PRESS RELEASE: MQHZ Happy With National Preventive Measures Against COVID-19

Monday. 30th March, 2020.

Medical for Quality Healthcare in Zambia (MQHZ) is satisfied with preventive measures put in place by Government, the church and other entities in an effort to stop the spread of the dreaded COVID 19.

The organization is particularly happy that the Republican President addressed the nation to announce wide ranging measures to help combat the virus. We hope that all the bars, gyms, night clubs and the three international Airports will strictly comply with the presidential decrees.

MQHZ would also want to salute the Church mother bodies in Zambia for being handy in the battle against the Coronavirus. We appeal to all local congregations and Parishes to heed the suspension of public prayers in Zambia.

Special commendations go to all health workers in the country for their hard work and the sacrifice displayed so far. Because of this dedication by various health workers in Zambia, the country has not recorded any Coronavirus death.

To protect our dear health workers from contracting the Corona Virus, we call upon the Government of Republic of Zambia, through the Ministry of Health, to urgently provide protective clothing to all health workers in the country.

Reports reaching us that some health workers are without gloves and masks are very worrying.

Lastly, we continue to impress upon all Zambians to continue keeping social distancing. This virus will only be defeated when all citizens stay away from crowds and give a total personal hygiene the importance it deserves.

Issued By:

Dr. Quince Mwabu
MQHZ Director General

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    we sincerely appreciate your efforts DR CHILUFYA
    Kindly receive our request.
    we want to sensitize our farmers as we go twards the crop marketing season
    coron virous has no spa ce to stay in zambia though we are facing it .
    we are confident that you are there for us.
    keep it up

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