Over 520 ABSA Bank Employees Working Without Contracts….as Mizinga Melu delays settlement of redundancy packages.

Information has emerged that Absa Bank Chief Executive officer Mizinga Melu, “is reluctant” to trigger speedy settlement of redundancy packages to former Barclays Bank employees now working under the newly launched Absa Bank Limited.

The over 527 Unionized Workers since the launch of the Absa Bank brand on the Zambian Market have been working without contracts, a situation that has created fear, panic among the workers who have lost hope in their union, the Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers.

According to information obtained by our Team of Analysts, the Union is unbelievable siding with Absa Bank, a stance that has disappointed the Unionized Workers.

Mizinga Melu, the celebrated Banker is treating the workers as even they are still under extinguished Barclays Bank, hence no need for the workers to be paid redundancy packages.

But a look at the country’s Labour Laws show that the workers deserve to be paid redundancy packages.

The labour laws of Zambia state that the contract of service of an employee shall be deemed to have been terminated by reason of redundancy, if the termination is wholly or in part because of the employer ceasing or intending to cease to carry on the business by virtue of which the employee was engaged or the business ceasing or reducing the requirement for the employees to carry out work of a particular kind in the place where the employee was engaged and the business remains a viable going concern.

We have also established that those in management under duress signed new contracts but conditions of service changed negatively compared to when they worked under Barclays Bank PLC.

Those in the inner circle believe that there is a well orchestred plan to silence anyone pushing for the settlement of redundancy packages since Barclays Bank Zambia ceased to operate in Zambia.

Without contracts the workers can be mutually be dismissed thereby losing everything considering that Barclays Bank is no longer in existence.

The change of name from Barclays Bank is not a mere name change. Alot has happened, which requires the settlement of redundancy packages to “former Barclays Bank employees”.

In 2013, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Musanje and 63 others against Zambia Breweries PLC. In this case the employees under Zambia Bottles and Copperbelt Bottling Company Limited queried the decision by the company to transfer their contract to a new entity named Zambia Bottles PLC.

In conclusion, as even it is a planned undertaking Absa Bank has flooded mainstream media with its rebranding advertisements, a trend that has compromised the media industry to pay a blind eye to such a happening at a reputable Financial institution.

It is also understood that Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers, is siding with Absa Bank instead of the Unionized Workers. The Union at the inception of the rebranding from Barclays Bank to Absa Bank was in support of employees but Unionized Workers have been let down due to unexpected dragging by the Union to pursue the settlement of redundancy packages.

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  1. Angoni

    Give the Workers what is due to them and start on a new page. Barclays was a different entity to Absa therefore the right 6thing to do is to give them what is due to them.

  2. Tikambepo

    What do you expect in this corrupt, visionless leadership atmosphere called Zambia where the so called leaders only knows their berries and nothing else.

  3. Chanda


    • Judge Better Must Come

      Good question…if indeed as suggested that ABSA is a new entity then Barclays should pay them unless ABSA acquired their liabilities as well in addition to the shares

  4. Dove

    Pay them what is due to them you re were you re because of their contribution,more over there are families and other dependants behind those individuals.

  5. Marcus

    It’s a shame that, the mighty and powerful try to subvert justice. The rich and influential take undue advantage of the poor and the week. Yet, the fact remains that truth and justice will prevail no matter what! We need to place our trust in God and align our work with God’s work.

    Abash intimidation and injustice. Treat Zambian workers with the dignity they deserve. Management of Barclays should be made to do the right thing ASAP. Zambia shall be free.

  6. Bernard Zulu

    (1) Unfortunately, that “celebrated banker” is alleged to preside over one of the most tribal banks in the country. It is troubling to hear that one would actually refer to her as celebrated. Maybe first woman CEO of a bank – if at all she even is!

    • Chipampe

      Strange that Absa (former Barclays Bank Zambia) is refered to as a tribal bank. I gues just because the CEO is from the tribe that has been tribally bashed and trolled a lot in this country purely for political lunacy than anything else.

      • Chipampe

        Mizinga Melu and the entire ABSA board of directors must DO THE RIGHT THING. Such abuse of workers must not be condoned and everyone deserves their fair share of dues.

  7. James Mukuka

    ZUFIAW is definitely compromised, no wonder it tends to side with management on many occasions. Instead of the workers it purportedly represents. The workers should just take it upon themselves and take LEGAL ACTION. Our legal system does try it’s best to protect workers’ interests – in view of corporate greed!

  8. Judge Randal

    Surely you have to be a fool to believe that Barclays bank just “changed its name” to Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA!).

  9. Mubita Mubita

    Indeed the main stream media has been compromised and blinded by their over-dependence of advertisements! It is inevitable that they often turn a blind eye to illegalities by organizations like Barclays/ ABSA.

  10. Public Protector

    Trouble is that one Mizinga Melu is a ‘smooth operator’. For that I personally I’m not such a big fan.

  11. Cheryl Gondwe

    And I quote: “some of those in middle management UNDER DURESS were made to sign new contracts, but conditions of service (in new contracts) changed negatively compared to when they worked under Barclays Bank PLC”. Obviously all this has been happening under MIZINGA MELU’s watch/ direction. Then somebody says she’s a celebrated banker?? Incredible..!

  12. Cheryl Gondwe

    Indeed wonders shall never end..

  13. Rex

    When will abuse of workers end in Zambia? Will it have to take a change of government??

  14. Boss Lady

    The Kudyela Masuku Pamutu Syndrome (KMPS) is shamefully and quickly becoming embedded in Zambian society! The rich and powerful, taking advantage of the poor and powerless. High time we put a stop to this trash. Shame.

  15. Andre Nkole

    There’s a background to the decision to come up with the recently introduced labour laws. The laws where initiated primarily to safeguard and protect Zambian workers in light of the many abuses by unscrupulpus employers/ organisations/ managements. Barclays/ ABSA is a perfect example of this pathetic tendencies.

  16. Andre Nkole

    The only way out is a legal route – take the issue to the court. All the best if you’re counting on Joyce Nonde, current person at Labour ministry!

  17. Godwin

    And where is that sleepy and not-so-credible Minsiter of Labour?? She’s CONSPICUOUSLY MISSING. But her silence is soo noisy!

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