SADC Allows Freight Trucks Carrying Essential Goods To Cross Borders.

The Southern African Develoment Community (SADC) has issued guidelines that have allowed, freight trucks and vehicles carrying essential goods to cross borders in the region.

The guidelines have exempted from restrictions freight trucks and vehicles carrying food, medicines, fuel, and agriculture supplies.

The vehicles will be engaged in interstate operations in order to ensure continuity of supply chains.

Also exempted from regional lockdowns are freight trucks or vehicles carrying humanitarian relief services, emergency and transportation of work crews and teams under special arrangements between member states.

And the SADC guidelines have also allowed citizens and residents returning home or to their place of residence.

The guidelines have also exempted from lockdown, those security, emergency and humanitarian relief and personnel involved in the above movements and as agreed by member states.

The guidelines further implored that the movements such as cargo, goods, services and persons should adhere to World Health Organisation(WHO) guidelines regarding social-distancing, hygiene conditions amd facilities, and general COVID-19 measures.

For interstate movements of persons, SADC has called for the issuance of mutually agreed and recognized Special Cross Border Permits to be used between the country of origin, transit and final destination.

SADC stated that domestic, interstate and international travel have proven to be one of the main ways the COVID-19 was spreading among communities and the limiting of travel was absolutely essential.

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  1. Given simoomba

    What good news

    • Land Linked

      Yeah but how do you monitor these truckers? They stop in places and there are women waiting for them because they have mullah

  2. Kashiba

    Nothing to say covid -19 has already come. What is needed is to start pray jehovah & believe in him all the time. if we obey him, he shall control this deasese

  3. Friday chirwa Mosta

    Don’t make the matter warse by so doing plz stop for certain period

  4. Gregory K

    This is a good move by the SADC Community. But what are the guidelines recognized in these Special Boarder Permits

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