Body Of Murdered Albino Still Unclaimed.

The Eastern Province police command has expressed concern over the delay by the relatives of an albino who was found dead without some body parts on March 24. The body was without a tongue, arms and eyes.

Provincial police Commissioner Luckson Sakala said the body had remained unclaimed and is currently at Chipata Central Hospital mortuary.

Mr. Sakala said police suspect that the deceased was taken from somewhere and was just dumped in Chipata. He is appealing to members of the public who could be missing a relative to come forward and identify the body.

The body of the deceased was found near Yamene Farms along the Chipata/Lundazi road.

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  1. Tikambepo

    The relatives could be responsible for the ritual killing.

    • LN

      Police could go from village to village or schools around Chipata and enquire if they had the knowledge of the existence of an albino girl who is missing from among them. One of the problems Zambia has is its weak investigative police wing. No wonder they have failed to investigate about the ownership of the ” miracle” houses in Lusaka.

  2. Truth man

    Well near yamene farms ! Surely that is a lead already. If we have forensic experts this murder could have been sorted out somehow. I would advise that the police put up a reward to put the investigation in top gear. This is a very heinous murder which must be condemned by every citizen of this country. Surely someone somewhere knows very well that an albino young man has been missing for some time now and has deliberately kept quiet! I can not rule out the fact that this boy was sold by relatives for cash to have his body parts removed. No wonder why nobody can come FORWARD to claim the body. The police must harness all investigative resources in order to bring these satanic individuals to justice.

  3. Solomon Kalasa

    When reporting such cases and the pictured individual isn’t the subject of the story, shouldn’t you attach a disclaimer stating that the picture is only for illustrative purposes?

  4. Mwine masushi

    Is it a boy or girl

  5. Naakati

    Our government is too lazy to investigate ….for spax they did nothing …miracle houses nothing ….even for an albino …pliz investigate be serous when it involves life

    • LN

      The most active police wing in Zambia is the traffic wing for obvious reasons. The CID wing is almost nonexistent.

      • brian chele

        this is surely true, the reasons known to there benefits

  6. Rey Røsky

    How can the police pick the body and take it to the mortuary and keep quiet without investigation…
    I think we have lazy police officers in our country 🤯😩😱

  7. Agogo

    It is not even laziness! It is incompetence of the worst kind that I have ever seen in this country. At the end of the day the case will die a natural ‘death ‘ as if it had never occurred. Very shameful indeed and people are paid salaries every month. It would appear that the police run around to investigate or is it masquerading to investigate , when they hear the voice of the politicians !

  8. Chibz

    Where did you got that picture, is she the said albino, and you the killer take note blood is thicker than water

  9. ichinyo kubola

    Its true, may be her relatives murdered her.

  10. Snake phiri

    Police please wake and don’t be lazy and some of you dont deserve to be policemen because you are failing to do your job and you did not undergo training skills and too much kachasu in your bodies.

  11. Barx chronix

    Why people are so evil, God were are we going from here 😓😓😓😓

  12. Ichinyo ukufita

    Some names awe mwandi bwafya it’s too much mwe

    • H2k

      Ln is right , i think the ig should take those in traffic wing to cid so that it bocomes active .

  13. anold munakanyemba

    i think eastern province has turn satanic place it has become so scare even to visit.. the police was ryt to tak the body to the motualy while investigating dont bleme them.

  14. Justice

    It’s either the relatives have a hand in the murder so they cannot make a claim or the criminals smuggled that human being from somewhere and killed him.Message to the killers ; The police might not find you remember that JEHOVAH GOD was watching you. If someone in Malawi or the TZ is wondering where the child could be, do u think u will have peace you lazy slats who cannot work hard to make blood less money? Stupid Fools.

  15. Joe

    To bad for that news,but where was that albino stays,and police find out the one lives with that albino .stop looking for the parents but look for the murders.if you find the murders when it will be killing two birds with one stone .

  16. Chanda

    Ico ucitaeco yehova akakulambula,uyomwanamwaipaya mulebanoluse

  17. Jms

    The one who got this photo should know something, and the thing is that maybe luckson Sakala should be asleep. How couldn’t he realize that his post need thinking and acting,if police can’t do a thing then we are dead without protesters.

  18. Joseph Malombe president

    I could hear some news writers say,the one who took the body knows some thing about it no if we think in that way,then there shall be no good Samaritan in this society. Let us help the society with information for betterment of our living. Sometimes police officers can’t know the information about any issue but its themselves police officers who has made their work to be difficult because, when you find a stolen property and you turn to report to them,they say you are the one who did this.let police officers act proffisionaly to the betterment of their job.

  19. LN

    Ba luckson all we are saying is that you stop looking for people to come to the mortuary to claim for the body. Rather go flat out in schools and villages even across to Malawi and enquire about the loss of an albino child. This will eventually lead you to relatives and lastly to the child’s parents. Don’t make us believe that we non police can do better job than you. The miracle houses didn’t need an educated person to investigate. Similarly this case does not need sofisticated police training to investigate. We pay you salaries, do the job.

  20. Mfumukadzi

    If the relatives have not reported her or him missing then they should be questioned when located.

  21. Mohabi Lungu

    Ati Christian nation

    • Chakanga amate ukumina


  22. Alpha ali

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😥 God will push the one’s responsible for the innocent life……

  23. Twaalabuchesha banda mundia haakampwa mukome


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