97 Year Old Grandma Beats Coronavirus

Life and hope share an unbreakable bond. One can’t survive without the other. The same also happens now during the pandemic. In Italy, a 95-year old grandma became the first woman in that age to recover from coronavirus.

Alma Clara Corsini, on March 5, entered Pavulo Hospital in Modena province, having Coronavirus symptoms. She belonged in Italy’s nearly 60,000 people confirmed to have the virus as of Sunday. The country’s north is the part suffering more from the pandemic.

Yet, the medical staff has been working hard across the country and managed to make Corsini the first known older woman to recover.

Last week, she stated: “Yes, yes, I’m fine. They were good people who looked after me well.”

Gazzetta Di Modena reports that she recovered without any need for “antiviral therapy,” while her body showed a “great reaction” despite the infection.

Pope Francis also mentioned Corsini’s good fortune, via a Facebook post of a photo of her with staff on the same hospital team that helped her recover. The high pontiff stated: “In Italy, a 95-year-old granny is the first patient to be cured of coronavirus. Alma Clara Corsini has won this battle for her life to give us hope.”

Corsini was discharged from the hospital and is back at her home in Fanano.

Over the weekend, around 12,000 people were infected, and no less than 1,400 people died in Italy, as it continues the battle to control the dreadful spread of the virus.

A total lockdown has now been enforced in Italy. The country is in total lockdown and it is very hard to travel outdoors without special permission. Moreover, Italy’s death toll has now surpassed China’s death toll.

Around 6,500 Italians test positive for Covid-19 every day, with the average age of those dying standing at 78.5 years.

On Sunday, an additional 651 Italians died, bringing the death toll to at least 5,400.

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    Thanks to the ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH Alma Clara Corsini recoverd from the deadly disease.

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    Thank GOD ALMIGHTY For this is a wonderfull miracle

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