Zambia Records More COVID-19 Recoveries!

Total recoveries of COVID-19 patients in Zambia now stands at five as two more patients have tested negative twice and discharged from the quarantine centre.

Minister of Health Dr. Chitalu Chilufya further disclosed during a briefing this morning that for the fourth straight day, the country has had no new case of Coronavirus.

Two Coronavirus patients were discharged on Saturday, one on Sunday and two more today after testing negative twice. This leaves 33 patients in quarantine in Lusaka and Masaiti on the Copperbelt.

And in the last 24 hours, 99 tests were conducted, which call came out negative for Coronavirus.

Of the 99 tests done, 72 were truck drivers and some were contacts of the man who died of COVID-19 last week.
Dr. Chilufya has said despite the results looking promising, Zambians must not to relax in the fight against the Coronavirus.

“Out of the 6,450 high risk cases that traveled to Zambia, we have 1,598 that have completed the 14-day quarantine. And out the sensitive community surveillance system, we have managed to pick up 351 alerts and all these are being cleared as non-cases. We applaud the community for being alert and sensitive and calling upon our rapid response teams who have engaged the suspects and ensure that they have been isolated and tested,” Dr. Chilufya said.

“The numbers look promising but it is not time to relax. The greatest threat we have at the moment will be compliance. We face very grave threat in Public health. It has a possibility of flaring up in no time. You and I need to act now to protect ourselves and the nation from the spread of COVID-19. We need to ensure unity of purpose, we need to adhere to guidelines as announced in President Lungu’s address to the nation, we need to ensure civic responsibility.”

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  1. Jahcorn

    Glory To Jehovah Yahweh In Christ Jesus .. Amen


    We thank God

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      this team is really doing great job

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    Comment Only God knows,God will help our county.

  4. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    The point which i second is that “The numbers look promising but it is not time to relax”. Anyway, lets thank our almight Jesus Christ for this improvement.

  5. Antomwe

    We glory to God for inspiring our President and his team to make this decision that have worked in our favor. God is on our side.

  6. RAS

    Great news indeed. We thank God for answering prayers. We thank government all medical staff for the work you are doing. Keep it up

  7. ChaloBantu

    Only God Jehovah we should be thanking.

  8. Patson mwape

    Well done Zambians


    We thank God for using chagwa and his ministers leadership to fight covid 19 and not the fake red party president who loves politicising every thing.No wonder he is losing the sixth or seventh time in 2021 general election.VIVA CHAGWA

    • Benjamin

      You are now a victim of politicizing. Why mention people.


      Ba pipo take it easy, lolo lolo this is not time for politics. This is time to come together as one family and fight Covid-19. Why bring up issues that are not even related to the issue at hand? Be productive.

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      Marubbish yamuntu.

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      Cadre’s voice

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    To GOD be the glory in heaven and on earth.

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    God is in control

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    May the lord heal the others who have remained

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    Happy for you

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    covid-19 (danger) we don’t have to relax.We thank God for healing them

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    We thank you Lord almighty

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    Thank God

  17. MR COVID

    from all the comments the useles comment is from one idiot with a name of concerned citizen

  18. Mn

    We thank u God 4 the quick recovery
    We no covid 19 was from Satan.But God has taken over

  19. Mn

    But let us not relax let’s follow health guidelines to stay safe

  20. SOS

    tremendous work by the ministry of health…..GOD is with us.

  21. Thanks

    God is in control


    As the minister quoted”numbers are promising but let us not relax” for sure good citizens of this great Nation Zambia, let us comply



    • Tikambepo

      Working while in quarantine or in self isolation at state house?

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  25. AM

    Wonderful God we thank you for this great triumph

  26. roy

    Thanks to the Government and the general population for the efforts being made to fight this deadly virus. The authors of this article please take time to edit your articles e.g compliance and complacency have different meanings.

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    we thank God for His power

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    Glory be to God Almighty Jesus Christ

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    God is taking care of our country,


    Give thanks only to God for mercy he have for us let his name be praised for all the nations around the world but us nothing we can do

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    Thanks God For Your Mercy

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    ONLY GOD will hear us

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    We thank God. Kindly allow Churches to open, at least an hour on Sundays…

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    Let us praise God for his which has been done to those who have been diagnosed with covid 19 and now they have been discharged, glory be to be God alone

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    Chawama .

  40. Friday chirwa Mosta

    Make sure that the dictors are used are not damaged to measure good true and not wrong results

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    Comment God is great


    We thank God. People lets not relax as the minister has put it. Now that man was on radio last week saying you will see people dying because of the poor measures govt has put in place to fight Covid-19. Always wanting to win political mileage. As if that wasn’t enough, one of his MPs already is accusing Govt of having receiving huge sums of money as funding from WHO towards the fight of Covid-19 and that govt wants to squander that money. Guys is this the time really. Let work together and fight this decease without pointing fingers at each other bane. Ifyo ifyama politics later. Above all, lets pray to God

  44. Beauty

    We really thank God.. And may Go

    • Beauty

      May God continue to bless the hands of those who are working hard, praying hard and those that are contributing in any way they can help, Glory to God😇🙏👼🙌🙏

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    Thank you Lord

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    Thanks To The Almighty.We Still Doing The Sanitize Untill Its Passes And Thanks To The Minister Of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya For His Doing Job

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    Thanks To The Almighty.We Still Doing The Sanitize Untill Its Passes And Thanks To The Minister Of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya For His Doing Job

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    Glory be to God. Amen.

  49. Sparta

    Jxt kill all those wt covid-19…boom and will all be safe…itx my opinion respect it

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    We are becoming relieved slowly. Thanks to God but let’s continue observing the measures till the record is down to zero….well done Zambia.

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