Zambia Police Details Incidences Of Chemical Spraying And Related Deaths

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says a total number of 736 incidences of chemical spraying and other related cases have been recorded countrywide from 28th August, 2019 to date.

In a statement issued yesterday, Kanganja stated that 573 of the 736 were in relation to chemical spraying of poisonous chemicals with 1,946 victims, 57 were murder cases as a result of mob justice, 33 persons were injured by mobs, 21 were reports of riotous behaviour while 16 were malicious damage to property.

“A total number of 767 persons were arrested for various offences across the country out of which 541 are appearing before the courts of law. Police have continued with investigations as more suspects are still being pursued,” he stated.

Kanganja stated that Lusaka recorded 72 reports of chemical spraying, 10 cases of murder as a result of mob justice, 9 reports of riotous behaviour and 3 arson.

“Copperbelt had 370 reports of  chemical spraying, 9 reports of murder, 4 riotous behaviour and 1 arson. Central Province recorded 19 cases of chemical spraying, 8 murder and 4 riotous behaviour. North Western Province recorded 3 reports of chemical spraying, 4 reports of murder, 3 riotous behaviour and 1 arson. Eastern Province had 19 reports of chemical spraying, 5 murder cases and 1 riotous behavior, while Muchinga recorded 5 reports of chemicals spraying, 8 murder and 2 riotous behaviour.

Others are Western Province with 37 reports of chemical spraying, 3 reports of murder and 1 riotous behavior. Northern Province had 13 reports of chemical spraying and 4 murder with no report of riotous behaviour. Luapula had 17 reports of chemical spraying, 4 murder and 7 riotous behaviour while Southern Province had 17 reports of chemical spraying, 5 murder and 1 report of riotous behaviour,” he stated.

Kanganja stated that the security situation countrywide has stabilised and joint operations by officers from Defence and Security wings have continued.

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  2. biva

    cage thiz serpents 4 life thts wen they wll realiz tht govt z in control


    where is the master mind from the red party

    • LEAVE me ALONE

      Mr/Ms Concerned Citizen, Are you in Zambia to know the background of gassing where did it started and suspected criminals behind this gassing saga ? So far our security wings have apprehended 26 including the so called master minder, the police are still investigating why bringing the redy party it appears you know something to help or lead zp to arrest another master minder within the redy party, Go to school of wisdom you uncouth cader, otherwise let us commend the police for updating us we who are concerned.

  4. ChaloBantu

    Thanks very much for this. Well done.

  5. Phyz Gee

    Bamukukulu bekabalekelako twapapata, they need to punished.

  6. Octopus

    Divide and rule evil plans. The Almighty has laid his hand to save tne majority from whatever evil plans

  7. Blue tooth Mbewe

    Let them face the wrath of the law. Bapompwe mushibila nsala, batucusha pafula.

  8. tutu

    the masta mind spax wil neva face the law

  9. Charles Chola

    The only institutes that have the technical know to organize and make substances to gas people are labs. This labs can only exist under the permission of the government. It is strange that the government and the police pretend not to know anything. Yet the same criminals like Mulenga from Chingola who are paid, protected by the government even find audience by the President at state house. It is a shame to see the President mixing with criminals. Even habouring ministers like the minister of health responsible for stealing millions and only to share with the President. While a lot of poor Zambians are dying without medicines and without foods. It is is strange that even poor people like minister Kapata and others have become contractors to projects and turn into some of the richest Zambians. This will one day come to and end. We are all watching them very carefully.

    • A.B.C.D.E.F.G.....,

      And they have released spax?

    • Lyayo

      Have you noticed that all the gassers are Chinkakanta based? Let’s open our eyes am sure GBM was right

  10. Chakanga amate ukumina

    Zambia our country for covic 19 ba kateka baima for splying tabalipo katwishi ukobaile pali covic 19 bamoneka why Zambia.

  11. Ironman

    Where is the master minder? I wonder if life is still valued in our country with all the human garbage recorded above…

  12. hp

    The question stil remains is that who is the mastermind of all this

  13. Piriton Mbewe

    But who has been taken to court for gassing please? Kufunsa sikulakwa

  14. peterman

    a great post Read more at hoc noi mi

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