COVID-19 | Confirmed Cases Of The Novel Coronavirus Have Jumped To 35. … as one still remains in a critical condition.

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has disclosed that the latest cases involve persons that contracted the virus from another line of contacts that had direct interaction with the team that returned from Pakistan and tested positive to COVID-19.

One of them is a domestic worker of the first victims, raising more concerns about the spread of the virus.

Dr. Chilufya said this situation should raise alarm among Zambians that must now take seriously precautionary measures put in place by practicing high levels of hygiene and staying home.

“Zambia will not risk introducing new people with cases. Truckers will be quarantined at ports of entry to curb the spread of Covid-19,” he said.

“The fact that we have person to person cases should raise alarm. For those of you going to bars, casinos, social gatherings, be aware that this is serious. Let us enhance hand washing. This is the only way that we will address the person to person cases.”

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  1. Godfrey

    Please Zambian let’s follow the rules to avoid contracting COVID 19

  2. Godfrey

    Let’s follow the rules to avoid contracting this pandemic disease

  3. Jerthro phiri

    Oops! What a hell? Too bad that it has start distributing it self among us Zambians now

  4. Fyantha

    If the virus enters Shanti compounds like ……., We are all gone. Please Zambians, let’s stay at home, wash hands frequently and avoid touching faces. Avoid unnecessary social gathering.

  5. Davies

    No one s contracted b coz f nt folwig measures dey ar o travelers fr outsid zambia let dem remain dere, cloz o airpots

  6. Chakanga amate ukumina

    End times every body know this, just put everything in Jesus Christ.

  7. dance

    Dr chilufya most Zambians have followed your measures!! Bt since foreigners via airports and borders are still coming in will not help us. Zambia Malawi border is still open and people are going out and coming the country will not help no matter how you screen them.. Y don’t our current govt listen to advice??

  8. chileshe makasa

    Lesafye umwine akulatusunga nothing we might do.may his holy hand be on Zambian people. Amen.

  9. Chilomba

    God help us this plaque it’s the most dangerous to our lifetime, Zambians please stay home twalapwa

  10. Brian Muwana

    please the government look at also helping us by giving food and funds for at this time we are running out of food and funds because most of people are just consuming and spending what we had kept from what we obtained from our jobs. Thanks for considering this message.

  11. Emmanuel Nsofu

    May God our Father help us with this matter, please God help us we beg

  12. Jahcorn

    According to your statements Mr. Chilufya this Hell was brought by the PAKISTAN Chap . Now tell whoever is in charge of Transport especially Airports to suspend travelling kaili …

  13. T

    Sad Devlopment

  14. T

    Sad Dpment

  15. TLB

    Mr chilufya we are following your instructions and vigorous know closer the borders

  16. MOON

    This bandemic is beyond treatment, lets look up to GOD

  17. Anthony chitefu

    Oh lord of mercy, remove covid 19 ifwe tapali ifyo twingacita pali ubu ubulwe, mwemfumu twafweni isonde lyonse tuli banakuluba.

  18. Kwazalira

    Zambia police make sur dat stating tomoro no unnecesary movements. Cloz de borders

  19. Brian Sehela

    The problem with Zambians z that we are too argumentative. Someone wanted to great me in the afternoon, so told safety kulisunga bemwine, to my surprise he said how many death have u head in Launshya, I told him that the apedemic has come & he z not eexceptional. We need more education. More specially the culture of shaking hands Maya.

  20. Chibz

    When I hear about people talking about this pademic, I can’t believe and thinking it’s a dream!! God help us

  21. Brian

    Am so worried about Mr lungu, how do you close Bars, restart, casinos, beatings. What about supper markets?

  22. GïfTxy

    Let’s pray hard and practice high hygiene..coz now we doomed😢😢😷😭😭

  23. Simwinga

    Plz note the place where covid 19 started the cases have gone down, but the new cases in China are coming from those entering China, similarly, in Zambia while we tracking the spriral of the cases that we have seriously put stringent measures on borders & airports or else the situation will get worse and worse each day.

  24. bravo

    Convid19 very very deadly. Now calculate using roman numeration and thereafter subtract the number 19.Have spiritual sight and invite the holy spirit.We r in at war with the powers and principalities of the dark world the underworld. Let he that has wisdom understand what the spirit and prophecy are all pointing to.Fear God and repent and choose the right side to be before real real disaster comes.This is just a wake up call brethren. These things r fulfilling the prophecy. But don’t be scared God is awaking all his children so that he keeps them safe and gather them for a course to himself so that they may not receive the mark of the devil.This requires wisdom for one to comprehend. Jesus said not a single word from this book will pass away or fade but all is living truth and shall remain living truth till end of time. Be watchful and alert for many things will have to take place before the real end of time therefore be prayerful and ready for your salvation is near.

  25. Big Muzo

    I wonder why are we not closing the remaining Airport

  26. Vincent maluma

    Too bad

    God is seen the way we are crying

    It will be well soon.

  27. Given Shikabone Jr

    Why are Zambians like this? You tell them to do something a


    please Zambians this matter is serious issues, so we should not politicising let us take a note,this problem is very big worldwide,we are one Zambia one Nation but the government should look to the people who are crossing the borders and airports or closing the borders and airports so that we should prevent spread the covid 19.the people who are coming from outside our country are bringing problem to Zambians people.

  29. Fred Nyirenda

    Guys we can work together to prevent covid19 from spreading, one of the way is by washing hand and body, by staying home and by avoiding bring in group many then 10 or 50 people.lets protect our self from covid19

  30. 0760743376

    The only thing we can do to avoid covid 19 is to wash our hands regulary with sanitiser

  31. winfred

    we can work togethe as zambian the easy way of no getting infected is to stay home stay safe, don’t go in place were its clouded

  32. papa

    It very bad to our Nation.To hear that borders still open,is shame to Nation.already Corona virus is here,gvt must announce lock down,if not we will finish.Min bus,Tag shops,markets still operating, where are thinking Mr President and your counsellors?

  33. papa

    It very bad to our Nation.To hear that borders still open,is shame to Nation.already Corona virus is here,gvt must announce lock down,if not we will finish.Min bus,Tag shops,markets still operating, what are thinking our Mr President and your counsellors?

  34. Peterngoma

    Let’s help to curb Corona by following the regulated rules an laws, for our living purpose

  35. Kashiba

    We are in danger. Let us follow the rules instruct from m/ of hearth & trust in God . God will hear & control this desease(covid-19)

  36. Daniel

    Munthu akakhala pabwino poipa paitana. Human beings are not better than the other two legged creatures, the chickens which have low security alertness. Chickens whenever are attacked by a predator, will only temporarily run away and return to the same site and continue loosing members of their family. Wasn’t Adam warned by God about death? But the fellow went on to receive and eat the forbidden fruit from Eve and now we are dying from the Coronavirus.

  37. Ngulube

    It’s a good thing that dr chilufya has set a measure by putting a bound between covid19 and the learning institutions. Zambia let’s follow the protective measures as implemented by the ministry of health. God is on our side

  38. TMO

    The only way to fight Corona virus is by asking our creator God the king of heaven to help as to win this third world war is very great war of wars.lets as unite together in pray this dimon will leave Zambia but without helping from above we are dieing this battle is not ours , like Christian’s we should pray to God .if you agree with me let’s go on fasting and prayer tommorow God will help as

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