COVID-19 | Zambia Has 12 Confirmed Cases Of The COVID-19.

President Edgar Lungu has confirmed that Zambia now has 12 cases.

Meanwhile, three international airports (Livingstone, Ndola and Mfuwe) have suspended international flights until further notice.

President Lungu has also directed that restaurants must only operate takeaway services to stop the further spread of the disease.

“I have gone round the city and I have seen that many of us are not taking this (COVID-19) seriously,” the President has lamented in his national address.

Many of the confirmed cases are of those people that travelled abroad.

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  1. milimo mugwagwa

    Lets just have a total Lockdown.

    • Friday chirwa Mosta

      I think Nationwide lockdown can be helpful

      • Joshua Daimon Miti

        Zambia is a landlocked country, that’s not an option. We need supplies in the country.

      • Shaik Basheer Ahammed

        Yes ….Nationwide lockdown is the best method to avoid covid -19….I am indian we fallowed lockdown till 15 th April 2020.it gives best result to controlling covid -19 case’s.

  2. Modern m

    Create camps for the people coming from abroad, those people are to be noticed for 14 days before they come in contact with the public…

    • Citizens

      They have suspend all international Flights, because is ones who bring the Virus here in Zambia.

    • Tom

      That’s true,,I totally agree with you..

  3. ChaloBantu

    We all gona die because here in Zambia πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡² the health sector and its operations are something else. Fimbi fimbi fye very poor.

    • Magaba

      Yes that we know so it shouldn’t be an excuse let’s just do what the president and all health experts have told us to do.Even you at personal level do something instead of politicking all the time

      • Jay Jay

        that’s the only way we can aid the country rather than betterlising ourselves through politics

    • Scof

      Help zambia not politicking

    • Abapondo

      So far the disease haven’t killed an African apart from the Arabs on the northern part of Africa.

  4. Royd kasonde

    do not allow. any one from. abroad

  5. Tikambepo

    Mr president this decision is long over due……….It was supposed to be taken a month ago not now.Already there’s also another one at kitwe central hospital on the copperbelt.

  6. Tikambepo

    Its true we Zambians have not taken seriously the preventive measures as far as handling of this deadly disease is concerned.I’m challenging my fellow citizens to know that this disease here its high time we started talking and taking appropriate actions if we are to go through this challenging moment.

  7. Phyz Gee

    Lesa twafweni twapapata fwebana benu

  8. Alex K mumba

    And you call your selves rich people who like traveling like Amwankole stop that you know that were you are going people are dying but you thus were you want to go God will punish you ♨️♨️♨️♨️

  9. Prophet Peter B

    Nimulungu chabe angatipulumuse

    • Confucian

      This is the time you will prove that there is God or there is no God

      • Abapondo

        There’s God, all you need to do is call upon Him and this pandemic will pass

  10. BOB

    Politics ya mad slinging do not make sense when tackling such a pandemic. It’s tools down and face the issue at hand. Resources from government alone will not do. Pipo with means should rise to the challenge. The twelve months being talked about will mean, cancellation of most activities, including political gatherings…. See the danger ahead. National calamities are handled by all citizens. Lockdown is our last measure!

    • Abapondo

      Lockdown is not an option here. About 75% of goods here in Zambia are imported from out side the country.

  11. Tt

    My GOD!

  12. Kelvin Zambian

    All Zambian people what will need is to pay attention and also pray and fasting to our country (Zambia) and other all countries and GOD will protect us all from Corona virus in JESUS name .

  13. s sankela

    we are dead now its 12 mailo it will 50…next day 100

  14. s sankela

    we are dead now its 12 mailo it will be 50…next day 100

  15. Isaac zulu

    Mr President close even the churches to save your people until further notice everyone should pray on their home and we need to spray the whole country .

    • Patrick simwaba

      Which is more powerful God and virus sometimes you think twice closing of churches won’t help just maintain yo personal hygiene pipo

      • Martin J Simwaba

        Speaking of hygiene, the deadly disease we’ve ever faced is cholera, and it is very contagious. Not only that, anyone get cholera at anytime, no one ever suggested that Churches should close down. Besides, COVID-19 came from animals that came on ships in Wei City and from there it spread from person to person. Therefore, the people we should be wary of are the ones who has traveled from outside Country. Please leave churches out of this.

  16. Mr Africa

    You pipo this virus is dangerous am telling you and it came from Bats

  17. GT


    • Abapondo

      And where will you get fuel, supplies or medicines?

  18. GT


  19. Nathan Chilombo

    comment let’s be serious Zambians

  20. No fear

    After seeing that it is getting serious that’s when they are championship.12 Cases are alot .

  21. No fear

    In life to be reluctant it means that you are nothing in life.We talked about this problem for so long when we didn’t record any cases.Now it is 12.

  22. Kapesha nevers

    Dear God πŸ™ please heal the world 🌏 and heal our lovely nation ZAMBIA πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡²

  23. Owe

    Milimo Muqwaqwa, l support you! Just for a while before we are all wiped out please Mr President! Pray and listen to our advise!

  24. Tobias siakasya

    Let everyone tested

  25. Kelvin

    God pls help us, your children of Zambia πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡²πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  26. isabel

    Bantu bandi no time of pointing at one another,let us baaldown and pray. God hear and answer our prayers,this pademic is heavy-handed by us poor pipo.

  27. ER


    • BOB

      Ba ER, who ever you are, stop confusing pipo’s attention from concentrating on real issues at hand. Ur talking of election winning. Be serious minded and more of a patriotic Zambian. In developed countries where pipo are dying in numbers their presidents steal money. The issue at hand needs God’s intervention. Natupepe, namwebashamwiba come to know him. The virus is not selective. Its onva clean up campaign.

  28. Curtis

    This is now a critical moment, I’m pleading with all employers to pay workers as soon as possible before the lockdown in order to sustain our lives otherwise we will die of hunger and not Covid – 19 equally the BOZ in this crucial moment I plead with you not to penalize any one for defaulting to pay either a loan or an advance. Exercise renience , merce, grace and love which are the values of our almighty who will eradicate this pandemic if only we repent and abide by his principles, AMEN.

  29. Kay Lee

    The real danger is not the Corona Virus but the agenda behind it is what we should fear most.In January this year the WHO under the UN agreed upon the so called Agenda ID2020 which will be part of the depopulation campaign in order to reduce the world’s population from 7billion to 500million.The Ebola Virus outbreak few years ago in West Africa was part of it and pop star Chris Brown talked about it being the Depopulation Campaign.Now the ID2020 is a micro chip program which will come under the disguise of a Vaccine and infact the Vaccine will carry a more deadly Virus that will reappear after 5 to 10 years, the vaccine will cause infertility in women too.But the Micro chip will be later be activated by the 5G network to be deployed worldwide in 2years time.We will be killed by simply activating the chip which will make our internal Orgarns like kidneys fail to function.This is Genocide by the WHO and the UN.! Say No to Vaccines! Say No to 5G!

  30. Munda

    I feel like am in a zombie movie.

  31. Elson

    Why is that people are still traveling abroad when they even know that they is case of corona virus around us, they should stay in their own countries and places than moving around to spread the diseases

  32. treason

    Mr President save us stop every flight please.

  33. Ba zed

    Don’t keep money in lsk let it go down to districts,that’s the only way u will show seriousness in the fight against convid 19

  34. Chanda

    Don’t allow people from out side to enter in our country or going outside maybe it can help as.

  35. Chichi muzzle

    Ohhhh our God please save us

  36. Kay Lee

    The Vaccines for Corona will be more deadly than the virus itself! Say No to Vaccines!

  37. Nevers Nyati

    If God is for us who can be against us!

  38. Cared simuchimba

    Please God protect Zambia

  39. Daniel c. Kasongo

    Let’s just pray that coronavirus ends soon.AMEN

  40. mkm

    we should suffering as the Bible says

    • Martin J Simwaba

      Yes. But should we embrace the suffering, shouldn’t we pray for it to end as soon as possible?

  41. Selina mwale

    Let us just pray to God for Bible tells us in the last days things will change diseases will increase wether you like it or not only the Lord Almighty God Will have mercy upon us repent for we are in the last days

  42. ESAU

    It’s too bad here in Zambia πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡²

  43. Rodgers kunda

    let’s just pray that corona virus end soon

  44. mukosa liteta

    The president’s address was hollow. It was,”Closing the stabbles after horses have bolted.”
    There was nothing he said that can give hope to any reasonable citizen. Except, maybe Tayali. Now that Lungu has repeated what HH has been advocating, does it make Lungu a scare monger?
    Tayali, while you have to put food on the table, you don’t have to be the most stupid commentator.

    • Musankwa

      Mukosa Liteta, no need to play politics in such times like you and your HH are doing trying to gain political mileage out of a calamity. If you have been listening to the updates by Hon Chitalu Chilufya, will agree with me that nearly all the measures that HH proposed in his address were already mentioned by the minister. Politics? This is not the time please.

  45. Brian

    What about pick n pay, shoprit, food lavas?

  46. Chakanga amate ukumina

    For These who are feeling ka covic 19 just go to bush and dig out roots of nabubale other names umuyenga just cook the roots or boiled it and start drinking water roots another one umunsokansoka also lundawampanga boil them and start drinking water you will be heald fear not don’t worry about covic 19 this disease is dill to population control so this disease is being created by Chinese people to control population in China nomba umupamba waisa bulwele bwakupanga lekeni ukulya ifyakulya fyakupanga food made by Chinese people careful bane napita.

    • Banda Banda

      Tiyeni tipemphere kwa Yehova Mulungu kuli Mulungu kulibe cholepheretsa Mulungu ndi was mphamvu azagonjetsa matenda awa Amen

  47. Owen kakoma

    The cases it has increased from 2 to 12.
    Corona virus is spreading so fast than Ebola did in (March 2014)
    In Zambia corona is been spread by (imported cases only).
    We are Christian national we are heaven ambassadors let’s just pray for this COVID-19 virus. It will end like Ebola virus( EVD)

  48. Zedmob

    this virus is not a virus to jock with, pliz my fellow Zambians lets jxt by all means try to follow the health tips that we are told to do.
    Don’t forget the almighty God coz this is jxt nothing to him

  49. Muyenga

    Our God almight power protect us from coronavirus us people we can’t stop that only u who can do the job.

  50. Ironman

    You see now we should have listened to each other….

  51. Bertha Nambela

    let those travelling abroad go for good and never come back in Zambia until the world is Corona virus free tufwilemo because of them and their stupidity

  52. patrick ngambi

    Comment. 2chronicles 7 13:14

  53. KWINDI

    Only GOD but to those who rely on those businesses they close how are they going to manage leaving paying rentals and school fees

  54. Raphael

    God heal the world

  55. Kay Lee

    The Only way to survive this genocide of COVID 19 is to boost our immune system to very high level by natural herbs Moringa+ Guava leaves would do the job. Psalms 104:14 says, ” You created grass for cattle and herb for the use of man….” Psalms 91 assures us of God’s protecting power in times like these. May God protect Zambia and the whole planet Earth.

  56. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    God is not happy you gassed alot of people for nothing see now

  57. Waji

    This was supposed to done in the first place

  58. Benson katongo

    I think the lockdown will never be helpful the best way is to create a new comp for those who is coming to Zambian

  59. collen

    our country needs specialistic doctor who can treat corona virus if not so i will die many in country

  60. Sitanzye

    The closing of some place like bars, restaurants, casino and gimmes is a good move. But our leaders should consider to pay civil servants on time so that will do allow hunger in our homes us people remain indoors.

  61. cared simuchimba

    Luka 1 vs 37

  62. chilupula cephas

    let’s endeavor to involve our nation in prayers not only the national but also our personal health Jehovah will give us an everlasting healing. 1 Peter 5 :7

  63. KWINDI

    Hunger will kill people not Corona, no business closed +loadsheding + no jobs am scared

  64. kay

    a complete lockdown makes sense h e

  65. chitalu

    Mr president you should even close all boarders around our country and business should be done within.

  66. Kevyn marira

    Now if they close shops how are we going to be buying foods think of that please because people need to eat for them to survive now if you tell us to close shops where do you think people will be buying foods?

    • Chibusu mulangwa...

      Ala bikeniko utwakupinako utwingi pamishi yafipatala mu misebo mu market monse mu mabus station umuntu onsefye apimwe…jafweniko ukuleba

  67. Tuntu CFD

    we have to take this thing serious, now that the number has reach to 12 who knows how it will be tomorrow…..this thing started long ago before with no case recorded you were not saying anything now that you have recorded some that’s when now you want to be telling us what to do because even these you cought with the virus it took some days after entering the country so are you telling us now

  68. ty

    am scared

  69. malukuta chasefu

    Let love lead on this head time and be one all time

  70. nathan mwansa

    Lets be aware of this disease

  71. Esther Mwape Masanta II

    All these things will pass. It is well with Zambia. O God, heal our country and the entire world.

  72. Kashiba

    Late us start pray god & believe in him all the time. avoid satannic if we repent, god will hear & covid -19 can not spread in zambia

  73. Morgan cj muchimba

    God please help us πŸ™πŸ€

  74. Wayne

    It’s really sad that our people are not taking this seriously,may God help us

  75. Chris

    Pliz hh do something ,I and we know that you have an opposition to do pliz at least protect even western province

  76. Mvula

    Just close all the boarders and Airports……

  77. Mwape


  78. Giggs chanda

    Has far has i thinck if they start testing one by one in lsk the cases it will be more than 12 so i was thincking that they annouce to start going 4 covid 19 testing very soon and they should take it serious. Wht do u thinck pipo we dont hav much time to waste

  79. Mudyaka

    This is bad am even afraid of stepping out side de house. I pray that God will see us through de covid 19.

  80. Clinton kanchele7

    I think the program of going round all the cpeople ompounds checking people with corona virus it can be so much better than waiting for someone to appear at the hospital

  81. Kendrick

    I gess I should stop public meetings, above all God is to be praised

  82. Kicks Kings

    Mr President sir, you have delayed to come up with that decision, its really a good move but i have seen that you also did not take it seriously by waiting for the number of infected people to go up. Thats deadly virus should be taken seriously as we have seen how countries with stable economies are struggling to contain the disease. No games on this issue guys, we delay to close the boarders for fear of shortages of some necessities, we are in tough sheet, kuti twapwafye bonse.

  83. Mwila C

    Mr. PRESIDENT, please close our boaders and stop all International flights not only in small citys but in lusaka as well. We can not bare this vius in Zambia. We already have the problem of Hiv and to mix this virus people will die to much.

  84. hobbie chanshi

    we should just suspend international travellers from coming in our country

  85. shushu ilunga

    All people in Zambia they have to follow instructions of the WHO.

  86. kaunda tobias

    us are the Zambian we need to trust in God

  87. Kaunda tobias

    u Zambian pray .fast and cry to God. we need to pray and fasting

  88. Japhet mumba

    Prayers should be taken seriously

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