Over 700,000 People Hit By Floods

Over 700,000 people in different parts of Zambia have been affected by floods, The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has disclosed.

National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe has stated that the most affected are in 28 districts and also need relief food.

Kabwe has since named some of the most affected provinces are as Luapula, North-Western, Copperbelt, Northern, Muchinga, Eastern, Western and Lusaka.

He said most of those affected have also lost their crops as a result of the heavy rains being experienced.

He has stated that the situation is also threatening the Country’s food security adding that crop fields affected are too many.

Kabwe said Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and North-Western Provinces have in the last five days been experiencing heavy rainfall resulting in floods.

He said Samfya District is the latest to be affected leading to displacements and the washing away of the bridge at Chimana stream.

Kabwe stated that teams have since been dispatched to assess the extent of damage and recommend immediate interventions.

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  1. Tikambepo

    How come there’s no water in lake kariba if there are floods in the country?

  2. Koswe

    There will be a very rich traditional ceremony. The. Kuomboka so there is water in lake Kariba

  3. Ichinyo ukufita

    Very good it means no more load shedding now well done our load of Mercy that’s why I love the leadership of his excellence Mr lungu because he is blessed even by nature

  4. Professor!!!!

    it was party after party but now
    it’s trouble after trouble

  5. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    At the time when there is no government to solve people ‘s problems

  6. chilomb

    Even in kawambwa some areas are flooded

  7. Key point

    No more load shedding


    Mwense is bad there’s a lot of floods it has cosed luapula river to meet with all the swaps along MWENSE mbereshi road

  9. King cool

    In Zambezi River the water is not enough for the season, unless Kafue and luapula River , so government should upgrade the substation in these areas where there is too much water to avoid load shedding to continue in our country.

  10. Clems

    Comment Now why loadshedding if there is alot of flooding of water due to rains?

    • Mumba

      You will still experience loadsheding though we have enough rains and floods in most parts of the country. Is am not saying that this is coming from the govt but it is what I think has happened at Karina dam. With these rains we are blessed with . why are our Kariba dam up to now not filled. As for me I think the dam does not hold water .it could be it is or it has a crack or some cracks somewhere where volume of cubic gallons of water tend to escape and if not checked properly one day it will just burst will be a disaster and it will bring more harm to those down stream. The only thing required is to engage expartes to examine it and see why it is not getting full to capacity. Please no politics here we can’t say there is drought this year God has given us enough rains then why our dam is not getting filled to capacity. Let us think in that angles. Let us think of building nuclear power plant now to be ready for eventuality that may occur . I think that dam requires rehabilitation since it was built long time ago when most of these boys politicking today were born.bless you all Zambians

  11. Rocky

    I visited kariba recently (early this month) the problems I saw are more than what people think…. Infact let us just focusing on other alternatives… otherwise nkhani ya kariba dam yeve tiitaila cabe nthawi… all equipments there fyalyonaika..


    let it continue until lake kariba fills up to choma to avoid loadshedding

  13. kalembesha

    We have a problem last we where complaining for rains I thank God tha he has blessed you with water no more njala guys


    You talking about floods and yet we still experiencing load shedding 💡 what’s wrong with our country????

  15. mkango jw

    even at esten provce mabwe people r crying of floods some they dont have maize this time how do they going to survive antil the end of year.Mostly mambwe district mdima ward lusandwa south.water from lusandwa has taken every thing in their fields they have hunger this time emagine until the end of year how do they going to survive.

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