COVID-19 | The AlCZ Implements Covid-19 Remedial And Precautionary Measures As Confirmed Cases Rise To 29

Zambia, yesterday, recorded six more confirmed cases of Covid-19 bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 28. And in the last 24 hours, Zambia has recorded another case raising the national total to 29.

The Minister of Health stated that three were from those that travelled to Pakistan, while the other three were from among those who have since made contact with those who travelled. The latest case involves another man who had travelled from Pakistan on the 18th of March.

Following these revelations of the majority of the cases being linked to those who had travelled to Pakistan, the Association of the Indian Community in Zambia (AlCZ), yesterday, mandated the Hindu and Muslim communities to immediately implement Covid-19 remedial and precautionary measures!

“You will have just seen the Coronavirus update at 13hrs today by the Hon. Minister of Health, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya. The number of confirmed cases in now 28, and most of those cases arise from those that travelled to Pakistan and upon returning those that came in contact with them,” read the statement in part.

The AlCZ went on to request its members to immediately go into self imposed isolation for at least a period of two weeks; and to close all business houses during the same period.

The AlCZ, however, stated that during this period of self isolation, those running essential services should remain open, namely; pharmacies, millers and food stores, but that they must adhere to strict hygiene standards as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

“For those households that have domestic workers living on site, please ensure that they are adequately briefed on the importance of hygiene and should equally also be self isolated within the confines of the domestic quarters. For those that have domestic help, who come from other areas, please provide them with adequate food rations and money and equally ask them to return home and self isolate themselves in their respective homes,” guided the communique.

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  1. Kelvin Zambia

    All Zambian don’t be worried GOO is still with us all and let’s all continue praying for blood of JESUS CHRIST protect us all and other nations in JESUS name

    • KB

      This virus is a spiritual we need to pray the blood of Jesus to cover our country Zambia, as the Lord God did for Israel in Egypt when he was about to kill the every first born.

  2. worried

    iyee parkistan watuletelela wamona why not quarantine people coming from parkistan

    • Ulema

      Why the Minister mentioning in every update Pakistan bringing virus to Zambia?
      Who are these AICZ, never heard about them?

  3. Joseph musonda

    Amen God hear us and protect us from the wilderness of this nation Jesus name.may your power be upon this nation Zambia and every nation that faces the same problems .
    For its written in the book of exodus 14:14
    God will fight for you and you shall hold your peace

  4. Given Shikabone

    Fellow Zambian citizens, do not fear, the power of God is upon this country. Read Psalms 91(the whole chapter)…. stay safeπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  5. Daniel

    Why bangena futi?

  6. Mwine masushi

    I’m not going to close the borders so that we can have it all

  7. benard mulenga

    With Jesus in this storm

  8. Kepa Arrizabalaga Iback

    Let the will of God be done on this coronavirus which is being circulated all over the world

  9. Jahcorn

    God is deliverying His land Zambia

  10. Christopher same

    Am not scared of this virus, coz Jehovah is in control

  11. mkango

    all cases from pakistan y make a sollution no travelers from pakistan enter here its fine.

  12. Ndowela zeezo

    Or god don’t 4sake us 4rm this battle of de wilderness prtct us from this pandemic Jesus name

    • Ndowela zeezo

      Or god don’t 4sake us 4rm this battle of de wilderness prtct us from this pandemic in Jesus name .amen

  13. Jack

    Parkistan Whyyy Kanshi

  14. The miner

    Thanks for the prompt action and updates but please look into the price of mealie meal a 25 kg bag of mealie meal is now being sold at k300 in chillilabombwe.

  15. God answers every prayer

    My people are perishing because of lack of knowledge. Why Everytime Pakistan? God help us

  16. Mn

    Just declare lockdown just like south Africa,uganda and Uganda will do the same tomorrow

  17. Mn

    I mean Zimbabwe will do the same tomorrow

  18. Vk

    God in control

  19. Watson kubikisha

    The disease has carried on,we can only end it by obeying what the ministry of health has advised the nation.may God protect us allπŸ‡ΏπŸ‡²πŸŒ

  20. Joseph Malombe president

    This makes me fell to understand why did the government monitoring those who went abload not put them on grantine after they came back?the government is just reporting how people brought the coronavirus but not putting measures to travelers.

  21. Joshua

    Maintaining the capacity of the recorded case is a good work being done by government… I feel good that they are providing confidential information that can make us feel safe and be safe actually. Let us as the citizens adhere (follow) all protective measures so as to come back to our Zambia that we want……The Zambia that is productive and hardworking.. So far so good no case of death has been recorded and that’s a good thing… Please let us leave all this in the capable hands of God..

  22. Man of substance

    Fear God and give him his glory the hour of his judgment has come revelation 14:7
    Mathew 24:7 For kingdom shall rise against kingdom and nation against nation .there will be famine and (PESTILENCE) ifikuko including corona virus ,aids Ebola etc let us cling to the cross of Jesus Amen

  23. Gift Tryson Grant

    Almighty God protect us from this covid -19 pandemic deseases

  24. Pp

    People in Zambia are worried because if the government decided to close some borders in this we can’t so much cases I am just worried for the grade 12 for this year teachers were not teaching them there still in grade 11 topics some of them have not Even started some topics I am worried

  25. Kashiba

    We are all sinner. please kindly, we beg you jehovah, don’t let this covid -19 to spready in zambia

  26. Phyz gee

    Awe bwafya twalafwa kanshi, bt Less z with us

  27. No fear

    May Lord have mercy on us.

  28. Sparta

    jxt burn all those infected wt the virus…than waiting for them to infect more people…burn 29 and save 15million plus Zambians…It jxt my opinion

    • The Truth

      would you still recommend the burning if you were one of the 29? the fact is that if God allows a problem to happen to anyone it is for a greater reason that only he knows and that only he can solve. the best thing you can do is to pray for them to recover instead of being selfish. no matter how careful you’re in this world you can’t run away from the problem that was meant for you. instead you can only trust God and ask him to help you through the bad time

  29. Mr. Lusaka Kuseni

    Mr. Chilufya you should tell business man and business woman to selling in there markets coz abantu balefula kwati katwishi.

  30. Savior

    You know these people from Pakistan they’re natural terrorists who may bring this deadly disease to Zambia deliberately so that they can kill their political rivals.So let’s find out how they are moving and their motives behind their movements.

  31. I Don't care

    I sarender all to Jesus my saviour.

  32. Joseph Nkumbula

    Let us not be afraid, only pray to God and follow the precautions. May the Lord who freed the Israelites from Pharaoh free us also from this pandemic..

  33. Mubobo

    Lockdown the airports, reduce the prices of sanitizer, let’s be isolated and provide us with relief food

  34. Chakanga amate ukumina

    Daniel and revelation let these things be for filled

  35. Dolfs

    Adherence to measures is the only solution to hinder the spread of covid

  36. Ajt

    it is a spiritual forces that needs us the children of God to speak to our father in heaven

    So let’s protect our self’s and pray at the sametime

  37. Thd

    Their is a wall comeing going on.

  38. Clinton Kanchele

    Only God can rescue as from this mangwamu kind of
    virus let us all pray with faith to the creater of the universe

  39. treason

    We already have 35 cases. The has allowed foreigners to bring the virus to this poor country. Lord of Mercy help our country.

  40. FELIX

    Please govt of zambia close all airpots even that kenneth.k you left,close it.so that we can be jxt dealing wth these which we have discoverd that are sick.becoz if we ‘ll continue wth this,am telling you the number of pipo affectd will keep on increasing and the time you’ll realise it will be late.wth that stretage you will not fight the virus.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA

  41. Ironman

    The headlines you love to read…

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