Unclaimed Albino Body Buried.

Members of the Albino Foundation of Zambia yesterday moved into Chipata and buried the body of an albino who found was dead on March 24, 2020 without some body parts.

This was after none of his family members came forward to claim the body. Foundation Director John Chiti led the team that buried their colleague at St. Anne’s Cemetery in Chipata.

Chiti said the grave was marked so that it can be easily identified by his relatives if they come forward in future. He warned that whoever was behind the gruesome murder will not be spared by the long arm of the law.

The body of the deceased was found near Yamene Farms along Chipata/Lundazi Road without eyes, tongue and both hands.

Eastern Province police commissioner Luckson Sakala said the deceased might have seen taken from somewhere and was just dumped in Chipata.

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  1. LN

    Somewhere where? Invite Scotland Yard Police from as far as Europe, they will trace the relatives and the killer because their investigations are serious and professionally done. Investigation of cases in Zambia are poor and go on with excuses of there being no fuel. Many reported reported cases to police just end up as part of statistics. The traffic police is more active because it has direct reward to them. Even simple screen cracks which don’t even obstruct vision which are not even a serious matter in our neighbouring countries are taken as serious cases.

  2. Flijah kings kafwelu

    Rest in peace mudala

  3. Cliba

    May His Soul Rest In Peace.

  4. Cliba

    Up-to-date no relatives have shown up. It may be true that he was brought in dead from somewhere else, where the relatives might be in the belief that ‘Albinos do not die but just disappear mysteriously.’ We need to sensitize families to do away with this myth,but to quickly report the disappearance of our brothers and sisters (albinos) to relevant authorities.It is indeed a sad development.RIP.

  5. Miyato Forward Soko

    Commentsorry. MHSRIP.

  6. Khalifa

    Rip ze mwabi zoona.

  7. Jilal

    C’est atroce

  8. Kapalu j seleji

    Rest in peace

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