Council Workers Told To Get Back To Work After Govt Releases K48m

The Zambia United Local Authorities Workers Union (ZULAWU) has asked its members from the 68 Councils to resume work following the release of K48m by government to the respective councils.

The Union had directed its members not to report for work following failure by councils to offset salary arrears ranging from one to six months.

ZULAWU General Secretary Emmanuel Mwinsa said 68 of the affected 78 Councils have received their equalization funds from which salaries will be paid to all affected workers.

He has however indicated that government has only managed to clear arrears for January and February 2020 while November and December 2019 arrears are yet to be paid.

Mwinsa said all workers are being expected to resume work today Monday, 23rd March, 2020 further appealing to government to quickly pay the balance.

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  1. Ichinyo ukufita

    Just report for work bangwele your government loves you

  2. Koswe

    It is better to have something than not our children to get relief is by getting what is in front of you. Please get it

  3. Jms

    Its better to pay works instead of worsting resources on useless things which makes you to be pompous.

  4. chilomb

    Remove those waste it’s you who will suffer

  5. abantu baabi

    Councils plz you should also work hard to generate funds four salaries coz gvt has alot of responsibilities. You have alot of workers but what they do we dont know. Only those giving burial permits maybe are the ones seem to be working. Gvt has to recommend others for redundancy otherwise it is a loss.

  6. Steve

    Seriously too much of idol workers in the councils for nothing

  7. Curtis

    It’s good for the governments’ decision to pay the arrears, but how I wish they should have paid in totality. Let me remind you that what you have done is a drop in the ocean.You should realize that workers were subjected to borrow to earn a living, and it’s the government thru’ the BOZ who charge penalty fees of 510 once ones account is debited when there are insufficient funds. Who was at fault, the worker who performed his contract of employment, or the employer who breached the terms of the contract of paying? Come on equally the BOZ as human beings should be discretionary at exercising their policies.


    get the money which was given to those three upnd members inorder to support bill 10 and give it to the council workers period.

  9. gima

    They no the money is not even enough

  10. matuvipamatako

    Please twafwa nesala kumayanda do something bavikala palast u killed Innocent souls atase ,,lLCC made lot of money, y my grandmother nanoba takuli kufola money,panyo.com

  11. Askinah Mwanza

    Councils have so many workers with unknown functions, a very rural council ( town councils) as there called, have about 50-70 workers, planers alone are about three, engineers whatever’s and so many other unknown functions that are already being handled by other devolved ministry departments. Councils should up their game, there’s very little show what equalization fund and council changed especially in rural districts.

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