Luanshya Mine Hospital Has Suspended Medical Services To Non-registered And Fee Paying Patients

Luanshya Mine Hospital Has Suspended Medical Services To Non-registered And Fee Paying Patients.

But Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda says the decision is unacceptable and it should be rescinded.

On Sunday, Luanshya district held a stakeholders consultative meeting where Luanshya Mine Hospital medical superintendent Yanwei Li said the development was a temporary measure.

“As Luanshya Mine Hospital, we have a problem such that we have no capacity to attend to non registered clients because our supplies have run out of stock of some essential medical materials. Right now, we cannot manage to provide medical services to non-registered clients and residents who are non-mine employees living in areas surrounding the hospital from now until further notice,” Dr Yanwei said.

He further disclosed that the privately owned Luanshya Mine Hospital and other similar facilities were not allowed to purchase drugs from Medical Stores which only supplies drugs to Government owned hospital and clinics.

But Chanda appealed to the authorities at the Luanshya Mine Hospital to immediately rescind their decision.

Chanda rejected whatever reasons were advanced by Dr Yanwei and advised the mine management to engage more local suppliers and also seek stakeholder intervention.

“Luanshya town cannot afford to have any section of its population being barred from accessing the nearest medical services during this era of serious health threats such as coronavirus,” he said.

Chanda told Dr Yanwei that he will send the Director of Public Heath and some public health inspectors to tour and inspect the facility because so many complaints were reaching his office from the members of the general public about lack of water and the place not being conducive for medical purposes.

And speaking during a utility companies and services providers stakeholders consultative meeting held at the Civic Centre at the weekend, Chanda appealed to the water utility companies to adhere to Government’s directive not to disconnect services such as water supply to public institutions.

Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company regional manager Rabson Ngulube said his company was working tirelessly to ensure all residents, hospitals and other health services providers in Luanshya have adequate supply of water.

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  1. yoani

    Iwe Chanda kabiyeko uyi mwene we mwine. Why send someone else . Iwe finshi ulechita?

  2. Somajee

    It is a private hospital . Why should non members be forced on it? If they want let them register as members. Those who do not want can go to the govt hospital under National Health Insurance !

  3. Kulibonesha Ta

    This is a private hospital! I thought the PF has been bragging that they have rolled out a “robust” infrastructure development in terms of hospitals. This knee jerk reaction from the mayor is typical of pf cadrism. The hospital has put up it’s reasons for their action. Why is the mayor bringing in issues if public complaints just because the facility has restricted access to the public save for paid up members and employees. Send them to the government facility, why do you want to overburden the private hospital.

  4. Curtis

    Good comments, businesses could only succeed where there are returns to sustain their stocks which in turn are converted into liquidity, even if you force the owner to reverse it’s decision, nothing will work out because the implication is that the hospital will eventually be shut due to insolvency. Come on Chanda read economics, they are no two ways in economics where the factors like supply and demand are concerned and the determinant which is price.Chanda, you should know that these are the factors that run business inclusive of the countries’ economy, no wonder why you see the instability of our currence. Get it or leave it.

  5. Kicks Kings

    Shame on you nathan chanda, you want to behave like an ignorant guy who has no idea as to how a private hospital operates, kikikikikiki,, so it means you have failed to put up a government one in your town? you are vocal for nothing bwana. You should start thinking as a man when it comes to acting on such matters, what have you been doing all along without making follow ups after receiving complaints from the community over that hospital and it’s operational capacity? Has the government of the day failed to provide the comnunity with a healthy facility or what? tell me iwe nathan.

  6. nshilimubemba

    Yes but this is a wrong time to exclude people from the hospital, there is a crisis you should have a hu heart to empathise with other humans

  7. SOS

    Premature birth.

  8. Hon DM

    But am tald that even one of their healthy facilitie in area called roan its closed now going to two years ,eventually all of them I’ll be closed leaders are you their?

  9. Davies

    Go 2 thomson hospital ba chanda nd show yo powers leav mine hospital alone,its privat institution mind you!

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