Solwezi Bar Owners Nabbed for Defying Presidential Directive

Eight bar owners have been nabbed in Solwezi following a combined operation of council and state police officers.

The eight were arrested for failure to adhere to the presidential directive that has shut down all bars in respect of the coronavirus threat.

Solwezi Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Esther Chirwa has confirmed the development in an interview.

Chirwa said during the operation, the council found some bars operating despite being aware of the directive.


The security officers confiscated the liquor and also revoked the operating licences of the traders.

Chirwa said that the security officers also swept the patrons who were found drinking from the affected premises.

She stated that the operation was conducted in Messengers’ compound, Kyawama, Zambia Compound, Kazomba, Magrade and Muzabula among other areas.



  1. Curtis

    The problem of us is that we are not taking this pandemic seriously.like this tayali who is thinking so low by rebuking HH’s donations over Covid 19.little mind set, nevertheless, my concern is over our legal tender which in my opinion is the highest frequency mode of transportation coz it is handled by multidute of people where by most people count their notes by licking their tongues notes which could have been contaminated by the virus which our government is not talking about.

  2. Curtis

    Note that I meant transmission mode and not transportation.

  3. ZOTO

    Cili pali ine, cili napali iwe. Ubuteko tefunde bulesalanganya. Baletwishibisha nokutusoka pafya ukuisunga,


    If HH wants to help out to fight covid 19 he can go to ministry of health and make a donation and not what you are doing grow up my man that’s why we want Garry nkombo to lead UPND because he is mature

    • Fernando

      Garry Nkombo is too boastiful what I think Jack Mwiimbu can be the best

    • PF Mazabuka

      True. UPND, come out of the box and put Garry as UPND President. We will vote for him in 20206

  5. Citizen

    HH donation a good idea but he needs to follow the right channel,let him meet the responsible ministry and do his donations through the ministry.

  6. Hantobolo

    I dont embibe intoxicated drinks but am surprised that the police are pouncing in on bar owners. I stand to be corrected if am wrong i thought that bars should be opened and that inbibers should just come buy, go and drink home. This applies even to restaurant owners. That was the presidents directive.

  7. Watson kubikisha

    My dear residents and citizen of our great country mother Zambia, please 🙏 let’s abide by the command by ministry of health, this virus is real.no one would love to loose his or her loved ones because of this pandemic.lets unit together and fight this pandemic only by abiding on the command.

  8. Kulibonesha Ta

    @concerned citizen & citizen, seems your dislike for HH has affected your thinking. Kampyongo announced yesterday that he had received a request from UPND through its SG to donate Covid-19 support to the ministry of home affairs, which request has been accepted and the donation will be made on the 10 April. So your statements though misplaced. Your hatred for HH is like poison and very soon this poison will be administered on yourselves. Let us see your contribution towards this pandemic instead of demonising a good gesture as this. For PF cadres, everything is about politics, for once grow up if indeed you are concerned citizens!!

  9. Mn

    Pliz abide by the president’s directive.the virus NV iz real.we don’t want to lose n 1 again .the virus iz deadly.iz beer more important than yo health

  10. Jason

    # concerned citizen…. It is like telling any person with flu to go to UTH. There are many approved organisations through which one can make a donation, MOH is aware of the program. What HH is donating are not consumables,no need for you to develop paranoid ideas. The community has appreciated HH so far.

    • PF Mazabuka

      With his bitterness, HH can distribute the virus just to make political gains (and financial gains in case of Bill Gates who is involved in creating Covid-19 at the same time creating an anti-virus as he used to do on computer viruses!)

  11. Chibz

    In New York, they’re donating everything including 🍺 because they know that there are some people who drink beer, so why are you not doing that as well

  12. Starboy

    Ubututu muno bukatwipaisha. Asking HH to go through a medium is almost the same as asking a pastor that “pastor my child is seriously sick to the extent of dying. This money I have Should I pay tithe and offering then the church can take my child to the hospital? or I just use the same money and take my child to hospital. Thieves don’t think….

  13. solwezi bar owner

    churches,bars,schools and some companies are closed but what about prisons,courts,cells and markets like here in kyawama market solwezi bad cojetion.

  14. bronco

    fikabwalala fifwayafye cash pakuti fya akana oooh

  15. Tikambepo

    I said it last time that to our colleagues,this is a fundraising venture where even if you give through the very medium they want,that assistance won’t even reach the intended victims but they they will instead give it to their families.

  16. chakolwa wabwalwa

    l like beer, instead of troubling us close beer industry and breweries,

  17. Joseph zulu

    Jealous people even you hate someone you will never be like him in life.

  18. Kent

    Truly let them close breweries

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