Employees Must Be On Paid Annual Leave Following The Outbreak Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

The special Tripartite Consultative Labour Council (TCLC) has urged employers to place their employees on paid annual leave following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister of Labour and Social Security Joyce Simukoko disclosed in a statement that the Council, which comprises of Government, the Zambia Federation of Employers (ZFE) and the labour movements, (ZCTU) and (FFTUZ), noted that the regulations restricting gatherings have impacted the labour market as some businesses or institutions have suspended operations.

The Minister said the suspension of operations by some businesses and institutions have invariably posed challenges to the administration of employment relations.

“Following the discussions with the social partners, consensus was reached on a number of measures to be instituted in the immediate and mid-term and will be progressively implemented and reviewed. The Special TCLC meeting resolved to implement the following measures:

(1) To place employees on paid annual leave. This should include those with few or without any accrued leave days. However, the days taken by employees with few or without any accrued leave days shall be subject to deduction once they accrue such days;

(2) To limit forced leave to employers in the tourism and hospitality industry, that has experienced the economic effects of Coronavirus (COVID 19) due to the cancellation of bookings and demand for refunds resulting into the reduction of their clientele.

She further disclosed that the Council resolved that employers should avoid undertaking redundancy exercises as it was not only undesirable but would also escalate expenditure on the part of the employer.

Meanwhile, Simukoko said the implications of the COVID-19 on the labour sector called for concerted efforts in mitigating the negative effects.

The special TCLC meeting was held last Thursday, March 26, 2020 at Twangale Park with the view of formulating viable strategies and solutions to mitigate the challenges posed by the Coronavirus (COVID 19) on the administration of employment relations in Zambia.

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  1. Uncle Tracey

    God bless this nation

    • COVID 22

      Madam minister, paid leave means employers have to be paid even when they are on leave. Where will the employer get the money from? Paid leave is possible when employees go on leave and others remain working making money for the business. In this case the business is closed. Where will te money to pay come from ?

      • COVID 22

        *Madam minister, paid leave means employees have to be paid even when they are on leave. Where will the employer get the money from? Paid leave is possible when employees go on leave and others remain working making money for the business. In this case the business is closed. Where will te money to pay come from ?

        • mwewa

          Comment madam minister it’s a very good thing to do,more especially we that work in night clubs are highly affected,
          1.our monthly pay is not even upto the said minimum wage of Zambia at my work place.
          2.have worked for 4years without leave but nothing has ever been done about my leave days
          3.we depend on working to balance the rentals because my salary can’t even pay my rentals, rentals are higher than my salary,n now we are closed how do we survive,look into that as well.

  2. Gift kambumba

    That’s what’s up

  3. Phyz Gee

    Kukaba ubucushi muno mu calo kwena maa

  4. Kashiba

    What can we do? God our saviaor help us

  5. Office of the headmaster


  6. Tom honestly

    In behalf of the nation and I,m also inclusive, please ba Gorvernment find another alternative to rescue us other wise hunger will take over,and one thing you have to know imwe bolemekezeka is that hunger is more deadly than covid 19 ,so if you are not stead instead of Corona virus hunger will suffice,

  7. Howard Muonga

    Please people of God,natutwalilile ukulapepa Lesa wacine ekafye lyena kuti cimfya nacilisha ilyotulemone mpela yacalo ileisa.For we read in the Bible says:in the last days the world there will be diffarent kind of diseases without cure,this is what we facing now so please lets put our effort on prayers.God bless our nation Zambia.Amen…?

  8. Bamwine

    Where are we heading, iyi nimpela yacalo

  9. Martin J Simwaba

    “Munshiku shakulekelesha kukaba ifinkunka ifya Lekana lekana, kukaba bakasesema babufi, amalwele aya shakalepola kabili nabantu bakaitalusha kuli Lesa wa cine”.

  10. wilfred

    I know one lodge has forced employee’s to fill in unpaid leave forms some for a month

  11. Razor

    Annual paid leave is only one month. Then what happens after the leave days are exhausted does the employee come back to work whether there is covid or not? Or is he going to remain at home without a salary. These things can only work when done in conjunction with a nationwide lockdown, not half hearted measures.

  12. Daniel Banda

    Therefore trust in God not in a human being. This should be terrifying to anyone especially those who want to pretend that they can solve economic problems.COVID-19 is Blockbuster that sends chills down their spines. No State House, no soup, no gravy on the table. God will put an end to the nonsense of the politics of confusion, greedy and hatred. Ekizekitili, Wanyala!!!

  13. Lanken

    Things are getting worse day by day. Go back to Daniel’s explaination of the idol. We are on foots and the stone crashed the idol. An astroid is coming. Jesus in Matthews alluded that “after all this have passed, no stone will remain on another.” If an astroid strikes, do you think they will be a stone on another stone?


      You are extremely right Jesus said that even when we read Luke 21:6-11 . No need for us to get worried we just need to strengthen our faith in the hand of our Almighty God Jehovah

  14. Curtis

    Please I plead with the MOH, could you provide us with adequate masks and gloves before we perish coz not all could afford to buy.

  15. kufahakurambwe

    This government is full of it! It fails to pay civil servants on a good day but somehow expects employers to pay employees during this ‘stay at home’ outbreak? Zambia has learnt the hard way. Keep voting on tribal lines ba makaka. The Grim reaper has come to clean house.

  16. Patrick simwaba

    This is strange now, we dnt know where we are going

  17. Edson Daka

    In God we trust only this thing wil get to pass,trying to isolate from one another will solve nothing lets sick His Mighty Name when we are facing problems like this.Powerful prayers are needed mwebantu we are one nation and one people if we won’t work together that means that God has given us the spirit of fear.

  18. Sheparon

    I hope this leave doesn’t affect our productivity and does not increase prices of food stuff

  19. kalvin chanca chola

    What of those who are self employed.

    • kufahakurambwe

      You will pay yourself annual leave.

  20. mafo musangu

    EBENEZER thus far the lord has brought us. and he is taking us very far..

  21. African Tanzania

    And what of those who are unemployed but depend in the streets to find food and rentals who is going to pay them, cause some people sale foods at the working places and the workers are on a leave even them their businesses are down and they are home thinking how they will survive and no one will give them money to solve there issues they depend on business but you want the workers to be paid wow the boss is not making any money for the company to pay the workers bonse let them all work

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