Court Of Arbitration For Sport Will Still Hear And Determine Kalusha’s Appeal Against FAZ

Kalusha Bwalya’s lawyers have said the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) is yet to hear and determine an appeal by the soccer legend against the Football Association of Zambia’s decision to disqualify him from contesting the presidential elections.

Kalusha’s lawyers Lewis Nathan Advocates and PNP Advocates, have stated that what FIFA’s CAS dismissed last Friday was their client’s preliminary matter in which he was seeking a provisional or conservatory measure (injunction).

On March 27, it was reported that CAS had dismissed Kalusha’s appeal, stating that the FAZ Ethics Committee “properly and without prejudice” arrived at the decision to declare him ineligible.

They said contrary to false and uninformed media reports that have characterized local media platforms, the appeal by Kalusha Bwalya to FIFA’s Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the decision of FAZ which disqualified him from standing for the position of FAZ president has not yet been heard and determined.

“And the date of hearing has not yet been set,” Kalusha’s lawyers stated.

“The appeal has not yet been heard and determined,” the lawyers stated.

On March 2, 2020, Kalusha filed an appeal at CAS against the decision of the FAZ Electoral Appeals Committee that barred him from contesting the presidential elections on the basis that he had failed an integrity check.

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  1. Razor

    Imagine how much money there must be for the taking if this thief kalusha can hire expensive lawyers including international lawyers just for a position in FAZ. All these lawyers must have been given promises of payment once he becomes FAZ president and has access to FAZ coffers. All the more reason not to give him that position.

    • DJ one

      You are right

    • Imagine

      Imagine how much stupidity would be in our nation if people thought like Razor. Basing conclusions on imaginations

  2. Sm

    Kalusha had his time,no more,why insist kanshi mwebantu? Can’t he find something else to do?awee

    • Kwamene Uko

      In his time we won afcon. Now we can’t even qualify and you want us to get used to being nonentities and settle for the status of Loser? Yayi bambo

    • Yes challenging Kamanga is something else to do

      Leave him to lose at the ballot box not ukumucensor

  3. logo

    mbesuma, singuluma etc sufered kalusha’s selfish leadership.

  4. Chibbonta

    Better to leave the stage while people are still applauding.

  5. ZOTO

    People you are too jealous. Just wait for the CAS court, will pass a final judgement.

    • Tamwakwata Fyakuchita

      Fya kalicho as if it’s their father’s football association

  6. Liar Mweetwa

    Zambian reporters! They reported that the case had been kicked out and FAZ would go ahead with elections now they are all reporting Cas is yet to rule. What do we believe?

  7. Kansanshi Dynamo fan

    Umwina Mufcane Mukali umwana waku Kamuchanga!

  8. king

    Kamananga ni ngwela Sana. Of kamanga has has achieved something in Zambian football let him face the King King kalu in the ballot box then will shall see who has achieved. 2012 champion Afcon champion Vs NON Afcon qualifier…Only the ballot will determine.

  9. Ephraim

    Let us support one another

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