President Edgar Lungu Has Been Tested And Has Passed The Test.

By Antonio M. Mwanza.

It is often said that adversity defines a leader but the truth is that adversity reveals a leader.

A person’s character is revealed in times of difficulty; how one responds to a difficult situation reveals who they truly are. It is during times of crisis that the true worthy of a leader is known.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has faced the most trying and difficult times in the 5 years of his Presidency than what his predecessors probably faced in their entire Presidency; from inheriting a divided party in 2015, to gassing, mob killings, droughts, floods and now the Coronavirus disease or Covid-19 as it has come to be known.

Any other ordinary leader would have been overwhelmed by such adversity. They would have been overwhelmed by the sheer pressure, stress, uncertainty and the economic disruption that these calamities have brought; they would have made rushed decisions and made the situation worse by playing to the gallery to please their critics and prove their naysayers wrong.

President Lungu has again and again demonstrated courage, patriotism and excellent leadership by making tough decisions for the sake of the greater good of the people and the nation even when such decisions would jeopardize his personal popularity and diminish his political fortunes.

What separates President Edgar Lungu from many other leaders is that he has a very big heart to accommodate divergent views and stomach the vilest of criticism even from those who don’t merit to criticise him. His levels of tolerance and humility are beyond comparison and have always set him apart.

President Lungu has proved that his decisions are informed by and are based on sound advice from experts and professionals who largely form part of his decision making process and operandi. Most importantly, the President’s devotion to God has been the source and anchor of his wisdom, humility and simplicity in his daily execution of duties and responsibilities, not only as a Head of State and Commander-In-Chief of the Defense Forces but as a father, an uncle, a grandfather and a friend to so many.

With regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, the President has again exhibited high levels of wisdom, caution and unwavering patriotism in instituting appropriate measures to mitigate and combat the pandemic. The President has again and again relied on the professional advice of experts from various Ministries and departments of government in coming up with effective strategies to contain Covid-19. He has used wisdom and not expediency in rallying the whole nation and all our people behind government’s phased out response against Covid-19.

President Lungu’s approach to the fight against Covid-19 has won both local and international applause including that of the World Health Organization who have praised government’s expeditious response against the Coronavirus pandemic.

To safeguard the country’s economy and cushion the lives of the people in the face of the devastating adverse impact of Covid-19, His Excellency President Edgar Lungu has come up with a stimulus plan targeting retirees, small and medium scale businesses, suppliers, contractors as well as banks.

Cabinet has approved a contingent budget for Covid-19 and directed all Ministries, Provinces and Spending Agencies to strictly adhere to the provisions of the Public Finance Act in the application of the resources being appropriated.

Government has since released K2.5 billion to reduce domestic arrears owed to domestic suppliers of goods and services which also includes the reduction on outstanding arrears to pensioners under Public Service Pensions Fund and retirees who are claimants under the Ministry of Justice.

The Patriotic Front government has further released K140 million to pay local contractors in the road sector as well as the provision of K10 billion by the Bank of Zambia to assist banks that may face liquidity challenges. The Central Bank has further revoked Statutory Instruments for classification and provisioning of loans in order to reduce the cost of borrowing.

These measures coupled with many others outlined in the government’s Covid-19 Contigency Response Plan have carefully been crafted to protect the economy from further shocks and to safeguard the lives and businesses of our people.

The President has exhibited exceptional leadership in dealing with national crises that have befallen us, starting with the droughts, gassing, mob killings, floods and Covid-19. Indeed President Edgar Lungu has been tested and has passed the test. His ability to react and manage crises in a calm, calculated and decisive manner has given hope and confidence to the entire nation that the country is in safe hands.

May God bless the President and may God bless the Republic.

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  1. Le Foucer

    Legit thought this was about the Covid 19 trials 😂😂😂

  2. Chamu

    Antonio you can’t be serious or are you just being sarcastic? Ati “The President has exhibited exceptional leadership in dealing with national crises that have befallen us, starting with the droughts, gassing, mob killings, floods and Covid-19.” This President always hides in times of crisis! He repeatedly fails to lead from the front when it matters most but come Bye elections – then you will see him all over the place. Antonio – give us a break!!! He has failed lamentably. Ask Chitimukulu.

    • Mwebantu

      Imagine! Covid 19 has not yet been conquered but the praise singers are already ticking Lungu’s performance!! Such a hurry to praise is called “Muzungu anione”
      before other praise singers arrive.

  3. kufahakurambwe

    Thank God stupidity is not painful. ECL has truly exposed what Zambian men are all about…sebana uikute. antoniomwanza@pfvikopo.gov

  4. Tikambepo

    Bo Antonio mwansa you mad!!! I say you’re mad!……..with all this suffering your president has caused to the lives of the Zambian people,the dollar to kwacha….but kwena you’re crazy.

    • Saba Nwazi

      This kind of idiocy is what brings Africa down, your country is doing so well and the Zambia Kwacha is 9th strongest currency in Africa and still one of strongest currencies in the world. My brother visit Naija you go run like na pikini. Learn to appreciate what you have.

  5. mwiinga Simon

    I wish your comments is the truth,but you are just day dreaming.our president surely needs to provide such leadership rolls when it matters most but I question your thoughts my brother.

  6. Yaya

    Sometimes we are told that zambia has seen massive development in all its ten provinces and is booming economically. Youths without jobs have been given empowerment funds, all pf lies.

  7. jj

    Well written and well researched

  8. Jessey Lingard

    PF government is now politicing the issue of Covid-19 because of the measures which are being taken place..

  9. Jms

    You see fear can make someone even be afraid of announcing his own people, its now over to Dora/chilufya.

    • Manyando Mwiya

      Ba Mwanza, if you have nothing to write please don’t waste people’s time, we have a lot of problems to worry about.

  10. Koswe

    Antonio. Mwanza?are you sure you are OK? How many retirees are in the country?many more than 6years without their dues bring paid what so special about retirees who are claimants under the ministry of Justice? People waiting patiently with tears dropping things are very bad one day a powder cage will will explode you. Am too. Mwanza will run away from this country jokes aside

  11. Razor

    This reject from FDD will be busy looking for another job next year.

  12. Chalwe Philemon

    Antonio don’t day dream ngawaikuta youth empowerment…we are tired of your poems about ECL we want pipo who can work not talk…2021 kuyabebele

    • Iwe

      Guys when u have failed let’s accept our failures .

  13. Zambian 1

    Pf is the only party I have seen has people who survive by stupidity

  14. tupid

    yah he has leant a lesson why did he force himself to be were he is not supposed to be, lungu has finished us look at hw expensive things are today i wonder what this fellow is doing

  15. Owe

    Criticism has been accommodated! What about people that you are currently talking to courts of law for having different opinions and saying this and that?

  16. Buju

    Iwe Antonio Means grow up, do you realize that people buy nice food like fruits,juices, polony etc when you are in hospital. Why don’t they buy you such things when you are well but can afford them. Read between the lines iwe massive.

    • Jomwa

      Mwe Bantu don’t misunderstand what Antonio is saying,from what he is simply saying is that ecl as done his part through this trying period and he needs our support to over come more problems to come, and for those who are saying kuya bebele,bushe niwe ukalavota weka lunshi mbi iwe?

  17. Zulu

    Zambian why responding to him..

    • Bigman

      Zambia is only country where everyone is politican. Let the President run the country, a father does the same to his family, a businessman manage his business. Otherwise am seeing a situation where every failure is pointing at the hardworking President. No wonder we are all good pipo except the president. Am sure when Edgar leave office pipo will happy.

  18. Skylover

    Always dreaming

  19. Siba

    This guy..I think his stomach is the one doing the talking, he is not using his brain.

  20. Dr Fonicks

    Antonio, you should mentally be checked. People are living in abject poverty and here you are praising the President. Look at the exchange rate. The dollar had reached voting age but now it has reached marrying age. Nganawikuta don’t think bonse nabekuta. Mwaice you are slowly getting mad. Let Mr Lungu be worried about his elligibility to stand in 2021 not ifyo ulelanda. You are in a dream land. Muleikala fye when you don’t have sensible things to write about. We cipuba we!!!

  21. Goldilocks

    Continue to lick shoes and put bread on the table. That is what you are paid to do

  22. Joshchils

    Its unfortunately that u are speaking from self perspective but u should always consider other peoples point of view. Coz people are suffering, money has became scarce, jobs are found through connections , goods prices has gone beyond and not just in this period of convid 19 but even before. Antonio u should never do things to impress someone u better be the mouthpiece for the people especially the poor.

  23. Mwine masushi

    These are the results of forced leadership and you are still facing more and more calamities boss

  24. Saba

    Too much negative vibe Zambia, there is no suffering in Zambia. Youths must become innovative and create jobs. Your country has a lot of opportunities, but you largely lazy and always talking to much.

  25. Arnold

    Munungu Ka Mwanza!Do U Knw What Torence Means?Y Hz Afilungusha Closed The Post?2day He Hz Closf Prme Tv!U Dnt Hv Morals U Bootleaker,we W’l C 2022 Where U W B.

  26. logo

    do to others what you think to be done to you.i be next mushala when hh is rigid 2021

  27. Water daez

    Only God konws what’s best for zambia, we can talk here and there and maybe mistake things in one way or another..so the best thing a zambian can for now is being silent and do the right thing at a right time… Come 2021 whether Corona or no Corona do the right thing.

  28. Tyrer Artmas Kabika Masala stebby


  29. Mr ipwapwa

    In Antonio’s head it’s just full of water for sure how can a normal person say that, Remember Mr lungu forced himself to be a state president but It wasn’t his time and yourself you know what happened that time , it’s good that HH is a good person otherwise some of you this time you would been jailed for the corruption you made in 2016, but 2021 in HH whether hard or soft

  30. Bossman

    Antonio.. Zambia is not a better place right now if people can queue up for a bag of staple food with high cost of living a loaf of bread 18kwacha equivalent to 1 dollar, high levels of loadshedding ati low water levels..high cost of fuel, electricity etc

  31. K one

    Just watching at a distance

  32. Stephen kibipe

    Just watching at a distance


    Stupidity is an epidemic not a pandemic


    Stupidity is an epidemic not a pandemic

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    Prayers can help us than our fight

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