Reduce Mealie Meal Prices Or Close Your Shops, Warns Mwakalombe

Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe has threatened to close all mealie meal outlets that are selling the commodity at over K130.

Mr. Mwakalombe, who was on a tour to sensitize marketers on COVID-19, opted to explain the challenges of mealie meal shortages and high prices.

“I will move in to check what is happening. These milliers are given cheap maize by government, through FRA. So if I find anyone selling more than the K130 mark, I will close the shop,” Mr Mwakalombe told the marketeers at Chisokone market in Ndola.

Meanwhile, traders and vendors at Kapalala market in Ndola have welcomed the move by Ndola City Council to suspend trade for 48 hours to help clean surroundings.

The Ndola City Council has given directives to have all the 33 markets closed for 48 hours effective yesterday to facilitate thorough cleaning as a way of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Later, Mr. Mwakalombe started explaining Bill 10 to the marketers.

“This is a good Bill, it wants to give the marketers chance to have representation in Parliament. So this is what the government wants to do,” Mr. Mwakalombe said.

He then said President Lungu is very much concerned with COVID-19.

“This is a serious concern for President Lungu. The President does not sleep, he has put in serious measures to address this,” Mr. Mwakalombe said.

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  1. bronco

    but donot mix with bil 10

  2. Lione

    that is true the price of mealie meal must be reduced

    • Joseph zulu

      Good move Minister traders are taking advantage of us so political opponent are capitalising on mealimeal issue

  3. mwanatumpako

    Politicians of nowadays tefintu

  4. Friday chirwa Mosta

    Well done lockdown luckily as number of cases raise

  5. Abena kafue

    Iwe minister. Did you give people input, fertilizers and la our for free for them to reduce? I can advise the minister in case he doesn’t know that just reduce electricity tarrifs then you won’t need to force them to reduce.

  6. Margret Folowisa


  7. davies

    But here in Lusaka west they are still selling at k190.00 why are you not doing anything over them

    • Chembe

      Mwakalombe is C/belt minister, so take your complain to lusambo

  8. maybin

    Yes the price of mealie meal is too hi

  9. No fear

    Nice move,but why so stick to bill 10.It really shows that there is something trick behind it.


    good move but before that bill 10 tell us the owner of mukula and those 48 houses,i thank you sir

  11. Kunda Boniface

    Thanks very much for that,another good move for the government apapena mwabomba akabunga ni life ka

    • king

      Ba Bon..why muletasha umuntu uulesabaila.. Are you sure kuti abwesha ubunga mwakalombe?

  12. King cool

    ALL politicians are not trusted to run the government, because they don’t mean well to us Zambian citizens, they want to be rich on our heads.

  13. Phyz Gee

    For them to reduce meal meal prices it’s a welcome move bt remember reduce fertiliser as well 4 next season.

  14. Tryson

    Nice move hon


    Nice one to reduce then reduce again from K130, here in Zambia we have lot of Bush give some police’s and some prisoners fertilizers and start farming then as government like ZNS they are doing.

  16. Phyz Gee

    Let’s focus more on fighting covid19 mwebantu. Coz dis pandemic z uncontrollable at the moment.

  17. Tikambepo

    That’s just a pronouncement.Mr Mwakalombe there is nothing that you and your government can do about the price of mealie meal.
    Whoever thinks that I’m bluffing,mark my words! there will be no change.Millers are not selling mealie meal but they have the commodity in their plant but refusing to sell it to the people .
    Go to Nkana milling and witness.

  18. Phyz Gee

    Awe tulecula new Lesa…..!!!

  19. Tikambepo

    Bro phyz Gee!you’re right we should focus on fighting Covid-19 but the question is;what if a lock down aisle effected and the people do not have food are going to make it to fight while hungry?

  20. Tikambepo

    Yes!I was saying that what if the lock down is effected,are we going to make it without food?
    If the staple food is not affordable and not even available at the market then how possible will the people be able to buy it when companies are closed?

  21. zed

    the story was just going well until you raised this fucked up issue of bill 10

  22. Isaac Chitupa Chimanga

    Comment I understand the minister’s stance over the mealie meal price,but his efforts are nowhere near the truth;because Millers like Mpongwe,is selling at wholesale price:k178:00/25kg how does he make traders to sell at k130?

  23. Steven

    Thanks boma

  24. The seeker

    Ba Mwakalombe,don’t be a chipantepante. Advise your government to reduce electricity tarriffs,fuel prices,toll gate charges,VAT, corporate tax and work on the ever depreciating kwacha. Only then can you demand that commodity prices such as mealie meal,cooking oil etc be reduced by both producers and retailers,otherwise it is your government under the failing leadership of Edgar Chagwa Lungu which has brought up all this.

  25. Why mentioning bill 10

    Coz you were talking about mealie meal prices and then you just mentioned chi Bill 10. No lockdown please we will die nensala tatuli ba president, just suspend all airports please. One 🇿🇲 one nation.

  26. Thanks v get

    It’s good move, but let’s not mix with Bill 10

  27. tefintuclose

    Comment ba minister you can not close the outlet because they are also buying at higher prices, Go to wholesale s the price is 180.00 how much can you sale ? don’t close any outlet. reducing of the commodity should start with you going to shutdown Miller s.

  28. Razor

    Under what law is he going to force traders to reduce. This is a question of supply and demand. Sometimes it’s good to go to school like Davies Mwila before you take up an appointment.

  29. Lundazi man

    Thnx Hon
    Ndaba tingafe ka ndi chinese virus
    But don’t mention Bil10
    The reading is confusing me why changing

  30. danny muleya

    stupid move,boss,y bill 10.what is inside Bill 10 .we are used to buy at high price,you gvment you are good on stealing peoples a Zambian citizen I say that it is not good to play with people s mind,reduce fuel,loadshading,spraying people,now you bring coronavirus sure.rethink and check you no how to play games

  31. Danny muleya

    Zambian open your eyes to this gvment otherwise we will all perish,in this gvment.

  32. logo

    bil 10 is made to save them from 48houses,riging and etc.bring prime tv.2021 is near.k17=one dora.

  33. Eddyson corona phiri

    Mealie meal 25kg 125 that’s good

  34. Mumba

    Here in kabwe they are selling mealie meal 25kg at K180 please do something

  35. king

    Iwe mwakslombe of you close the shops are you going to open a milling company at your own backyard so that we can come and buy from you??? Your very poor policies towards agriculture has led to mealiemeal shortages. Don’t blem others

  36. Jonathan

    It’s a good move but, you politicians just like talking and no implementation of what you are telling us. E.g you have talked about the minimum wage, but pipo are still getting ma k800 even less . Now here you are talking of me alien meal price pipo are still selling at k190 others k195 and so on. Why do you like cheating. The come to the issue of bill 10, first you would have senstized the citizens what is in bill 10 instead taking it to parliament direct and start debating on it whilst citizens doesn’t know what is in it. We don’t need bill 10. Be the government that listen to pipos cry.

  37. Brian Muleya

    Mealie meal is a need and pipo will die if you keep on increasing the prices. Look at covid-19, it has enabled pipo to stop working, now if you increase these prices where do you think pipo will find money? Even you farmers have mercy on your friends don’t just want to be favoured look at what is happening in our country. Is it the fault of the govt? If no then why do you still stand on labour? Even us we work, but for this which is happening in the country, we need to understand it. Do be very much selfish, look at the economy of our country. Do you really think that if these white pipo discovers medicine for coronavirus, if they demands money from each country can we manage? Please if you have another view you ate welcome to reply my concern.

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