Arrest Martha Mushipe, Orders Magistrate Felix Kaoma

Lusaka magistrate Felix Kaoma has ordered the arrest of Martha Mushipe for not appearing in court in a matter she is charged with seditious practice.

Ms. Mushipe and her lawyers Keith Mweemba and Gilbert Phiri were not present before court when the matter was called for continued trial before magistrate Kaoma.

State prosecutor Noah Mwanza then made an application that Mushipe be placed on bench warrant since there was no justification for her and her lawyers’ absence in court.

Magistrate Kaoma granted the application by the state to have Ms. Mushipe arrested.

“The accused, having not been appearing before court for three consecutive occasions without a reason, the application by the state to have the accused placed on bench warrant is hereby granted returnable on April 20,” ordered magistrate Kaoma said.

It is alleged that Ms. Mushipe, between June 1, 2015 and April 11, 2016 possessed a seditious document. The document was alleged to have been authored by general Thendai Muduli, former Minister of Justice Ngosa Simbyakula and Didimus Mutasa and it contained a strategy on how the ruling PF would dominate against the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) from 2015 to‎ 2016 and beyond.

Among the strategies was the use of ethnic divide and rule as a means of maintaining political control in Zambia from 2015 to 2016 and beyond.

The seditious document was found in one of the offices at Ms. Mushipe’s law firm in Millennium Village during a search that was conducted at the premises in 2016.

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  1. AkapenyaMushi

    Insoni ebuntu,Akapenya-Mushi ala noushalimo akabamo,whatever it was over Martha’s we have lots of issues that when properly exhausted part of our Nation will benefit vin away,I’m talking about we Corrupt cases pending on ACC/Courts of Law Front desks concerning Gvt officials. All you can do is arresting Martha Mushipe!
    Don’t you know that She has been observing and avoiding this covic19 issue least you give her the virus!!! Deal first with Corruption cases mwee!Akapenya-Mushi


    Were are the women to defend there own ?Martha has has been a thorn in PF government no wonder.Am personally proud of you MAMA

  3. adviser

    Small Axe – Call for justice to prevail and not who is not defending who.
    AkapenyaMushi – Covid-19 is being attended to by the relevant authorities. All necessary precautions are being taken into consideration with the other issues.

  4. AkapenyaMushi

    Advisor, you a very right Sir/Madam, But,I would also like to see the same enthusiasm from our courts/ACC to be more effected the same way to those perceived being own an opposition/civil organization side:I rest my case.Akapenya-Mushi.

  5. James Hamanjanji

    @Taakapenye mushi. If you have acase of corruption with evidence go n report to Acc than making accusations of wild fire. You think you’re misleading others nooo! You re just lost.


    Ba martha mushipe

  7. Malizgani Nyirenda

    Yeah that is contempt

  8. cm

    Mulekeniko gelo naimwe guys. Mwebakulu pamwaice zoona

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