MUST READ: Traveller Praises Zambia’s Covid-19 Prevention Measures At KKIA!

In what does not surprise us but is worth sharing to assure the nation that the multisectoral task force is up to its task, a German traveller has lauded Zambia with praises following her experience at KKIA.

She wrote, “I went through several airports on the trip. London Heathrow was like a ghost city, most people (were) in full body virus protection suits. Addis (Ababa) seemed a lot business as usual. Just some shops were closed. Lusaka was the only airport that did actual health checks, the only airport which had hand sanitizers and hand washing stations at all corners. I felt safest there!”

She continued, “When we set in our group of 8 a lady from airport staff immediately came to check on us to request social distancing. Upon hearing we are Germans, she enquired further if we could be a danger, only calmed down after she checked in our passports (and discovered) that non of us was in Germany…”

Let’s give our Minister of Health, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya and his Multisectoral Task Force, under the able leadership of His Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu a pat on the back for this commendable job.

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  1. The Chosen One

    Well done GRZ. It’s up to us now. A visit to places like Chilenje Market and Kalinga shows that we are not taking the virus serious. People are still mingling as normal without respecting the social distancing. If we have seen what is happening in other countries we should be on self lock down and limiting movements

    • Fonko Fonko

      Well done Zambia! We surely have a govt in place.

      • Ken Phiri

        Lets follow the measures put in place for our own good

  2. Raymond Phiri

    This is an excellent piece of news. Well done to our front line comrades who are sacrificing a lot for the well being of all Zambian citizens. Continue the good works! Remember we’re still at war with this deadly virus.

  3. Ferdinand Mpundu

    Kudos to the Commander – the ever hardworking Minister of health Dr Chilufya. You led us in the fight against cholera, and we won the fight! Lead us in this war against corona virus. With support from your Commander in Chief, we will win this fight too!

  4. Judge

    The major problem is the issue of allowing travellers to enter our nation especially those coming high risk nations like Pakistan,Italy ,China and so forth. The record we have so far indicates that Pakistanis are the ones who have brought corvid -19 in Zambia. We have no information that the spread of this corvid-19 is from George compound or Chawama. I would urge the government to completely ban the movement of people from either going out or intering our nation at least for 2 weeks. This should be to everyone regardless poor or rich. And please ensure that there’s no self quarantine. Our health practitioners incharged are taking it lightly .

  5. Chibz

    There was nothing like this in mmd why in this regime, gassing, cholera and now Corona, let’s pray country men

  6. Given Shikabone

    We applaud you for your help in the prevention of this dreaded disease.

  7. ceaser chinyama

    Zambians are problems cause they aint taking anything serious about the disease coronavirus also known as covid19, , , , my people covid19 is real think wisely or we lose many lifes



  9. Curtis

    Country men, lockdown should not be the immediate measure in this scourge considering that our economy is below average, otherwise we may die of starvation and not Covid- 19.The immediate measures are the ones that the president has put a cross and as long as all meaning citizens comply, we will succeed without a lockdown.

  10. Joshua

    What a nice job being enforced by the government..all in all they are trying there very best to protect Zambian by the grace realised to them by God…But people don’t seem to appreciate why..Let put in mind that Zambia is bigger than one person and together we can stand and produce good results..


    Let us Wash our hands ,don’t tach our mouth, nose and our eyes

  12. Jms

    But the number is steadly going up despite praises. Lockdown to avoid contact with those coming in to praise

  13. Cheryl Gondwe

    @Chibs you’re such an idiot. Your brain needs to be examined.


    But the red party will condemn this

    • trump

      this are the same guys who are bringing the virus

  15. Senator

    What stupidity! So you actually think the western countries are wearing those suits for fun? its because the social distancing ought to be AT LEAST 2 metres according to recent studies. Your hand-wash alone isn’t going to save you! When you get within 2 metres of an infected person at the airport then…

  16. Joseph zulu

    We wants some one donate something to government not prevention issue we read media everyday up

  17. Henry

    This is encouraging. Thank you yo all the people involved in ensuring we do the correct thing. God bless you all.

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