PRESS RELEASE: MR. Hichilema’s Call For An “Immediate Lockdown” Would Hurt Masses In High Density Areas

30th March, 2020.

We are very disappointed with Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s insensitivity to the realities of the COVID-19, all in his quest to sound relevant.

At a time when everyone is putting their differences aside and coming together to fight a common enemy, Mr. Hichilema is busy politicking by running knee jerk political radio and TV adverts calling for a “Total Lockdown”.


Mr. Hichilema is not making the call for a total lockdown in good faith. Mr. Hichilema and UPND are aware of the civil unrest that is brewing in neighbouring countries that are under lockdown.

There are long queues of people struggling to get food supplies in compounds and shops in high density areas while shops are running out of stock as people queue for hours. Their armies are being compelled to use force to control crowds.

A total lockdown may work for the “Mayadi” elite like Mr. Hichilema who can afford to stock up food for months on end but elsewhere in the compounds it will be a total disaster. This is the problem they’re facing in South Africa.

People are coming out of homes in the name of going to buy food from selected supermarkets. Where people live hand-to-mouth like our compounds, a lockdown must be the last thing anyone would wish for the majority poor.

This would result in the crowds queuing for food supplies, a situation that would have the potential to spread the virus even more aggressively.

Either Mr. Hichilema is a political novice who is given to impulsive decisions or knows the cost and he is trying to make political capital out of it.


It is disturbing that while our nation and the world comes together to fight Covid-19, Mr. Hichilema’s deviant behaviour may end up worse than the virus.

We call upon all Zambians to ignore his political rhetoric as we all come together to fight COVID-19.

Issued By:

Sunday Chanda
Media Director
Patriotic Front
Party Headquarters

Copyright © 2020 ZR.


  1. covid-19@lockdown

    Sunday Chanda lockdown now or regret soon

    • Christian

      Rwanda locked down, pretended to have enough stock in showing pictures of stock of food which was discovered to be an internet shopped picture, now people are revolting and 2 young people were killed when found in the streets. In short people in Rwanda have already died because of lockdown but not because of COVID 19.
      In Africa more than 80% of people survive on a day to day opportunity. We can’t totally lockdown. Let us observe social distancing, wash our hands , quarantine suspects. We will win the fight. HH can retreat into his banker he has the means. But the common zambian can’t afford that luxury

  2. John Chinena

    Chanda is very correct in this one. Many people in compounds have no capacity to stockpile. They depend on day sales or piece works to earn so.e cash and buy food. Who wouldl buy them food during locldown

    • Ayatollah Pontiff General (APG)

      Lockdown does not mean people cannot go to buy food from the shops. It just means that the only reasons for leaving homes are exactly this: to buy absolute necessities like food, medicines, go to hospital and so on.

      During lockdown, no one is allowed for example to go to the shops to buy cement or electric sockets. In fact, all shops selling non essential goods will be closed.

      This is lockdown

      • Benjamin

        To buy food someone should have money. The kombonies have to sale on the road from 6 to l9, tute, vegiz, munkoyo to gain a profit of k30 to buy food…

      • Cletus kabunda

        Were are people going to get money for food if there is total lock down…people in zambia are self employed and are surviving in daily income

  3. Chilubo

    Ba kateka in waiting,awe buluse bweka bweka.we are at war with covid 19 and the only gun we have is in your hands then you want us bear handed people to lead the way. In the end who are you going to be president of????? are you trying to sale us to coroner viruse??? Nangu tapasoswa awe tefyo.

  4. Not true

    Ififine ngatwalanda ati awe bushefye kwena emuntu mutila ati aleisa aleisa uyu nshimwenemo bukateka muli ena this time we need to put our heads together and see how we are going to fight this enemy called covid-19

  5. juniour

    the problem is not hh askn for a total rockdown the problem is pf you kno that u are greedy with a rock down it wil mean u will need to provide us with realief food and other stuffs, do u mean the countries that have rockd down there countries are out of their minds? even sanitisers and masks u were supposed to be giving them for free look now at the sky rocketin prices of those two products can u fight the virus like? hw many can afford to buy them? just keep quiet mr chanda

    • royda

      iwe think twice ,

    • Matumbo

      @Juniour – do not just copy. Think. To answer your question just check what is happening in Rwanda and South Africa where there is total shutdown.

  6. o mule

    somebody who has a heart for the people he can not be busy insighting and politicking the people over locking down he have to uniting us and to plan how we can fight against this covid. 19 than to divide the nation i haven’t seen any leadership in this man so called aleisa aleisa akapitilila akanani kantu kali pa lwino natumona efyo mubombele mwe buteko bwe ba PF TWATOTELA MUTWALILILE NA 2021 WE ARE TOGETHER PA BWATO BOAT

  7. Joseph zulu

    Stop politics mwebantu ubehve like Trump why mbuya Chanda

  8. Corona you can't see Zambia just pass

    Go for lockdown coz u a government u should have resources for situation like this so we don’t need help from hh at first place you refused him to help …….and for use pipo this is the time to know the type of government we voted for

  9. Kikiki

    Ba pf kuwayawaya fye. HH is telling us something sensible. Covid19 figures are steadly rising. Lockdown and save more lives. We know that the vulnerable will get hurt during the lockdown period. This is the period pf gvt is supposed to support the people thru free ubunga, umunani, amalaiti, medicines etc, like other countries are doing. Nomba ba Sunday has eaten all the fish and drunk all the water from the fishpond, nowhere to touch as all coffers are dry. Pf should look at itself as failure, not ba HH. Mwamona nomba, Pf chipantepante yaonekela.

  10. KB

    MR. HH u are called as a richest man in Zambia, so if you want total lockdown why can’t you tell government that you are going to put some money in order to help us people who can’t afford to store food during the lockdown. But you busy calling for lockdown do you know how is going to be.

    • royda

      ba HH know nothing, thats why he evaluated mines like backyard gardens

  11. Jj

    #KB It is not a task for an individual. HH pays huge amounts through tax. Where has pf taken the money for the vulnerable?Pf Corruption and greedy

    • royda

      you think exactly the same way my last born who is now 5yrs thinks

  12. edgar chibuta

    Chibamba says the direct opposite.

  13. Muma

    Pf lockeddown the economy years back, no wonder the endless poverty. They see more disasters in byelections where dmmu goes to donate massively but failing on covid19. Ngataukwete ka lima walaafwa ku nsala.

  14. Nshilinama

    Mr. Hichilema is a polical failure he thinks backwards. Zambia has now many educated people even those he is insulting in compounds are fat more educated so let him sober up 2021 is around the corner 35 percent is waiting for himi

  15. Chabala

    Hh,is correct about rockdown the country it’s just because I don’t want him

  16. Chabala

    Hh,is correct about rockdown the country it’s just because you don’t want him

  17. Dolfs

    Some opinions are accepted but they are very helpful and important.people of this country pliz let’s just take this issue seriously before it goes any further.let everyone express his/her experience to the limitation of spreading covid 19.

  18. Herod Mwansa

    Little did i know that such leaders with high profiles they dont even have a heart for the weak ( poor ) so he does not know that 70% of Zambians are on selfemployment within that the elderly old citizens and the under paid young women and man in private sector.

  19. yokosa

    Muzamuziba yesu. Continue crying 😢 and insulting each other until corona virus find you or your family

  20. Jms

    Never mind its just those who think big can help people and they are few to find,we jus

  21. Highrish

    Please please please please people how wickedness are you,what kind of Christian are you, this is not the time to condemn one another,The pf government is making sure that this pandemic disease should come to an end,where do think those people with covid-19 in Zambia are being treated from,where are they getting medication, where is the food they are eating coming from.it’s from the government, if the pf government where to start donating ,lotion ,groceries to the people and those marsk ,hand sanitizer and respectively the virus is defeated,now a financial report the government,you can not support them,u can be busy saying the government stolen the money during covid-19 sensitisation and treatment cause we know you,in fact we can mention, this pandemic disease is not only the government to fight against it NO NO NO,even us people we need to contribute positive work culture to the government and to our country mother Zambia by following the precautions to fight against this pandemic disease, donating money to the vulnerable and poor people in our societies, our neighbours .This is not the chance to start politicking ,Mr.HH you were suppose to hedge people to pray hard that by the grace and mercy of God we may find the cure in time less. That’s y I always miss his Excellence Michael C Sata, who were hedging his people to stay calm(patient) not to bring calamities in the Zambia when ever he lose election, but the opposition parties we have nowadays there are out of the meaning Zambia being a Christian, when you want to say something on public analyse and give us proper reason. In addition, Zambia is a Christian nation so whatsoever is being said by someone (a leader some where) will be judging that person using our marking key which is the BIBLE. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA

  22. Sosa

    I see some people who at this critical time being led by a blind,open mouth cadre like sondo chanda.Country men and women!its high time we started thinking properly unlike bringing in politics of nonsense.STOP LISTENING TO LEAFLAFFS like Sunday chanda you will regret when you start losing your families.

  23. james

    the best way to do with this Corona is to lockdown province to province people are still traveling from luapula to Lusaka , mongu to Lusaka why can’t we cut off for only for two weeks to slow down corona

  24. Jms

    Never mind its just those who think big can help people and they are few to find,we just see many who think low. The fact is you will never prosper with such minds of Chanda Sunday a man who is just directed to do what ever wrong a thing is, look Europeans how the behave even on media, (mind you their is nothing good or bad its just your mind which makes it to be so, please show maturity when you open your mouths)look how money have been misused,don’t think for today think for tomorrow. HH is correct its you who is unable to see the fact.

  25. Olala

    Dont be misled! Cause of death is the virus. You can lockdown for 14days and survive the hunger than wandering aimlessly and infecting others with the virus. HH is spot on.

  26. Sosa

    Its just a matter of time before idiots like Sunday chanda comes to their senses.
    In January when the dangers of the disease began to spread,we demanded that the airports be closed,,,,,,,people like Sunday chanda were the first to yapp and coming out like a kingkong baboon saying no we can not close the airports,no we can’t close our borders,no we can’t afford afford lock down that’s nonsense of the highest degree.
    I think,,,,,in times of outbreaks like the one we have,,we should only listen to disciplined and well principled people who are in position of saving lives but not mayor talking.

  27. King cool

    First and foremost I’d like to urge you people who are busy commenting blindly, number one ,,, Think before you leave your comment.Two analyse your comment, . In Zambia we are about 17 million people , the Rich people are about 3 million people , the middle rich people are about 5 million, and 9 million people are the poor. Out of these 9 million people , Government should find the way how to help the vulnerable people, government should go church to church to make people register their names through the Church, so that people who don’t go to church start going to Church. The 9 million people Government cannot fail to give them 3 pin per family with the help of companies and individuals,9 000000×3000={K27000000000 ,} this amount can be raised within a week. And you give people then you do the lockdown of the country. 3 pin a family can survive. Try and see

    • Derrick

      You reach out the culmination, I mean you are right that’s probably a good idea to adhere to.

  28. Lyayo

    Thanks to the party in power not these novices who has never led a group of people apart from his family

  29. King cool

    If HH can assist 34 people with K3000 GBM 34 people with K3000 the ministers 10 people each , the MPs 5 people each, this is not a big problem, it only becomes a problem when you complicate things. There are so many countries that are not affected by this coronarvirus, can help, Germany, India, Singapore, Bulgaria, Argentina, Norway, Holland,

  30. T&T

    @king cool….Problem is lack of transparency and accountability. You tell me there is nothing so far in donations?

  31. Future leaders

    The big man is right better we lockdown mayb even four weeks than affected with the virus coz the virus is spread every day

  32. Jms

    The govt have no vision, young people have talent through innovation being made but energy is just worsted, we can hav

  33. Jms

    We can hav

  34. Jms

    We can have our oun industries through innovation from young people. And Zambia could

  35. Jms

    We can have industries through innovations from young people whereby Zambia could have changed now.

  36. Sosa

    Sunday chanda if truly you’ve senses or sense……..you could have started investigations about the 48 houses,the mukula logs in Malaysia,the ambulances and many more corrupt dealings that you and your government have been doing THEN preach to them to repent before Covid-19 takes you to hell with bundles of sins.

    • GLM

      Comment: lock down is inevitable. It is just a matter of time. This delay in making a decision will cost us.

  37. Truth

    I agree with HH a lock down is needed, 1.South Africa has closed it’s boarders, Congo DR has also closed its boarders, trucks going to Congo are stuck in Zambia, Truckers coming from South and supposed to be quaretined are roaming in the streets of L/Stone looking for food endangering Zambians, numbers of infections are going up, honestly what are you waiting for? This why we have the disaster management.

  38. GLM

    Comment: lock down is inevitable. It is just a matter of time. This delay in making a decision will cost us.

  39. Austin

    I think bwana hh you are far from knowing how the economy of the country operates. That’s why it’s logical for the aspiring presidential candidate to start from councillor ship so that you acquire some knowledge or you just want to create artificial shortages of goods in our country so that you gain political mirage. This no time for politics bwana hh.

  40. Buju

    So when we start dying like rats that’s when you will act and agree with what HH is saying,shame on you


    lunatic presido, Garry nkombo can guide better than you.

  42. Mwengwe

    South Korea Is Neighbour To China,,, I Dont Know If There’s Any Cases Of Covid-19. When Covid Breakout There, Why The Government Did Not Prohibiting Travelling Out Or Into The Country. That Is The Only Solution.

  43. Z Banda

    Lockdown in Zambia can not work out very well alot of people are already in poverty. Its easy for you to scream lockdown when you have everything, how many Zambians can even afford to stay indoors for a week without any form of income. A desperate hungry person is not someone you can reason with.

  44. Kicks Kings

    Now i see how you people hate hh for no reason, but one day you and i will regret when we come to our sanses. Because of not experiencing the massacre the covid-19 has done to humanity, we think its dramma. At the moment, whatever hh is going to say concerning coronavirus is useless because we think we are comfortable, ask trump of america, you will hear. Choose what you think is best for your life, but covid-19 is in our midst.

  45. Chintu

    What is lockdown? B4 COVID-19 Mealie Meal supply was a problem but we are told there are enough maize stocks. If we closed our boarders before complete lockdown, wouldn’t it help?

  46. Koswe

    Me as koswe why should. I hate. Hichilema? He has nothing to offer. Zambians those saying why do people hate him. Hichilema is a. Zambian so why should a. Zambian hate a. Zambian. The problem is with him we are 72tribes in. Zambia him wants a. Tonga to be. President. What about other tribes? What is so special about. Tonga? He refused to work with the late president. Data coz of his tribal inclination today we were going to say something about him

  47. Jms

    Zambia to be poor is because of the govt feliing to involving youths who are reasoning well for better Zambia. If I’m cheating challenge me and show the world what you have contributed to the state. Give way to developers, HH is next to president data, people new sata as a bad person and can’t do something, the time they realized how he was it was too late and now people are regretting realizing the period they stayed watching him begging to lead the poor Zambians, so do HH.God doesn’t give but shows people a person through your given mind now grab.if you grab wrongly, you are regarded a non thinker.

  48. Kolwe

    Ba koswe naimwe, stick to the topic. On the ground some smaller tribes are non existent, have already been fused into major tribes whose language is taught in schools or spoken on radio. Covid19 and lockdown is what should be brainstormed now.

  49. see

    Bushe pali sales-tax cali shani? Hh advised the gvt on this issue but most of you were against his advice saying he’s not the only person who understands economics. Now look, where is the lmplementation of sales tax? Umuntu uushumfwa kupandwa amano ninshi wacilumba, elyo icilumba cileta ubulanda. Yes, it may sound unhelpfull but we should not go against it just at its first glance.

  50. mwanatumpako

    OUR next PRESIDENT is on point 👉 this is a time to lockdown PF

  51. David Hakainde

    This man called HH has amassed millions of dollars through stealing by selling mines at a cheap price with the help of the most corrupt President, F. Chiluba in Zambia’s history. While the well fed military officers with big stomachs were lazing around as usual. Yet HH is calling for a shut down. Which he can easily afford with his henchmen. Not realizing that there are millions of poor Zambians to be affected due to poverty as they under such conditions, cannot be able to go out to earn some money feed their families. Why is HH not even able to contribute part of the stollen to help the poor. Instead of asking for more punishing measures on them.

  52. Fremwa

    Just one virus the world has come to a stand still, governments confused, economies cripling,doctors ,scie tists failing to find a solution,billions of money spent everywhere,no hand shake,keep distance,wash your hands,put on musks, people quirantined ,wars ceasing in syria,and streets deserted .All this is because of one virus.But what about the day when the trumpet is gonna sound when the maker of all things ,KING of Kings,LORD of lords, MESSIAH-JESUS CHRIST appears, where are you going to be you who are busy insulting each other and calling names.instead of praying and seeking GOD for a solution.repent of your sins,lest you will be left that day .that day is coming wether you believe this or not .ndemumfwila uluse.

  53. WWE Network

    You are saying italy is in trouble but what is happening in Italy happen to Zambia, can Zambia survive in 24hrs. I think HH he’s right

  54. royda

    u have locked down your thinking capacity already.

  55. royda

    u have already locked down your thinking capacity already.

  56. Mukuka

    Which is better? total wipe out by coloner virus or total lock down where pipo buy only essential goods like food.i think politics aside government would have prevented the spread of the virus by quickly isolating everyone coming from abroad.this Pakistan issue wouldn’t have reached this far but alas even when we are seeing powerful countries like Australia putting strict movement measures like moving in not more than two pipo or risk being jaied for up to 6months,ours are busy politiking even on 1+1issues

  57. Covid 19 war

    Only God can serve us in this battle, let’s pray, because even if someone brings an idea, people are saying he is politicing, what are you scared of? when the cases will be high no one will tell you to lock down.your self will do.

  58. Peasant

    Ubututu is the worst pandemic..The whole world is on lockdown and only the intelligent zambian disagrees, bravo..Wait untill it comes knocking on your door then you will know the dead were no fools..

  59. Free Advice

    Royda stop thinking on caderism lines. HH is right to lockdown ie Lusaka where covid19 cases are exponentially rising or better still lockdown as a nation for say 2wks to clump on further spreads which might not be possible to contain should we have thousands of new infections in the country due to non implementation of stringent measures like lockdown. Yes, economically Zambians survive by hand to mouth but this is the time when grz should show it’s muscles to feed it’s people a little bit. How are other countries locking themselves down? Listen to international news.
    This is a lesson and a wake up call that we build enough reserves 4 consuptions in such worse situations. Remember prevention is better than cure. Let’s choose between life & food. We are all worried & concern.

  60. Matanda Gm

    I don’t see the difference in HH ‘s opinion and the current happening in the compounds,do the president know the number of people who are suffering after the lockdown of bars and restaurants? Does know people employed in casinos? What about those in breweries? So then what is it that HH has done? It is just his opinion,and wish is that this stupid covid 19 does not disturb our general elections because Zambia must vote.

  61. Mr J Danny.

    Comment Why use state words when you’re’nt president wait for 2021?

  62. Godfrey

    Prevention is better than cure, here in Zambia we can’t afford if affected by this Covid 19. HH is telling the truth, now its upto us we leave it or take it. Otherwise we’ll regret FOREVER like what happened in the time of NOAH in the BIBLE.

  63. Ironman

    Pf guys you are politikally scared to death all you see is political 👉 Omen for you .HH is good at out thinking you.

  64. Chitimbwapre

    *ba. Kolwe you have been stupidly thought there are small tribes in. Zambia. Name one if you are not stupid my tribe as nkoya shall never be small. We only need peace if you are a. Tonga and thinks you will swallow tribes to become president you are totally fooling yourself go consult your tribes men idiot

  65. Kk5

    Nkoya is being digested by silozi just in process of totally being absorbed

  66. Brian machiko

    In times like this lockdown can help If only they give us a certain period for us to collect the nessecities in our homes …..and this lockdown should not stop us from buying things such us foods ,medicines not things that are not nissecery like beer buying , things to do with construction….. But the government should have an alternative on transportation cause 90% of people in the country depend on public transportation……

  67. Vk

    Right now, u ar clever bcoz the virus still at adistance to land on mouth but when it lands on your mouth u regret and u shall 4 get yo words full of insult and so on

  68. Castra tj

    Hey pliz people stop talking about politics and move on..we can’t fight corona virus by ourselves but through Jesus Christ stop exposing each other mind you other country have failed to fight corona virus and who are u to fight it?? It’s only Jesus and God who we should look up to

  69. Blessing

    In times like these all your differences between each political party should be set aside and unite as one country to overcome the problem we are facing.

  70. Kufahakurambwe

    Just when you think Sunday cannot come up with anything dumber he does! This idiot has set the bar high on the stupid scale. He has no inkling on what lock down entails. Zambia is in serious trouble.

  71. Kalubaignitious

    Yes… We can have😁

  72. Brian Muleya

    Please those who support PF we know that you what you don’t want are words from the leader of UPND. If have senses, better you get sense from the nosense one has published, don’t just conclude that he will lead the country into a worse situation. If you speak like that, then i will ask you a question which i will need you to answer immediately, Did president Lungu do what HH has done of donating hand sanitizerds, face masks and soaps? Zambians let us think before we speak don’t see your friend as if he is wrong when he is doing the right thing.

  73. AM

    Lockdown is a very effective way of containing the spread of corona virus but this can only be done if the government is able to provide food and important other important essentials during the lockdown.

  74. Hero

    Guys hold yo fire.no need 4 insults sondo is myopic in his thinking,wat until yo relations get convid 19 in ndola thus u will appreciate advise.we need 2 think of wat 2 do after lockcdown unlike insults.those toking of tribe plez don’t even go that way.every zambian is free 2 stand 4 any position 4 as long as dey qualify.we are all equal.leadership is nt 4 1 or 2 tribes in zambia.lets allow all help in ideas, money etc 2 fight covid19.

  75. Nobody

    So the zambian government only remembers the poor when HH suggests we lockdown the country. what a shame.

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