TB Joshua Cancels Sunday Service Over Coronavirus, Bringing Into Question The Authenticity Of His Prophecies!

Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) leader Prophet T.B. Joshua who said the Coronavirus outbreak would end on 27th of March has suspended his Sunday Service because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The controversial Nigerian televangelist whose full name is Temitope Balogun Joshua claimed early this month that heavy rains would wash away the pandemic by this Friday and that there would be no trace of the deadly virus. He specifically mentioned 27th of March as the day the coronavirus would disappear.

“By the end of this month, whether we like it or not, no matter the medicine they might have produced to cure whatever, it will go the way it came,” T.B. Joshua declared, adding, “If it is not medicine that brought this to the world, medicine cannot take it out. It will go the way it came. This month 27th, it will be over.”

Many scholars now believe that TB Joshua wanted to ride on the back of an elderly psychic, Sylvia Brownie, who in the summer of 2008, published a book that contained an ominous prediction.

“In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments,” it said. “Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.”

This prediction faded from public memory and the book’s author, died in 2013. But the Coronavirus pandemic has brought new attention to Browne’s book, and it is believed, TB Joshua prophecy may be based on this book.

Last Friday, the Prophet reiterated his prophecy that the virus would be washed away by heavy rains.

“Since yesterday, when the Lord brought the revelation about the rain and that this rain would wipe away the epidemic Coronavirus, I asked the Lord to make this happen in the place where the Coronavirus started which is Wuhan, China.”

“Right now, it is raining in Wuhan, China. The purpose of this rain is to wipe out this epidemic called Coronavirus and it will continue till the end of this week.”

“Whether you come in contact with the rain or not, it does not matter. The Lord said to me that it will rain and it is raining. Glory be to God!”

Following revelations that no new traces of the Covid-19 virus had been diagnosed in in Wuhan, TB Joshua celebrated the news saying the prophecy he made early this year was coming to pass.

Evidently, the self-proclaimed ‘man of God’ celebrated too early. As of today, over 460 thousand cases have been confirmed globally of the Covid-19. Over 20 thousand people have been killed. Only 113 thousand people have recovered.

As the virus continues to ravage different parts of the world and with a third of countries including his country, Nigeria, going on complete lock-down to help curtail  the spread of the outbreak, T.B. Joshua has turned against his own prophecy by indefinitely cancelling Sunday services at his Nigerian synagogue.

He said he would deliver sermons virtually through his Emmanuel TV which has accumulated over half a billion of views in total over the years.

“There will be no gathering this Sunday and Monday. Meet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV at the usual time of the Sunday Service. TB Joshua and his team will pray with you and counsel you as you and your family watch Emmanuel TV. Distance is not a barrier. A good Christian is a good citizen. Thank you for your obedience” read a statement issued by his Church.

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  1. Giggs chanda

    We all pray to God tht this will happen today

    • Carzam

      When did rain wash away any epidemic? Wishful thinking at its worst.


    By his Grace it will be

  3. Christopher

    everything is now in God’s hands

  4. Joseph Simpson

    It will surely end in Jesus Christ Name and the devil’s agents will be disgraced

    • Kapaya

      A spade should be called a spade. TB Joshua is a false prophet

  5. Mwanza reuben

    GOD is in control

  6. Geoffrey

    The prophecy will not fail, God has spoken!!

  7. Jackson kasangula

    God is God, when God says no one can say no.

  8. maggita


  9. mulengag


  10. Chansa

    God is to wipe ths viru globally through rain in jesus might name amen

  11. Davinson phiri

    it shall surely come to pass

  12. Bilke

    Even right nw its raining everythng is in God’s hand

  13. Angoni

    That prophecy has failed already because they are new cases of Corona Virus over the World. Lets continue to Pray to the TRUE GOD THE CREATOR OF THIS WORLD and not trusting in man or false Prophets. Mathew 22:29 “Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.

    • give god time please

      give god time he isnt a human being

  14. Trump

    Dont cheat yourselves by believing in this Nigerian con man who has perfected the art of deceiving people using the Bible! Coronavirus will NOT end today! Thousands will die especially in Zambia becausee the nation has not taken this pandemic seriously

    • Elizabeth

      In Zambia we believe in the True God, not in false prophets will only die when God allows.. So remove Zambia from your comment ,it’s not right at all to wish for such evil to happen to any country.

      • Daniel Channa

        exactly Elizabeth and its true yes Zambia we believe in true God

      • Trump

        It’s not a wish but a warning! We need to take this virus now, while we can!

        • Trump

          *…we need to take this virus seriously***

          • neto

            U are right people don’t listen,just because we are called a Christian nation does not mean we are safe.many are called by that name in Zambia but not all are in God’s eyes,ask yourself do u following God by keeping his commandment or just by name?.is your Christianity true? These are the last days just has Jesus predicted,so we look up to God not man

    • oment siampazanga

      God will protect us through Christ Jesus Amen

    • AJ Anesa

      we are not taking it serious be coz God is with us.. not why should take somethin we are not even fearin.. my nation is in the hands of God the almighty… u wont tell us wat to do this pandemic is for people who dnt believe God has greater power…..

      • Lot

        Cleaness is nearly to godlyness , so if you are not doing anything to say God will save us. Yes He will but we need to be responsible for. Our bodies too.. God can’t tell you to tell that bath..

    • Man of God

      Its will start with you you bustard

    • Jonathan

      iwe chikala niwebo Lesa ninshi wala tumwenashamo in this way . just mind ur own BS or else icheme mume u dont want to wake zambia up

    • EMKaira

      You will be the first and last one

  15. mediator

    we pray that it comes to pass

  16. Knox

    God forbid. By the blood of Jesus Christ I cancel your words over Zambia

    • Trump

      God helps those that help themselves! If we do not take the necessary precautionary measures, continue to mix freely we will perish!

      • GodisGod

        (@Trump..God helps those that help themselves!)… You lied

        God can’t help you if you can help yourself…. “God only help those who are helpless”

        • Trump

          You are actually agreeing with me! We should help our selves! Follow heath guide lines! God will not help us if we are able to help ourselves!!! And we can stop mixing freely , stop hundreds mixing at weddings and funerals. We must was our hands. Follow social distancing! Institute a proper lockdown where it is possible. Sanitize public buses etc!

          • jack kelvin bwalya

            HEY! what do you mean in your statement”GOD WILL NOT HELP US IF WE ARE ABLE TO HELP OURSELVES”?????~”~

    • Trump

      Italy that took the coronavirus lightly is now suffering! It’s not my words but our attitude. Prayer needs actions! Too many people still mixing freely! Unless again we do our part by following the health guidelines stated in many media we WILL PERISH!!

      • Jocelyn

        Who said Zambia isn’t taking this seriously? Don’t mention Zambia, Zambia is Christian Nation we believe in the almighty God. No one is gonna die in Zambia in Jesus name🙏

  17. Miner Rhoda

    With God all things are possible.

  18. Erick T Hamalengwa

    We will now see the true prophet of God..This self proclaimed prophet of God has put himself on question ground..

  19. Nkana baleteya


  20. James

    The prophet Elijah told the king Ahab that it will rain heavily after a three year drought…..He said this when not even a cloud was seen in the sky🤷🏻‍♂️…….
    We as christians should use heaven’s perception and not live by what we hear or see….
    Living by faith and not by sight is the true essence of being a Christian…
    As children of God let’s believe and trust the enermy has already been defeated and let’s not picture the enermy trying to win……..

  21. James

    The prophet Elijah told the king Ahab that it will rain heavily after a three year drought…..He said this when not even a cloud was seen in the sky🤷🏻‍♂️…….
    We as christians should use heaven’s perception and not live by what we hear or see….
    Living by faith and not by sight is the true essence of being a Christian…
    As children of God let’s believe and trust the enermy has already been defeated and let’s not picture the enermy trying to win……..

  22. logo

    at the mention of jesus’ name every knee bows,every tongue confesses.

  23. Elephan mkomwa

    Only God knows the time of endng of ths

  24. Mulenga mwaba

    God is in control.even ehen things seem to be getting worse.when people conclude it’s over we are finished that’s the moment God steps in

  25. The Zambian

    Pity T. B. Joshua is doomed to fail and this will hurt him so bad!

    I pray God save us your people from coronavirus!

  26. Elizabeth

    Again tb Joshua will be exposed just like he was exposed when he said a woman will win elections in US but Trump won..I guess he is failing bad right now. As for us we believe in Our True and able God who does not lie, at His own pointed time He Will wipe away Corona virus for good..

    • Sydwell

      People of God, why are you worried about the prophecy instead of worrying about your relationship with Christ so that you can be safe from being attacked by the so called corona?

  27. Mulenga kowa

    When God speaks through prophesy.as children of God we should pray it comes to pass and that devil does fight the prophesy.instead of calling people fake prophets.if this coronavirus is coming from the devil he will fight so it doesn’t go easily.the devil I’d mocking us where is your God? people are still dying.but as Christians let’s join hands and pray together to fight this.

    • Esther Murugi

      Exactly God is not aliar his prophecy endures 4rever amen.

  28. Asoza

    Uganda, DRC , Rwanda, RSA have all lockdown! Does this mean God is not in control? Even where God is in control we all have a duty to act responsibly. Those who believe ” rain ” by TB Joshua will end the COVID 19 today are burying their hands in the sand. Let’s pray but we must follow what the health experts advise! If we do not we will lose many loved ones!! ,like my words or Not!

  29. Ironman

    Viral issues…

  30. RasRated

    Somewhere somehow, I read an article of him prophesying that coronavirus would be done by today 27.3.2020.
    Now I start to wonder.

  31. Trump

    More people have died due to Boko Haram! Why hasn’t the ” Prophet” prevailed right in his back yard? No rain will stop this virus expect prayer to the TRUE GOD and acting responsibly! Follow act according to professional health advice! Not this “rain” rhetoric!

    • ELIJAH

      We love Prophet TB Joshua and we know God is using him ,
      COVID -19 will die in Jesus name according to prophesy.

      • Amen

        Amen believe or not I tell you this virus will wipe out in Jesus name

    • Evasmile

      With God everything is possible, so my beloved in christ lets believe it comes true

    • Sydwell

      If you think the God of TBJ who gave him the message of prophecy is not the God you worship ,so consult the God think is the right one. But I foresee that some of you don’t understand the word prophecy .

  32. Prophet Peter Angel

    We need to work together on this disease, it must outbreak

  33. Chari

    All those who are saying TB Joshua is fake I pity you

  34. AJ Anesa

    insteadof people comment on this. put your phones down and pray… His prophecy will only work if we believe and call on God and humble ourselves God will hear, why sayin all sorts of words to the man of God who is busy prayin for the world…

  35. AJ Anesa

    instead of commentin on this, put your phones down and pray… His prophecy will only work if we believe and call on God and humble ourselves God will hear, why sayin all sorts of words to the man of God who is busy prayin for the world…

  36. Mkwasu

    Anyway according to your “man of God” the coronavirus will end today! Let’s wait and see…by the way he “prophesied ” that a stadium in Zambia was to collapse killing 4 000! Has it happened???

    • Allan Lungu

      So., has the virus end,?
      Coz today Is 28 march

  37. Chilu

    Uuuuuummm…not siding with anyone…
    Prophecy should b accepted and prayed about..for it to be fulfilled
    I have serious faith that the Corona virus is going to finish as it came and that there will be a no death especially in Zambia..that should be our prayer..
    God is the greatest healer and it has been so for a long time..
    As children of God it is important that we don’t speak against the bringers of the good news..it’s better to be silent than say negative stuff..

  38. Mkwasu

    Yes bringers of good news not deceiving people with “false news” while making money in the process. To some even Seer 1 was a bringer of good news!!!

  39. Austin

    Thank you God for your revelation through the man of God tb Joshua .indeed we are experiencing the rains in china right now as prophesied by the man of God.Believe you me there will be no new cases of this deadly disease from today 27 March,what will happen is just to clear the people who are already infected ,free from the disease. No more new cases from today that’s what he meant. Not that everybody will be well from 27.No NEW INFECTIONS IT’S OVER .TREAT WHAT YOU HAVE AT THE MOMENT AND IT’S DONE. NO MORE DEATHS. Thankyou God bless you.

  40. Hakwilimba

    Only god knows,Zambia is a Christian nation,my people let’s keep on playing

  41. Austin

    Thank you God for revealing this through your servant tb Joshua. Indeed it’s raining in China confirming that Corona virus is wiped away as prophesied by the man of God. Today is 27 March,believe you me there will be no new cases of Corona virus from today, only those old cases which be wiped away within a course of a week I believe. The man of God meant from 27 no more new cases of corona virus.BROTHERS AND SISTERS IT’S DONE IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

  42. Banja.

    Let’s wait for tomorrow! Trust me people are still emerging the disease in Wuhan despite the seasonal rains!

  43. Vincent

    God will do ,no matter what the situation His one minute can do upon thousands
    So you don’t have to worry keep faith

  44. aukin john uganda

    lord is lord,we despised christ but finally he saved the whole world,ithank prophet joshua for he is carrying across for this weaked world,may you be blessed abandantly, many simply dont understand and they are the tomas in our holy book, may god forgive the world and save us from this disease,isalute you prophet.

  45. Allan

    no matter hw crictise him,dah lord has said through him.it wil b over at dah end of dis month AMEN.

  46. lubinda muyunda

    Is humun, even human been can miss it doesn’t mean that when he has become a prophet every prophecy that he give who be correct all the time no is not God,God is not slumber nor slip is going to hear our Cry’s , this corona will end and he knows the the day

  47. Jahcorn

    This Generation and generations to come suit without doubt … 2 Timothy 3:1-5,” In the last dayz hard times will come, for men will be loverz of themselves,loverz of money,boasterz,proud,blasphemerz,disobedient to parents,unthankful,unholy,unloving,unforgiving,slandererz,without self-control,brutal,despiserz of good,traitorz,HEADSTRONG,haughty,loverz of pleasure rather than loving GOD, HAVING A FORM OF GODLINESS BUT DENYING IT’S POWER…..AND From Such Pipoz Turn Away!

  48. Harry Kachali

    These are end time days as stated by the Bible…….

  49. Mark 2

    Only God knows

  50. Frank Cobb Mwewa Junior

    I hope all of you posting and commenting are also praying, this is not about depending on a prophet, God hates this, you should depend on God alone and keep praying, this threat is globally, be aware that God is teaching the world something, open your eyes and see, those that are not born again this is the time to be born again, brethren please let’s be reading the Bible and hear what the Lord is teaching and saying to us, I urge you brothers and sisters that these are dangerous days, if you’re not led by the spirit you will fall plea to any words out there and not believe in God, let’s believe and trust God that regardless of what the so called men of God or god are saying, only God knows the end time for this virus, for this reason He’s the only one who can tell us and that’s through prayers 🙏 God is not dead he’s still alive let’s talk to Him and not be afraid.

  51. Peter Tecno

    Everything is possible in GOD’S NAME, let the Satan to be doomed.

  52. ADMIN

    We are experiencing heavy rains in Kabwe.Its over two hours now

    • Banja.

      Of course! This is our normal rainy season!
      No prophesy about it!

  53. Ignitius John Kabwe

    Prophet TBJ is a true prohet and his prophecy shall come to pass today on 27th March. I believe in the prophet and all his Revelations. I pity all those criticising him because a curse is upon them.May God protect Prophet TBJ and his family and may God continue to use him mightily and may God continue to increase his spiritual growth. I love you my prophet and I have faith in your prophecy that, it shall come to pass.

  54. wait and see

    “The controversial Nigerian televangelist whose full name is Temitope Balogun Joshua claimed early this month that heavy rains would wash away the pandemic by this Friday and that there would be no trace of the deadly virus.” I would like to confirm that we experiencing rains I have never seen before in kabwe -Zambiaright now.The first part of prophecy done already.Next tomorrow cases will start falling down

    • Asoza

      What prophesy? March is our rainy season…please! How gullible can you be!

  55. Phyz Gee

    Mr T. B . Joshua the prophet of doom.

  56. Steven phiri

    Lusaka Zambia we are experiencing the sign of rain

    God is Good

  57. Alexander m munalula

    Only God knows what’s happening and let us not judge one another… in God we trust 🙏🏽

  58. Lazarous

    There’s nothing impossible with Jehovah God if we believe. God is hearing our cries. Many souls have been lost through this Covid 19 pandemic. And no one at all seems to have a cure for the disease. Let us not confide in man but we all turn to Jehovah God so that He may feel pity on us hopeless people. Please God hear our prayers.

  59. Chricent Sikapizye Enock


  60. enerst zulu

    let’s just put everything in hands of God and we will be protected.

  61. Alick muyanga


    • Kelvin mfune

      Corona virus is going to pass God has already answered our prayers as Zambian citizens no Zambian will die of this artificial pandemic in Jesus name

  62. Silas Andrew Digga

    The LORD our God has spoken! I therefore believed the report of the LORD the maker of all.

  63. Trump

    The first doctor to tell the Chinese that a virus has come, he was arrested. He later died of the virus. Same problem here where we think we cannot help ourselves but TB Joshua. Do your part and see Gods work!

  64. Etu ese

    yes today is the end of the Coronavirus and i believe in God TB Joshua have said it today is the end of the Coronavirus 27th of March we all believe that God can do it and yes is yes God can’t fall never in history

  65. Gerald

    My God never fails, the deadly disease will surely go as it came.

    • unconcerned Zambia

      over 50% are Christians believing in God. When a disease like this comes into the country, we need to be very much concerned. why? what has gone wrong? why things are like this? God also allowed the Israelites move for 40 years without teaching the promised land. after realized how they abandoned God through there deeds and repent, God made them reach the promised land. Nations should go back to God and stop doing evil and you shall see the end of this disease. surprise is that those powerful Christians are the ones in front of fearing this disease. we need to be strong and go back to God . things are not OK in this world. innocent souls killed have gone because of evil practices. God will be with us once we stop evil things and repent.

  66. kasoma chibuye

    Comment It Will end in Jesús name 🙏🙏

  67. Unconcerned Zambia

    Leader should not deceive the people they are leading. when leadership become evil all the people suffer under that ruler. It’s time to hold hands,kneel and shout for forgiveness and he is a listening God and he shall serve us from all these calamities. people are busy saying nothing is impossible to God but what are you doing as a citizen to convince God make things possible? wake up and do what is good for your God,family and friends. God will bless us all.

  68. Memz BM

    No new cases in china right now he said it will end where it started. God is in control

  69. Joseph Simumba

    As his prophesy, it will go, I believe his prophesy it will God is not a failure it will go in Jesus Name. Thanks man of God TB Joshua may God bless you.

  70. Fref

    Hi people,the issue wether Zambia is a christian nation is not debatable ,we are ,this our identity we have chosen to be called that. a christian nation.wether you believe us or not ,it doesn’t move us,no one is gonna change this.the truth is what the Bible says psalms 33:12-22.the fact that you have continued to talk about this doesn’t descourage us to call zambia as a christian nation.even our president from time to time has called on the nation to call on God.So wonderful.

  71. Lorenzo king

    Christians are dull as fuck, we are all here waiting for some cure to come from scientists who are working day and night but busy praising a useless god. Start thinking you fools,your useless Christian god has never done shit and u continue praying…if he is almighty, this wud be the time to show is power.

    • Asoza

      Everyone believes in God. We only differ in interpretation.

  72. spencer diego

    God is in control,God will surely fight for us all

  73. April

    TB Joshua is a Man of GOD NO MATTER WHAT , THIS MAN IS OVER ANNOINTED, if he says something prophetic and you really wanna see if it’ll happen you won’t see anything, but if you listen to him and if you’ve faith you’ll be immediately engulf with happines, why ? Your Soul comfirms it in faith, he feeds your soul not your flesh so people let’s learn to understand the Miracles of God ,that man is our BLESSINGS…. LET’S KEEP LISTENING TO HIM AND ALSO PRAY IN JESUS NAME

  74. Caroline kakenge

    My God the God of prophet Tb Joshua is in control Corona virus will soon end in Jesus mighty name Amen

    • Carolyn Graham

      I believe the process of healing began China is no longer reporting any confirmed causes nor any deaths as amatter of fact because of there state they are now sending doctors to other country to assist ..when a man of God stand in the gap to shift something we just don’t stand aside and watch we must stand in the gap with then and believe God not man..so be of good courage Pastor

  75. Banja

    New cases have been reported in Wuhan today. A total of 68! That is after the rain !!!

  76. Fred

    God have mercy on us all over the world. Don’t look at the race, color, religion or any of our sins but let your powers teach us something so that we can believe in you alone.

  77. Nigussu Gudeta

    He never preached Satan but Jesus for people to be born again to retain eternal life. That is what is expected of an evangelist/prophet. We should keep praying and encourage each other. Do not blame servants of God. We rather prey for them to keep going partaking in God’s work. Prophecies may change. We have seen for many years that he is a servant of God. If a prophecy does not come to be realized, God knows why that happened. We still will see miracles, wonders, and people get saved globally by his ministry. TB Joshua, we pray for you as you do for us.

    • Harry Chinkumbi

      If his prophesies do not materialize then he is fake and not representing God, because God’s prophesies do not fail.

  78. Harry Chinkumbi

    It is prophesies like these that causes the gospel to become unattractive. People tend to equate Christianity to falsehood and mere superstition

    • Sydwell

      It is your mindset that has been contaminated by the spirit of darkness and your father the devil has installed his demonic strongholds inside your mind .

  79. Harry Chinkumbi

    If his prophesies do not materialize then he is fake and not representing God, because God’s prophesies do not fail.

    • Sydwell

      It is your mindset that is fake and can not represent God the creator but your father the devil

  80. Joseph Kazonde

    I believe in T B Joshua as a true prophet of this generation and those who criticised him they are not from God.God bless you and continue revealing unknown for us to know that God is alive. One day you will believe him mark my words.. God should show you unbelievers the darkest part of the world so that you call Jesus

    • Lot

      He should open your eyes that you may see that, there is a different between a true prophet of God and a false prophet. ..

  81. Banja

    T.B Joshua has made himself very wealthy. According to Forbes magazine his net worth is USD10m- USD15m.!!! It is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than a rich man entering the kingdom of God!

    • Sydwell

      Do not use the word of God for your demonic expressions. He is not the God of confusion but of peace. You belong to your father the devil , that is why you are worried about what God had allowed it happen. You don’t know that God is aware of all these things .

  82. Joseph Kazonde

    Always a non believer can not know the mind of God.I will not stop believing him,any man of God speaks about God I believe, I have no power to condemn or to judge all belongs to the above

  83. Ev muyuya

    The prophecy have failed terribly..kkk..china has recorded 68 case today..believe God not con men.

    • Leonel

      But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death. You may say to yourselves, How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord? If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him [or his lies, so put him to death].” (Deuteronomy 18:20-22,

  84. Rennox Ndolola

    I thank God for speaking through TB Josua over this corona covid 19 pandermic. God spoke to him that rains will sweep this virus and its been raining in most part of Zambia Africa and the World . China has received more drops of rains and this is a sign of Prophesy confirmed. Dear brothers and sisters Prophesy is not something to play with. When God has spoken, no one can refute regardlless. Remember Egypt befollen some plague and God could use wind to whip some of the plague. Read Ex10 vs 13-15. Moses was used as TB Josua is used today.

  85. Muzo

    The bible talks of false prophets. When Jehovah used his prophets to prophesy, the prophesy came to pass 100%. So if the prophesy was from God it would gave come true. Do not be misled by their magic

  86. Mkwasu

    When anyone speaks what the Bible says I listen but when they start becoming ” prophets” hmmnnn I distance myself!

  87. Trump

    TB Joshua ” prophet and Nigerian” , Seer 1 ” prophet and Nigerian” , Omotso who defiled over 20 girls at his church in RSA, now in jail “prophet and Nigerian” , the Leader of Winners church and now owning two private jets ” prophet and Nigerain” , the leader of Embassy church ” prophet and Nigerain” , Theres is a suspicious trend here!!!

    • Joseph Kobane

      It will surely come to an end in the holy name of Jesus Christ

  88. Jack

    Any1 who criticises the power of God is a true Anti Christ, Tb Joshua is a true man as God who is helped by the Spirit of God to know what is in the mind of God. Joshua meant Wuhan were the virus started from. Up to today no new case has been reported. Even our Lord Jesus Christ obeyed earthly authorities & paid to ceaser what belonged to ceaser. Ths is why Joshua obeyed the government not to have meetings today.

  89. Truth will set you free

    And the Lord said to me: “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds. Jeremiah 14:14

    • Mkwasu

      Wuhan has reversed the disease by staying home and self isolating. Coming out will spread the disease from one person to another! Coming out to pray will defeat the health experts advice and people will perish! Even your TB Joshua has suspended services.
      Dont be a servant of satan by telling people to come out and pray. Pray and stay at home….

    • Banja.

      Very very very true! The fake prophet TB Joshua included!

      • Sydwell

        There are demonic strongholds launched in your mind . Read 2Cor chapter 4 verses 3-4 and find out who you are and where you are . Your mind has been brinded by the god of this world the devil so that you can not understand the true message of Christ who is the image of the invisible god .

  90. Justice Lucky

    This is what i think it’s best for the whole world, we should come out from our house and go to the street,go down on our knees and pray to our heavenly Father the creator of heaven and Earth…And seek for his forgiveness and healing,if not this present generation will be totally wipe out for good
    This is my very best advice for the whole world.

    • Asoza

      The most stupid advice ever. Italy the place of the Vatican where St Paul is buried made the mistake of not following health guidelines and now see what has happened! Please pray at home and stay at home!

  91. Justice Lucky

    Remember the Bible says… That if only you can pray 🙏… There’s a God to answer,
    And you all should know that there’s nothing to cure this virus, it has been in a similar way since 1666 it was in a different form but same way it works, it was called the plagu of Justinia…you can do some research on it and finally find out that it has been for long years ago (I am still working on the cure, but i need God to direct me on this)

  92. Justice Lucky

    If you want more information, kindly text me on this email address marcustheodore29@gmail.com

  93. Justice Lucky

    If the Prophecies of TB Joshua never came to pass it’s because of you and i, remember he also said we should come together and pray about it, did you come together to pray about it so it would come to pass, just imagine can the prayer of one person set the whole world free, he’s not Jesus but a savant of God, with you prayers and the man of God prayers everything would have been over… You only remember his first statement of the virus being over in March 27, but did you hear his second statement we need to come together and pray to God… We should never blame him for the failure of the virus because the whole world never pray about it

  94. Justice Lucky

    Listen carefully yes I am talking to you yes you you reading this message yes you!!!
    If the whole world can’t come together and go out from there house to the street (road) And pray to God…this virus will never be cured, it would definitely wipe out this whole generation in the whole World, remember staying indoor will never help, you are going to get hungry and taste and nobody to produce anything for you or me to eat or drink,we will all die of hungry and taste…

    • Trump

      Total nonsense!

      • Sydwell

        All those who do not believe in the name of the son of God will be confused with the name of corona . Believers are giving everything to God .

  95. Mkwasu

    Wuhan has reversed the disease by staying home and self isolating. Coming out will spread the disease from one person to another! Coming out to pray will defeat the health experts advice and people will perish! Even your TB Joshua has suspended services.
    Dont be a servant of satan by telling people to come out and pray. Pray and stay at home….

  96. T.M. Moruimang

    Lorenzo King. Please don’t be angry with and insult God. The very God you insult has long foretold us of wars and pestilences and we see them fulfilled now. And Matthew 24:24 specifically fulfills the foretold falsehood we are commenting on right now:
    For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders that would deceive even the elect, if that were possible.” The same God who saw end form beginning gives knowledge to Scientists and Medical Doctors and they would come up with a cure according to his will. PLEASE REPENT AND BE WISE!

  97. Chilu

    Iam sorry unfortunatelly i refuse to be part of this conversation dont force me to say your pastor is not a man of GOD rather a man of GOLD coz today is 31 march and the world still records including wu
    han China where it started from it has emerged again

    • Sydwell

      I hope you are also in china today , if not ,don’t tell us the things of China . You guys are the one who celebrates when someone is suffering . If not , you were supposed to be shut up and ask God for our forgivene

      • Asoza

        Sydwell you are a sick dull kaponya. Read Jeremiah 14:14.

  98. Sydwell

    Jeremiah 14: 14 never said you must worry about people . Your mind has been blinded by the god of this world the devil .that is why you are worried about other people of God than to fix your relationship with the creator . You can not stress about the specks in the eyes of other people and forget the plank in your eyes .

  99. your brother

    this my brothers we are faceing will go on for 3years. Its a man made virus thats been spread to put us under marshall law and pave the way for the one world order and finaly the mark of the beast .mark my words

  100. your brother

    this my brothers we are faceing will go on for 3years. Its a man made virus thats been spread to put us under marshall law and pave the way for the one world order and finaly the mark of the beast .mark my words

    • you must now make plans to come together underground .I m not pleas with our leader who dont stand up agains this restrictions of the church. Its true that there is a flue but the media and secrit goverment of the world are misleading the people ,puting your attion on hands and distens and crowds . Just forget the media brothers and think for yourselfs logic will tell you its a huax sorry for my spelling Im not english simply trying to get some truth to you

      dont be deseef my brother we are the light of the world so dont think like them dont go with the flow open your eyes

      • your brother

        here is a links you can search “Walter Veith and Martin Smith” and deside for your self what is true .They will give you shocking truth abaut what we are faceing and also “Kerry ann Giddens”

  101. your brother

    dont fyth one a nother if you have some truth to reveal do it in a Godly way be paition and keep your temper. Be willing to learn from eachother like brother ask quations like” why do u say that or explain to me” you will be amaiz to find that you are having church that way
    Remeber our Lord and Redemer always had time to listen to His criticks and did not respond the way they thaugt He woud but with love and kindnes He tuaght them and they and the crowd were amaiz .I believe we must follow in His foot steps. You can not force someones eyes if he is sleeping, but call him gantly and the sweet sound of your word will koze him to open his eyes

  102. your brother

    this is truth children of the Lord Jesus that the people are dying becaus of 5G the demonic people who sould there souls to the Devil need this 5G network to conect everyting to the internet of things to control the world . Thats why they are now destroing our current system to inroll there new world order satanic system. This laws of social distens is to keep us apard so that we can not talk about these thing and stand up agains it in groups or as comunities. Even more so for the church to unight in prayer agains there demonic plan

  103. Roseochieng

    The prophet said that corona virus will be over in wuhan, not the countries that are suffering right now and it happened, wuhan city is crying no more, I believe in his prophecy carry on man of God we love you

  104. Okumu

    ”If I send an epidemic on that country and in my anger take many lives,killing people and animals. Even if Noah,Daniel and Job live there-as surely as I,The Sovereign Lord, am The Living God-They would not be able to save even their own children. Their Goodness would save only their own lives.” EZEK 14:19-20

  105. ae


  106. Chilakalipa

    Man of God continue

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