PRESS RELEASE: IG Suspends Roadblocks Amidst Corona Threat

04TH APRIL, 2020 – In the wake of COVID 19, the Inspector General of Police, Mr Kakoma Kanganja has suspended Snap Traffic Check points until Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is secured for traffic officers.

This entails that only Permanent Security Check points (Road Blocks) will be mounted as the Police Command has already secured PPE for the officers.

We therefore call for personal responsibility by all road users during this suspension period.

Any offender that would be spotted by law enforcement officers abrogating Road Traffic rules and regulations will be dealt with according to the provisions of the Road Traffic Act.

Permanent Security Check points are those that operate on a 24 hour basis while Snap Traffic Check points are those random traffic check points that only last between 45 minutes and one hour.




    That’s good IG

    • Fireflex

      Is in order to mount a road block on a damaged road which is under construction?

  2. Sosa

    Well done Mr Kanganja…….the traffic officers must also feel how those on lock down are feeling…….insansa Luciana.Thank you.

  3. Tikambepo

    Yeah! The traffic police thinks the roads are fundraising ventures where they just go get money from the drivers and take it to their families whom they promise chicken parcel when leaving for work…….just them start making road blocks after coronavirus pandemic is eradicated completely.

    • roy

      You are spot on. I Hope they are never allowed back on the roads ever again.

      • Pharaoh

        Mr Tikambrpo,were you one of the Police officers who used to promise your wife when ever on duty. You see don’t talk of Police alone and not all officers are bad.Think of any govt worker who is not intimidated of any suspicion.I may of not support your point cause its not fair to judge them all having the same behaviour. (Ulubala limo ulubolele,lulasha nefishibolele.Not all are the same.Respect others as you want to be respected.

  4. Tikambepo

    Let them resume road blocks after the coronavirus pandemic is completely eradicated full stop.

  5. Alonso

    Well done


    Ba IG, as I am writing there are police officers who have mounted a speed trap at Kabangwe at spot where we usually have those cameras.

  7. Nshilinama

    Any way the. I. G okay but. Zambia will rororvirus destination center. Where by anybody from all parts of the world with this virus will enter. Zambia through our roads our boarders are porous so. The. I. G must think twice. The police declared to die. Zambia why do the fear death? Okay I want to hear the army commander to withdraw our armed forces from all their operations and stay with their families at home. They are also affected. They are also like me who fear death

  8. wardson siamaili

    That’s a great move from our IG but we need to follow some traffic rules.

  9. Tikambepo

    #Pharaoh,are u a son of a traffic police officer for you to start attacking me or you’re dependant one of them.
    I’m talking about what I have seen them doing.All traffic police officers have vehicles unlike the black capped ones ,why do you think it is so?

  10. Starboy

    Any offender that would be spotted by the law gassing a house, be it individual or group, shall be dealt with according with the provisions of criminal law in Zambia. I like this statement if it were used during the days of gassing. Is there any danger at a roadblock? Just block those coming in with the disease

  11. King cool

    Yes the police officers are too much, especially for the minibus, it’s a cat and a rat . It’s Tom and Jerry type. Especially along cha-cha-cha road and freedom way sivintu mwana…. Foot patrol and Car and motor bike patrol , iwe sunavale uniform, license, over loading, sit belt.

  12. prince james kilembe

    That’s my boss Mr Kakoma kanganja sir continue the same spirit God bless you

  13. jullus

    I seconded you nshilinama you are talking very well others are lockdown and rest are working

  14. jullus

    I seconded you nshilinama you are talking very well others are lockdown and the rest are workings remember that we don’t have enough food

  15. mk

    Brother pharaoh, Traffic police officers are too corrupt. Not Every Everyone but about 80% which too bad. Don’t defend a wrong thing.

  16. king Robes

    Comment wel done mr IG

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