PRESS RELEASE: Ministry Of Health Must Stop Using Clinical Students To Combat Corona Virus

23rd March, 2020.

Medical for Quality Healthcare in Zambia (MQHZ) is demanding that the Ministry of Health stops using clinical students in trying to combat the spread of the Coronavirus. Using students is heavily compromising this crucial struggle against Covid-19 in Zambia.

Instead of deploying students, MQHZ implores the Ministry of Health to recruit trained health workers who are currently jobless. We are aware that thousands of health workers all over the world have contracted the Coronavirus in their course of work.This clearly means that we need well trained personnel to effectively discharge preventive as well as curative measures against the virus. We do not want our students to risk their lives when government can easily engage well qualified staff.

We call upon the Ministry of Health to send all clinical students home.
We further ask the Government of the Republic of Zambia to take this crisis very serious and learn from what other African countries are robustly handling this pandemic. We need mandatory quarantine of all social groupings and gatherings in Zambia.We also need to implement travel bans to and from Coronavirus hit countries.

As an organization, we want to take this opportunity to stress the fact that being Chinese is not synonymous with having Covid-19. It is very important for people to understand that all Chinese in Zambia who have not travelled out of the country are free of the virus and should be treated without any suspicion.

Issued By:

Dr. Quince Mwabu
MQHZ Director General
Email: mwabu@mqhz.org
Website: www.mqhz.org

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  3. Leon

    This is the end product of greed ,these trainee nurses are in attachment meaning no money involved do you think think government would love to pay some one trained instead of using cheap labourers

  4. Koswe

    Even those students won’t be employed when they graduate there thousands who are on the streets no one to give them jobs even hospials are using these student to supplement man power.

  5. Peaceboy kupapaala

    Sir, cheap is expensive the trainees are not professioned at this, please try to reconsider.

  6. Jms

    If that one who appoints fails to know why chitalu chilufya is still on investigation or not and yet he puts him ahead shows corrupt minded people. Shame to supporters of corruption.

  7. Voice of reason

    Mu Zambia kusamwa. Temporal problem you permanent solution.

  8. Daniel Banda

    The sentiments advanced by the government of Zambia not employ stringent measures are not convincing. Elsewhere restrictions to movement of people are not based on the geographical and economical position of a country. The determinant factor has been capacity to deal with an outbreak. The Coronavirus has shown that it is unpredictable in it’s mode and rate of spreading. Those who have waited for numbers of infected people to swell have suffered catastrophic mortality rates and overwhelming inadequate resources availability. The idea of procrastinating and not obeying or following the world response trends to the Coronavirus pandemic will cost us lives and a collapsed economy worse than it is now. If a super power and rich country like America is struggling to contain the epidemic there, what will happen to a largely aid dependent nation like ours be-like when many people become sick and begin to die in numbers? How unique are we that after recording cases with less stringent measures our numbers will remain static elsewhere when they started with one they increased? Mubvwi woyang’anira siucedwa kugwa mmaso.

    • Felix Kaminsa

      Allowing buses to continue crossing borders to South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe or Malawi is as good as importing Corona viirus.
      Please stop the buses toom

  9. Kasonkama reuben

    Well said. Employ trained not trainees. People are taking it lightly. This is serious. It has claimed lives people.

  10. Kasonkama reuben

    Well said. Employ trained not trainees. People are taking it lightly. This is serious. It has claimed lives of pipo.

  11. Jotham

    Niku ma practicals

  12. mkango jw

    pay them its fine

  13. ChaloBantu

    Poor Zambia….. Students with no skill they are being exposed to this contagious disease elo Mu Zambia coronavirus (covid-19)will shine.

  14. Ba zed

    Short hand pa zed,don’t want to pay trained personel.

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