and for that matter an imbecile couldn’t you have felt pity towards the girl

  9. kay

    people like this are the ones who make foreign countries mock and question our Christianity

  10. Phantom

    Ichilaka pa mwana uzanya pakemfwa idiot

  11. Mwine masushi

    Who is an imbecile I thought it means a idiot

  12. Innocent

    Let that monster rote in hell2

  13. Caleb Matabile

    That one just give him a life prison coz someone who has 5 sense sleeping with his granddaughter, is it normal ?

  14. Hakwilimba

    U must go Ku hell mother fuck

  15. Chiko

    I hope you wrote in jail you sorry excuse of man.
    It’s shame to have such people in our country

  16. kalo

    These are the people who deserve serious punishment in the community so that other people can learn from them

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