Court Of Arbitration Dismisses Kalusha’s Appeal

The Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) has dismissed an appeal by Zambia’s soccer legend Kalusha Bwalya who was challenging the Football Association of Zambia’s decision to disqualify him from the presidential election.

Kalusha had petitioned the Sports Arbitration body to declare the FAZ Ethics Committee’s decision to bar him as null and void.

But the Court of Arbitration for Sport appointed Sole Arbitrator, Andre Branjes, stated that the FAZ Ethics Committee “properly and without prejudice” arrived at the decision to declare Kalusha ineligible.

The Court also stated that the proceedings currently in the Ndola High Court will not prejudice Kalusha as he was not party to the proceedings.

Kalusha was represented by Paulo Torcheti from Valencia Spain, while FAZ was represented by Hastings Pasi of Mando & Pasi Advocates of Kitwe.

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  1. Albert

    Don’t worry Mr. Bwalya, just wait, you will be appointed Minister of Sport in the new Government…… Cross your fingers that PF wins.

  2. Youth movement

    I hope the matter is now settled,lets now give faz chance to do their job without any interference otherwise we will whole regret if we get banned by fifa.

  3. AK

    .Mr. Kalusha Bwalya’s ban was lifted by FIFA in six months time, when he appeal a case. And CAF returned his post at CAF as well as at FIFA. But at Faz you disqualified him. What do you mean?

    • Dejon

      It seems you don’t read ai??

    • Sm

      AK,plz understand matters,Kalusha was never absorbed by FIFA.his sentence was only reduced therefore he remains a convict and can never pass any integrity test, as for caf never elected he was just appointed, zàmbiana understand,kalusha must aççept and move on

  4. Pilate

    Muleibwelamo ba KALU gud fo u now find sumthin else to do ka

  5. R m s

    Hardluck Mr kalusha Bwalya , however,just leave the battle in the hands of God you never know God has reserved something much better than the position of Faz presidency. What makes me wonder is that people tend to be blind & rigid for failing to appreciate what Mr Bwalya contributed to our mother Zambia even from the time he was on the pitch. To me Mr Bwalya was very obedient when it comes to national duties , just to take you back to that sorrowful moment Zambia had during the Gabon disaster when the whole national team / other personnel perished kalusha Bwalya contributed alot in all he Could to help constitute a new national team. In my view all football patrons who mean well for the football history as from that moment should give credit to kalusha Bwalya unless otherwise they have selfish motives.Secondly , when kalusha Bwalya retired from the football pitch as a player & later headed FAZ who cannot appreciate what kalusha Bwalya & his team as a whole did to mother Zambia in 2012 for the first time to put Zambia on the map as African Champions by bringing the Africa cup into our country? To me & those who may agree with me this was the greatest achievement one could obtain as an African sporting nation. At this moment there were jubilations all over our country,why because of good planning strategies that FAZ under the leader ship of kalusha Bwalya put in place.Hence, to me unlike to others ,his administration
    had & still have something good to talk about in Zambian football compared to none as of up to date.So my advice to those who may be able to have not appreciated kalu’s contributions as afforementioned begin to give credit to where it should be appropriately as opposed to unnecessary criticisms resulting from nothing but selfish motives as such you can’t go anywhere as a team. Where is the future of football in Zambia as at the moment?So far has the performance of Zambian football in the right track? Certainly not unless otherwise something has to be done on serious note. Someone must remember that if a Civil engineer is put in a position of a medical doctor , expectations of effeciency will be one over ten probability . Why?…the answer is that some one has been put in a wrong office & nothing else . Finally my advice to you Mr Bwalya is that let it go but don’t lose hope for you have so many opportunities at hand who knows … the other door may be opening soon for you. You are a great man indeed & no one will take away your talent from you. Have faith & only trust in him…God. To those who don’t see what I personally have seen in kalu begin to see something & support the man where he deserves to be. Don’t just criticize due to selfish motives or personal hatred. Kalu has commendable sports history as far as well meaning football frantanity in Zambia and outside Zambia are concerned. Ala mwe bantu muletasha. Otherwise I can go on & on… but let me leave other parts for ohers to add their views.

  6. Ken Sex Legendary

    “Adminstration” and “free-kick-taking” are two different things… Ifitala, that’s why you missed that penalty….

  7. KALU ... KALU ... KALU


  8. mukosa liteta

    FIFA didn’t lift the guilty sentence on Kalusha.They merely reduced it and Lusambo paid the fine. If you’re not guilty, you don’t pay a fine.
    It’s one thing to be a supporter with brains and another to be a brainless follower.
    In any case, is football the only thing kalusha can do? Why can’t he be an entrepreneur either to do with football, like katongo has embarked on,or a business?
    Past glory is acknowledged, but must not be the end all.

  9. Tk

    Great kalu wait time will come don’t warry dats not end of everything you have a great possition

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