COVID-19 | Switzerland Becomes The Fifth European Country To Declare More Than 10,000 Coronavirus Infections, Joining Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

Switzerland has become the fifth European country to declare more than 10,000 coronavirus infections after the number of cases jumped by almost 1,000 in the last 24 hours.

The Alpine country’s health ministry revealed that 10,714 citizens have been infected this morning, and warned that this number will continue to rise for at least another week. As many as 161 people have died from the virus in the country.

Italy, with 74,386 cases, Spain, with 56,188 cases, Germany, with 40,585 cases, and France, with 25,604 cases have all crossed the 10,000 threshold. Each has a far larger population.

The UK reported 9,642 cases yesterday, but this number is also expected to cross into five figures today.

Switzerland, which has tested the most people for COVID-19 per capita, has launched plans to start tracking crowd build-ups through mobile data as it grapples with the outbreak.

Its Italian-speaking southern region of Ticino, which borders hard-hit northern Italy, is the worst-affected of its 26 cantons, with 393 cases per 100,000 people.

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  1. Erick T Hamalengwa

    God help pliz

    • Lazi

      We need to get more organised as a country, we are likely to be found unprepared. There is no constant information flow in as far as how the 16 patients are doing or any trial treatment method.

      What’s being told to us currently is unreliable. It is up to us to protect ourselves otherwise if we rely on our friends in these big offices, no help will come forth for us as our leaders are equally trying to protect themselves and their families.

      God help us.

  2. Mwine masushi

    Ba Zambia you are the next

  3. Tikambepo

    On the copperbelt we are not going to manage to prevent the spreading of this deadly disease called Covid-19 because of mealie meal shortages.Let the copperbelt minister Mr Mwakalombe go milling plants such as Bwino milling,Nkana milling and other milling plants their many people from different places queuing up mealie meal which is very dangerous as the precaution KEEP DISTANCE is not being observed.Mr minister sir! If you truly mean fighting Covid-19,please stop stop those gatherings at milling plants as soon as possible before the numbers of the infection multiply.

  4. Wallen mwanza

    Please government try to educate people on signs and symptoms of the disease.

  5. aaronzo chozi napozi

    I did listen to the Presidential address and while some of the
    measures that he announced lacked depth and may not be
    effective in preventing the spread of Covid 19, it must be noted
    that some of the measures are great and must be supported. In
    this piece I would like to suggest to the president to look at this
    issue from different perspectives not just from a safety point of
    view. The harder we go on the prevention of the in-country
    spread of Coronavirus we must take notice of the economic
    implications that may have on our battered economy.
    My suggestions to the President and the government are as
    1) Data collection is very important at this point therefore
    government must create a platform where people can report in-
    country suspicions of the virus. This can be an App or website
    where the public can input information 24 hours per day. This
    information can be accessed by the task force to determine
    which cases need emergency attention and where exactly they
    2) Small scale entrepreneurs like Maxspeedy delivery companies
    that do door to door deliveries must be given some form of
    incentive and tax relief so that other players can enter the market
    to offer door to door deliveries of products within the country.
    This is a gap that must be filled immediately so that other
    businesses can continue to operate even in the absence of face
    to face interface. The government must make deliberate efforts
    to attract local entrepreneurs to venture into this sector. Instead
    of closing bars and taverns, they can continue to operate but on
    a take away basis. People can continue to enjoy their sin juice
    from home and allow the brewers to stay running. A complete
    closure of the bars will mean a complete stop of production of
    these products. If the economy collapses the people will
    eventually collapse too.
    3) The government must facilitate for intercity trading. The
    different regions of this country are rich differently. As an
    example, Southern Province is rich with dairy products while the
    Eastern Province is rich with other agricultural products so the
    government through FRA can facilitate the trade of essential
    commodities that may be needed in Eastern Province but which
    can be sourced from the Southern Province. This intercity or
    provincial trade will sustain both small scale businesses and
    farmers even when we have lost access to the outside markets.
    The Food Reserve Agency can do a needs mapping or analysis
    which I suspect they have done through the ministry of planning
    and then facilitate for the trade.
    4) Instead of limiting public gatherings to 50 people, the
    government can just abolish any gatherings because the danger
    of the 50 people is just as serious as the danger for 60 people.
    Gatherings that are not health or economic in nature must be
    abolished because they present danger to the people involved.
    We can adopt the virtual system where people can meet and
    deliberate on various issues from their safe places.
    5) Closing down borders must be defined to mean that while
    goods can be brought into the country the inflow of humans be
    restricted and subject to screening at different levels.
    My appeal to every Zambian is to support the government in
    ensuring the safety of everyone and the survival of our beautiful
    great country. Those with monetary capacity please do support
    the government in acquiring medical stuff and anything that can
    be helpful in facing this crisis. Those with the expertise that can
    help us as a people fight Covid 19, please contribute your
    knowledge and experience before the worst has befallen us. I am
    appealing to the President and the Ministry of Health to start
    mobilising resources including man power now to prevent the
    worst. Humanity is team work, every effort done in China or Italy
    to deal with this crisis will only be meaningful if we do the same
    here. Our ability to unite and fight together is the greatest
    expression of our intelligence. I am calling upon all political
    party leaders, church leaders and community leaders to come
    together and act together. We shouldn’t face this crisis as
    individuals but as one team, team humanity.
    May God grant us power and ability to work together and
    overcome. God bless you, God Bless Zambia.

  6. MIRRIAM Mulao

    Plz following the instructions is the best way to prevent our lives from Chinese virus.

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