Three Laptops stolen from Ndola Admin Office

Unknown people have stolen three laptops valued at K 28,500 at the Copperbelt Provincial Administration offices in Ndola in what appears to be an inside job.


Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has confirmed the development stating that police are investigating the matter.

Katanga said despite the three laptops having disappeared there was no evidence of any force entry into the office where the items are alleged to have been stolen.


She disclosed that the keys were found in the handle.


  1. mandela

    the user of office knows where laptops is. no doubt please

  2. Citizen

    Don’t take time,the one who uses that office is in good position to explain where the laptops are.

  3. Old Mzee

    This is an inside job.Pick the user of the office,office ordery and security guards or messengers. Their duty is to ensure that all offices are locked those which are not locked are immediately reported to the users and Supervisors

  4. Razor

    This is a very simple case to solve and the culprit can be caught soon unless the police are just dull.

  5. Oscar

    Only those who are found there knowns the truth . Because only them can know the proper way to do it

  6. Snake phiri

    Definately its the office user coniving with the security guard.It is an inside job.

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