Statement By The Inspector General Of Police

25th March, 2020.

Following the directive by His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Zambia in his address to the nation today on the Covid-19 pandemic, to close all bars, night clubs, cinemas, gyms and casinos, all Provincial Police Commissioners should ensure that they enforce this directive which will be in effect Thursday mid night.

Officers in Charge of Police Stations and Posts working in collaboration with the Local Authorities should devise measures of ensuring that the directive is strictly adhered to without fail.

They are all expected to intensify both foot and motorised patrols and ensure that regulations under the Statutory Instrument number 22 restricting public mass gatherings are enforced.

I therefore appeal to members of the public and the business community to cooperate with all relevant authorities who are working round the clock in an effort to avert the Coronavirus Pandemic. Furthermore, I wish to warn all those that would want to deliberately ignore the directives or provisions of Law that they risk being arrested and charged accordingly.

Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General Of Police.



  1. James

    what about us traveling in small minibuses going for work and come back are we safe? I will be just Walking than bus

  2. zambian citizen

    what of churches are they also closed

  3. Kashiba

    Too bad. we are sinners , please kindly help us god

  4. Elephan mkomwa

    What about hardwares and shops are they going close

  5. Snake phiri

    Why is that some churches worship only 1hour while some bars operates the all day? Awe mwandi pa zambia. Kkkkkk

  6. Mack

    Do so plz Mr police man the general of Zambia police ail respect to you sir

  7. likish

    The better way first close brewaries/ beer suppliers, but what about markets,stations and shoping malls/shoprites.

  8. wakala wumi

    what i see in this picture also dangerass, police formaps is also a group.

  9. Ndili muzambian

    For the protection people of Zambia why don’t you remove away people from prisons? So that they protected as well, or you don’t care about theme? Corona is going to finish theme,

  10. tedson

    what of some markets kansi??

  11. Mugala

    Even markets make it them shutdown


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