Justice Minister, Lubinda, Breaks Down In Court!

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda today could not hold himself while testifying in a case where five men are in court for assaulting him, as he broke down before chief resident magistrate Lameck Mwale.

The Kabwata Member of Parliament told the court that he was slapped and punched in the face by one of the five accused men and said that was the worst embarrassment and humiliation any government official can go through.

He wondered if anyone was safe if a government Minister could receive such kind of degrading treatment.

The minister was the last witness in a case where Martin Mambwe, a driver, Patrick Mubanga, 40, Major Chansa, 35, Moses Mulenga, 33 and Goodson Mwale, 45 who are all businessmen, are charged with proposing violence to Mr. Lubinda.

Mr. Mambwe is further charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm as he is accused of having slapped and kicked Mr. Lubinda.

The prosecution has since closed the case following Mr. Lubinda’s testimony. Ruling on case to answer has been set for April 24, 2020.

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  1. Kassala

    That is sad. Let’s stop this cadre business because they are slowly becoming militia unto themselves. Once uncontrollable the handlers will definitely lose control. Those are pit bulls.

  2. Jahcorn

    That’s sad but politicians you are useless sometimes because during campaign dayz you promise alot of things for the peoplez . And It is provoking to hear your careless speeches after ushering you into those offices…. And you are alwayz safe because the law protects you more than the poor citizens [us]. Nevertheless, Animal Farm has it all

  3. Raymond Phiri

    Where did these unscrupulous thugs get the guts to attack our Republic’s own Minister of JUSTICE, no less??! Our beloved Zayelo. Lawlessness!!


  4. MKC

    So sad.

  5. Simbeye Musonda

    God is so faithful such that even the empower of caders has been beaten by his carders. What a world we live in where idiots are called leaders.
    let him enjoy his empowerment from the carders.

  6. Ironman

    Let all the dogs in the house and out of the house be tamed especially those dogs in the house because that is where you get most bites…

  7. Godfrey

    A good tree is ALWAYS known by its fruits. And a good Party is known by the carders behaviors, so let us open our eyes to choose the correct things the sake of OUR MOTHER ZAMBIA.

    • Rey Røsky

      How can u expect a chili plant to have sweet fruit on it .. let’s all think twice on this

  8. Kashiba

    Too bad. avoid jelauous. we are all rich. The most important thing is to be polite , peace & honest. God said love your friend as you love yourself. we are all one.

  9. Aongola

    It was sad indeed for a Minister to pass through such an embarrassement.
    But let him forgive them, because forgiveness has to do with pain, shem, embarrassement on presence of people. Let the Minister read the story of Joseph how he was mistreated by his own family. They threw him in the pit, he became a slave and while being a slave he was accused of wanting to rape the wife of his master.
    I thank you.

  10. Stanley kalenga


  11. Lemmy hooks

    You did good carders. Epashilipa kuleka I congratulate you

  12. General

    Am very, very sad and worried of my sisters and brothers out there.

  13. Daniel Banda

    Cadres of any sort should be outlawed. They an ungrateful and a risky to the future of our country. They are the most dangerous hired guns giving false hope to the current cohort of politicians. They can sell the country for tin of opaque brew or a tot of kachasu.

  14. mumba

    That was very bad. caders ma problem

  15. Isaac banda

    Let the justice minister forgive those pf cadres.

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