IBA Cancels Prime TV Licence

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Has Suspended The Broadcasting License Of Prime Television With Immediate effect.

In a letter of cancellation to Prime Television Proprietor Gerald Shawa, IBA board secretary Josephine Mapoma mentioned that the action was in public interest.

“The independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Board has with immediate effect cancelled the broadcasting license of Prime TV in public interest,” she said.

“The cancellation is pursuant to Section 29 (1) (i) and (k) of the IBA (amendment) Act of 2010 which provides that the board may cancel a broadcasting license if: ‘the cancellation of the license is necessary in the interest of the public safety. Security, peace, welfare or good order. The board considers it appropriate in the circumstance of the case to do so.’ Please note that with this letter Prime Television is now void and should be surrendered to the authority.”

She added that the independent television was at liberty to appeal against the decision to the ministry of broadcasting and broadcasting services.

“However, the station is on liberty to appeal against the decision of the board to the Minister of Information and broadcasting services within 30 days. In accordance with Section 31 (1) of IBA amendment Act of 2010, Ms. Mapoma said.

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  1. Razor

    We know which master this board is serving. First GRZ takes away all the business from prime tv. Next they threaten them with ZRA and now they have closed them altogether using IBA. Victimization of the highest order.

  2. Man of substance

    When somebody says forgive me what does it mean
    Because this is the time to be united in fighting the problem at hand why why why why why pliz

  3. Mr. Nice

    ZAMBIA! Only God knows😢😢😭

  4. Mwalule

    Prime you asked for this, when the opposition pay you envelopes, you allow them to insult the people in power. The role of a TV station should be based on fostering unit and not divisions and hate in the nation. Luanda went to civil war because of Media incompetence.

    • stmule

      Prime should asked round table discussions than seeking sympathy from interested parties or the general public and with there analysis of news. And POST also wanted to go by that it failed.

    • Kopalawonder

      Which Luanda

  5. Miner


  6. Talkson

    Maaaa! nanvela mu maala, what is happening to Zambia? The system in this country has become an aggressive virus. COVID 99.

  7. Lovemore

    The Truth always HURTS.
    Both the one whipping and the victims shall are losers







  11. Curtis

    Good comment razor, it’s unfortunate that prime tv is deprived in such a manner, it’s one of the studio that reports what is transpiring in the communities ZNBC is so boring that not even our children like it, anyway do what ever you could do but time will definitely come when freedom of media will come into being because as of now it’s not there but controlled media.

    • C.muller

      No prime TV it has a big problem thank you to Mr.Edgar c lungu

  12. Chendabusiku

    This shows a responsive system to which all of us a subject. We must work systematically to implement various laws in our land to bring this country to normality. You can’t allow anyone who feels that they have some money to just behave as though they belong to the Jungle. You will soon hear that this “Shawa” is a veep or president of a pitical party. We need sanity in our great nation. IBA please be on the look out and act accordingly to any media house that behaves at various with the law.

  13. Chisanga

    This is not democratic Nation it’s implye we are in a dictator type of leadership

  14. NonGay


    MMmm, it is not heard of where a customer is taken to court for stopping doing business with a supplier. Prime TV said it could not work with GRZ unless it is paid , then GRZ says okay I am stopping all business I have with you…I will also tell all my agents to do so. Then Prime says I am taking you (GRZ) to the court of law for stopping dealing with me. MMmm guys this is unheard of. Any way let us wait and see cos this litigation has cancelled Prime TV’s apology.

    Ba Linda Kasonde, PLEASE!!!

    Ba Hon. Dora, please close PRIME TV with its inciting (‘genocide’) agenda. I am afraid….

    • Albert

      Prime TV should have waited for a reaction from Government after apologizing, but instead they went to court, ‘The Vulture is a patient bird.’

    • haps

      This goodnews prime TV does not understand what an average Zambian wants. All they do is criticizing everything the the people in power do.

  15. Angoni

    The careless ranting of the owner of the station has costed Prime TV. Its sad how the mighty has fallen from grace because of HH. Hoping this is a good lesson to many would be offenders. Gerald amend your ways HH has finished a lot of TV stations among them Movie TV, its a pity that you fall for his cheap incentives see where you have landed.

  16. Ba Gee

    fimo fyakuloleshafye nokupukunya umutwe

  17. Kenneth munthu

    Let it be like this prime tv could scare someone if he is not in Zambia. It used to broadcast only bad things . it was a broadcast television for Tonga’s and the kaondes these two language tribes almost every day was heard . nothing good could be heard only talking bad things and evil even insulin . As for me I would say good job to close . it should be closed for ever like the post news paper. Pls whether the plead don’t listen we want harmony inths country

  18. Matumbo

    Prime TV was appealing to those who so nothing in PF govt. It could have given Zambians another voice by the owner was arrogant and immature in the way he carried himself. Too bad it is closed.

  19. Bitch Government

    We should have freedom of expression in zambia..
    I wish granny(sata) was alive

    • Nzeluu

      It’s a bitch government. We will lobby for sanctions

  20. Kaziya

    Amalibu yakuilombela.

  21. ZAB C

    Abakamba Chef 187 kaale baimba ati: FIMO FYAKULOLESHA FYE NOKUPUNYA UMUTWE!
    awe sure,

  22. John Sangwa

    What are the opposition parties doing? Just watching this Mapoma who is interfering with the freedom of speech we fought for? Then they are accomplices. There’s nothing independent about this IBA. It’s a PF tool for muzzling journalists and anyone who allows the PF to gag the media is equally a dictator. Where is HH, Kambwili, Mmembe, Nawakwi Kalaba. Do they know that freedom of speech is a basic human right?

    • Sibweni

      I think Mr. Shawa got what he asked for!! …. for he clearly declared that Prime TV was not going to work with the Govt, forgetting who is in charge!!

  23. heck

    Prime asked for it ..news ,analysis or anti govt people were acommodated by prime…bomaa ni boma..thanks.

  24. HH Azinama

    it’s timing…poor timing ba Prime TV. At a time you needed to show patriotism because of a deadly disease, you decided to expose your stupidity which you thought was bu starring. Boma ni Boma. Even HH who is a permanent ver bitter critic for the first time in his life is supporting government.

  25. Clement

    Very soon this country will be ruled under dictatorship that I assure you (bad governance)

  26. Rocky

    Ala boma ni boma. All of us we are being fed by the government… hence you can’t bite the finger which is feeding you. How can you deny your parents to use your property when they want to teach something your brothers and sisters??? it means you are inviting troubles. Gov’t please don’t reopen this station again it is leading this country into genocide.

  27. King cool

    Country men and women let us not rejoice in the closure of prime TV. Remember that your relatives who there will suffer.

  28. King cool

    Country men and women let us not rejoice in the closure of prime TV. Remember that your relatives who work there will suffer.

  29. Towera

    Even umwenso bulwele. Pf yalilwala because most of their lies got exposed.. Ati Kariba dam is not yet full kanshi fima gonga turbines causing loadshedding.

  30. Extremely gifted

    Boma niboma surely prime failing to follow simple simple things.

  31. Olala

    If a virus is able to mutate, prime tv also can

  32. Nshilinama

    Their masters will employ them

  33. Nsangu Ackinah

    It’s been long overdue, there’s no action without cause, Prime tv has been good in twisting stories and reporting negative without evidence, why are others like Diamond, CBC, QTV not being summoned, warned, suspended or closed, it has always been Prime TV. Because this tv has an agenda and it’s someone and not the public. Truth should be reported, but looking for news or twisting news to paint certain people or institutions black it’s an ethical reporting even if am not a reporter, Prime TV were warned and suspended last time but they didn’t want to change there reporting which have not backup evidence to show when summoned for justification I guess because they have an agenda, and to drive people in a certain direction and please an individual, definitely these individual will complain and make noise the most over this tv closure.

  34. Highrish

    Prime TV management please humble yourselves, the government at first warned you not to publish information without strong evidence just to make people to love your station. You’re very indiscipline indeed, the government heard your request of forgiveness but that can be accepted if you stop wronging the government and the people of our nation with wrong information. There is no way you can demand payments from the government just you to sensitize people on the pandemic disease (covid-19) through adverts as a media, where? We know your plans ,you wanted to see how the government is failing to handle this crisis on its own cause you publish information against the government but the government will not fail…

  35. watton

    Highrish londolola bwino what happened

  36. bronco

    ebu dictator ububwine mwashininkisha?

  37. Ba zed

    Fyaku iletelelafye Ba prime u can’t fight with boma.balamipwisha just wait or ask meembe and his post

  38. sontapooo

    Comment it was too much of some reporters they where of the problem finders than solution finders , Boma no Boma as meembe and the post.

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