COVID-19 | President Lungu’s Address To The Nation

The following are the seven important measures the President has stated:

1. The Zambian missions abroad and Department of Immigration must be alert to review the issuance of Visas for people wanting to travel to Zambia, as well as at all ports of entry into the country for all travellers from countries affected by Covid-19.

2. Travellers will be allowed entry into Zambia, however, upon screening, those who exhibit symptoms, will be quarantined in a medical facility for treatment, while all other travellers without symptoms will be quarantined at designated hotels for at least 14 days at their own cost.

3. Government has suspended nonessential foreign travel, particulary, to countries which have confirmed cases of Covid-19.

4. Public gatherings such as conferences, weddings, funerals, festivals are to be restricted to a maximum of 50 people subject to them complying with public health authority guidelines.

5. Restaurants must operate only on a take-away and delivery basis.

6. All bars, night clubs, cinemas, gyms and casinos must close.

7. All international flights to and from harry Mwaanga Nkumbula, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe and Mfuwe international airports are suspended. Instead, all international flights should land at and depart from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport only, to ensure efficient and effective screening of travellers, as well as following them up by our health authorities.

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  1. SOS

    Why not going live on radio?….
    Why is the big man hiding?…
    Is he in self isolation or what is going on?
    We don’t want any working visits after this battle.

  2. Giggs chanda

    We need total lockdown asoonspossible for the sake of our country

  3. Phyz gee

    Kkkkk awe bwafya


    At least a Christian president has addressed the nation and not what we saw somebody from red part addressing the nation,you are a president of a tribal party and not for all Zambians. VIVA CHAGWA UPTO 2026

  5. Gallagher

    Big man … Zambia is not a rich country to go on a lockdown …who will be providing for the people who can’t afford to save up what they earn…they just need to suspend international flights


    iwe chi concerned citizen fuck u,this is not politics

    • Mmmmmmm this is public no insulting

      Bakamba no insult

  7. Curtis

    Concerned citizen comment, let’s not politicise this critical issue, why are you too tribal yourself? any way little mind. Well said the president consider equally to release some funds to the ministry of health to buy spaying materials like we are seeing in other countries in the streets. How about city market which is so congested, what measures are there to minimize the risk? Let’s be pragmatic in dealing with this pandemic seriously.

  8. Kelvin

    Zambia 🇿🇲 can’t go on a lockdown because we are not a developt country people might die……..so let do more on the airport ba president

  9. Giggs chanda

    My fellow zambians let’s not take advantage of the situation to start argueing abt politics.it’s the matter of life and death it’s time to be united and fight for our lives.let take the measures which the president has put in place remember the covid 19 is alread in our country, let’s be one family and remain protected

  10. Hazard chonde

    Iwe chi citizen don’t comment nonsense we all about to save our lives

  11. Tikambepo

    Don’t listen to condemned citizen he is lunatic and has no substance.

  12. Ddenni

    Well said H.E president. Bt We ar seeing buses being sprayed in some lusaka’s bus stations what about other parts of the country? E.G c/belt

  13. Tan

    This issue is critical, if we have a lock down it is a good idea but only to those who are having enough food in homes to take the stated period but what about those who’s meals depends on the income for that particular day…..let think in both lines, I think the president is on a right track with those measures

  14. Snake phiri

    Well ba chanda

  15. Munda

    At least that’s the spirit your excellency ECL, although u won’t be the president in 2021

  16. Raphael Chisi

    For The Sake Of Saving Our Life It Is Okey, But What About The Zimbabweans With Other People From Other Countries Those Aa Coming Inside The Country By Bus?

  17. sensitizer chirwa

    How are we going to handle money in cash basis are we going to be sensitizing money

  18. Christopher

    Comment Zambia z a poor country think twice guys

  19. Dalitso Milanzi

    I think this may help us as citizens of the country.So beer is now going to be sold only in stores…or………

  20. Isaac mhlanga

    Good idea Mr Chagwa

  21. Please

    Close all the airports bcoz some of us we depend on daily income, so if we lockdown ourselves no money and no food to eat at home.

  22. Elico

    So are all whites who are sick?

  23. Tikambeko naise

    Ok my president but don’t close companies (big companies) otherwise ise bana babantu tizafa Na njala so make sure if u want to close companies u have to give that company at least something which will help the company and workers for survival

  24. Musanza guy

    Atleast ba presidol,ths is sense,i totally salute…

  25. Faruku

    Thats okkk

  26. Top star

    Hmmmm no seeing ka girlfriend.

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