UPPZ President Sued in Plots Scam

A Lusaka resident has sued United Party for Prosperous Zambia president (UPPZ) Charles Chanda’s company, Brook Cherith Real Estate Agents and Developers Limited, in the High Court for failing to deliver a plot which cost K125,000.

Mr Sam Lael Mwase Zulu has cited Brook Cherith Real Estate
Agent  and Developers Limited, demanding a refund of K125, 000 which he paid between June and October, 2019 for a failed purchase of
plot number one, Njolwe Village, Leopards Hill Frontage One, Chongwe

He is also claiming interest on the sums at the commercial bank rates.

Mr Zulu stated that on June 18, 2019, he saw the plot being advertised on Facebook and contacted the defendant.

He stated that on June 19, he, his wife, son and daughter were
shown the property by the company representative.

The plaintiff stated that on June 20, 2019, he made an initial payment of K100,000 from the FNB
account to the representatives of the defendant company, a Mr
Chisenga  and Mirriam  Chikotola, and a receipt was issued.

Mr Zulu stated that on June 21, 2019, the company acknowledged receipt of
the payment of K100,000.

He further stated that on July 8, 2019, he made the final payment of
K20, 000 towards the purchase of the property and another receipt was

Mr Zulu stated that on August 12, he was informed that the plot he had purchased was  number one of Njolwe Village, Leopards Hill Frontage
one, Chongwe district.
The Plaintiff stated that on October 1, 2019 he made payments towards
surveyors fees to the company in the sum of K5,000.

However, when he  asked the defendant to give him the property, they did not do so.

“The defendant told the plaintiff later that the original plot number
one Njolwe Village shown  and accepted  by the plaintiff has had
issues with a third party,” read the statement in part.

Mr Zulu stated that the company thereafter showed him other
alternative plots but were not suitable for the business he wanted to do.

He stated that the prior originality shown was on road frontage and

situated for the intended business.



  1. LN

    Mercilessly severly punish those individuals involved in fake land sale and issuance. Our councils are full of such individuals. This behavior causes stress and misery to innocent, honest and genuine buyers. On land issues councils are rotten, corrupt and crooks. In some cases problems are quickly attended to with the helpt of some non council agents who charge huge somes of money for the services without the issuance of receipts. The money is shared between council crooks and the so called agents. These are the guys who can’t even tell the owners of certain plots such as the mysterious 48 housing units. They must have been issued through corruption between the council and the owner. God save Zambia. I beg Mr Zulu to be very hard on the UPPZ president.

  2. Lorraine

    Working for mr Chanda is dangerous he will employee u and drag your name in the mud. Most of his workers come to know the truth when its too late and when they discover his colours he accuses them of being sent by PF .

  3. Jenifer

    This man has lots of issues. Another court case in Ndola. He sold plots near new ndola Airport and has never delivered. He must put his house in order, he lives a life of making mistakes at his age. When will he correct them. And we forgive the demon that convinced him that he can be a president coz really with a messed up identity.

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